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Published at 19th of October 2020 09:02:32 PM
Chapter 8

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The house slowly fills with a kind of light aroma, which is supposed to be the scent of bath and shampoo .


“Li Yifei, how did you talk so much today? ” The voice of Xu Ying Ying passed over from the bed .


Li said in a pleasant tone, “I didn’t want to, but the moment I saw your parents, I felt that the things you taught me were not going to work out, so I improvised it . At least it worked out as you can see . Your parents are now very satisfied with me . Shouldn’t you give me some bonus for my outstanding performance? ”

“The performance was good, but if my mother talked to me alone, we would have 2 different answers . We must on the same page, let’s talk about it, otherwise, there will be something that goes wrong tomorrow . ”


“Don’t you hear what I said in front of your parents, what else needs to be said? ”


“You say the two of us have had a few arguments, what is that about? As you said that you’re a security guard, how do you appeal to me, we need to have the same answer . Not only my mom but my sister . If these are not clear, she can see it immediately . ”

“It’s hard to do, I just said that without any intension .   ” Said Li Yifei

“You are really something, don’t you know that you tell a lie that will need to have a hundred lies to cover it up! ”

“Ying Ying, you are the one started telling lies, okay? ”

Xu Yingying was speechless after hearing what Li Yifei said, but she can’t really blame him for that . At least he is good in front of her parents that makes her very satisfied . Then she made up some stories which she read from novels and told Xu Yifei .  

Half an hour later, Li Yifei yawned and said, “Yingyin, I remember all of them now, can we go to sleep now? ”

“No way, there’s a tiny detail you haven’t remembered, the details could determine whether it works or not, you cannot be so careless ”


“You’re a very difficult boss to deal with . Okay, I will memorize all of them “Li Yifei even yawned . He felt a bit regret for accepting Xu Yingying’s offer .


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At last, Li fell asleep as soon as he put his head on the pillow . He already forgot there is a beautiful lady just sleep next to him, the only thing he wanted to do is to sleep .  

Li Yifei was in deep sleep, but Xu Yingying couldn’t sleep at all . in her own home, she is not afraid of if  Li Yifei does anything to her, as the boss, she has the confidence, she could handle her employees .

But there is a man who stays in her room, which makes her extremely uncomfortable, and there seems to be a different taste smell in the room, not a bad smell but strange .

Listening to Li Yifei’s breath, she felt nothing at the beginning, but it got quieter, this breathing sound was filled in her ears and getting louder and louder, almost like playing drums, it is simply noise, Xu Yingying couldn’t sleep at all .

“Purr! ”

The sound of snoring broke out, Xu Yingying suddenly rose got up from the bed . She was thinking about Li Yifei’s breath moment ago, the snoring like thunder in her ear .  

“You bastard, you dare to snore while sleep . “Xu Yingying said angrily, but Li Yifei was still snoring .

“Wake up! ” Xu Yingying can not stand this, bend down, reach out and push Li Yifei .

The sounds of snoring stopped, Li Yifei said vaguely: “what do you want now? ”

“You are snoring, how could I sleep? ”

“Do I snoring? How do I not know? ”

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Xu Yingying felt helpless, said angrily: “You wait for me to fall asleep first, then you can sleep . ”

Li Yifei said something helplessly, “Do you sleep first? You seem to trust me very much? ”

“This… so how can you not snore? ”

“Sleeping in bed . ”


“Then you leave me alone . “ After said that Li Yifei turned his back and went back to sleep, soon snoring again .

Xu Yingying was really mad, this guy is obviously not as honest as how he looked in the company . How he dares to not listen to her, there will be consequences for him when back to the office . ”


With her head covered by the duvet, the pillow towel stuffed into her ears, after quite a while, Xu Yingying finally falling asleep with exhaustion .

In the morning, Li Yifei felt there was someone pushed him, the voice of Xu Yingying came through: “Get up, hurry up, my mom and dad are already up, how do you still sleep? ”

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“Let me sleep a few more minutes, I am still very sleepy now . ” Li Yifei’s waved his hand, turned his head around, holding the quilt, and then fall into sleep again . His hand seemed to touch somewhere of Xu Yingying’s body, something really soft . Because he didn’t have enough sleep last night, the only thing he wanted to do is to sleep .   

“You get up now! “The back took a heavy hit, Xu Yingying kicked him hard .

This felt really sore, Li Yifei suddenly woke up, he was quite irritated and sat up, gazing at Xu Yingying and said, “Boss, I am hired by you, but I was only your boyfriend, my service scope does not include beaten by you! ”

There was fury in Xu Yingying’s eye, she gritted teeth, said: “indeed it is not covered in the service, and kick is for the punishment of touching me . ”

“Did I touch you? “Li Yifei frowned upon, suddenly realized, and look again at Xu Yingying, he might touch her breast as it felt soft . He apologized in a low voice, “I just did not mean it . ”

“Hum, if you’re intentional, I’ll kill you . “Xu Yingying grunted, “Now it’s already past seven o’clock, everyone in the family is up, we are still in the room, it is not right! And she got out of the bed and went over, and she was already dressed, not in the suit, but rather a casual house wear .

Li Yifei had to get up then and put yesterday’s suit on . Xu Yingying bought the suit for him at the airport, except this one, he did not carry any clothes with him .

Dressed up and they got out of the bedroom, Xu Yingying’s mother came up to them, smiling at them, saying, “Did you sleep well last night? ”

Xu Yingying felt embarrassed, Li Yifei smiled, replied, “ Auntie, good morning, I am sorry, I shouldn’t have got up so late . ”

“Oh, it’s normal for you young people to get up late, pack up and let’s have breakfast . “ while she said that and I looked at her daughter, she was a bit surprised . What they were doing last night, her daughter seems not been sleeping at all .

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