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Chapter 1 The System and a Romantic Encounter

In the business street of the busy city of Yangcheng, people were hanging around to have fun. Ye Tian was drinking cheap alcohol in a small store with his sister. Though the wine was hot and spicy, he did not feel a bit of warmth, for his heart was full of bitterness, and he still could not get drunk like he’d expected when he came here.

“Brother, let’s go home. I don’t want to heal my illness anymore. It won’t be healed, don’t waste money on me. It’s meaningless.” His younger sister was begging with tears in her eyes. When he saw her poor face, the hatred toward himself rose again, and he slapped his own face and blamed himself, saying, “What a useless bum I am!”

They lacked enough money for the hospital; he had even thought of robbing someone, but his slim, weak body made him give up this stupid idea.

“Tick. . . You have been bundling up to the Super ‘Dog Food’ System. . . The bundle was successful. . . Please find a female to spread ‘Dog Food’ with to activate the system.” (Note: In China, the singles always sarcastically refer to themselves as Single Dogs. Any couple—especially famous movie stars displaying their intimacy in public—were referred to as spreading ‘Dog Food.’)

What? An illusion after having too much alcohol?

Ye Tian looked around to find some clue to this weird system notice. A bar directly opposite of their store on the other side of the street caught his eyes. He found two gangsters were helping a drunken young girl step out of the bar. The girl had totally lost her mind. Though he could not see her face clearly, its pleasing shape told him she was a beauty.

They are taking advantage of her! Ye Tian told himself. This was a quite common thing. Men with dirty intentions waited at bar doors to pick up any drunken girls and take them to a hotel.

Maybe this was a good chance. He could see the girl was wearing an expensive watch on her wrist. It was a Kadina le, priced at more than one million Yuan. If he went to save her, would she help to lend him some money to treat his sister’s illness?

He went over to them, pretending he and the girl already knew each other. “Sister, why did you drink so much when I was leaving? Hey, who are you two? Why are you holding my sister?”

The two gangsters wore guilty looks and did not doubt his true identity.

”Oh, you’re her brother? Your sister had too much to drink in our bar; we were wondering where to send her. You showed up just in time.” They handed the girl over to him and ran away.

The girl was awaken by their talking and couldn’t help but vomit a large amount on the ground. Ye Tian used all his strength to hold her.

The girl was as young as him, wearing an official-looking dress suit. The tight dress accentuated her attractive figure. Long black hair was haphazardly draped in an unflattering way, since she was drunk, but her attractive face more than made up for it.

Though she had her mind back, her body was still without strength, and she stumbled. For a moment, she reached out her arms and held Ye Tian’s neck to steady herself.

Ye Tian was somehow dizzied by this embrace, but he did not dare think too much. With a half-drunken head and feeling lightheaded, he helped the girl to a hotel nearby.

It was a long way for him to hold her until they reached the hotel, and even longer to get up to a room. Finally, he succeeded in putting her on the bed. But just as he was planning to leave, the girl hugged him tightly, as if clutching a bolster pillow in her own bedroom.

“Grandpa, don’t leave me. I’ll get married soon. . . ” she murmured in a dream.

Ye Tian could not open his eyes either, and the wonderful sleep enveloping him brought him back to school, to a day when he was happily helping his teacher of Music Arts to move to another apartment.  

“Little Tian, thanks for helping. . . ”

The girl hugged him more tightly, with her legs encircling him—again, like he was her own personal pillow—and he, still dreaming, did not refuse the teacher he had secretly admired for a long time.

The morning came, and Ye Tian became sober first. Having a bad headache, he stared at the strange place in a daze. And then, he saw the naked girl sleeping beside him.

Oh my goodness! Ye Tian quickly remembered everything that happened the night before.

He had planned to save the girl to borrow some money, only to become an opportunistic cad himself.

Crack. . . He slapped his head heavily, and regretfully.

The sound was so clear in the morning that it woke the girl up. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Ye Tian’s desperate gaze, and then, his naked body. The girl’s pupils  shrunk with anger.

“Wait, wait, don’t yell. . . Listen to me. . . ” Cold sweat was dropping from Ye Tian’s forehead. He used the fastest speed he had ever used to explain everything that had happened the night before.

“Do you think I will believe that?” The girl said coldly, “Put on your clothes and wait outside for me. Don’t you dare run away, or I promise you will suffer something you’ve never imagined.”

Ye Tian took a relaxed breath and followed her. The girl was so strong when she was sober that not even a bit of last night’s frailty remained. He guessed she must have been in a high position like manager or supervisor for a long time.

He went out after he finished getting dressed. The boss of the hotel passed by and smiled at him with a hint of congratulations only men could understood. Definitely many like-minded, despicable men came here and the boss was used to it. Ye Tian smiled back awkwardly. 

“Congratulations! You have successfully spread out ‘Dog Food,’ and received ten marks.”

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