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A+ A- Chapter 95
Chapter 95 Rapid Attacks

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“But is there really a Tree of Might’s Fruit on this planet? I have heard that its Spirit Tree can suck a whole planet dry of its life energy. But, it doesn’t look like that after looking at this planet!” Neiz asked doubtfully after examining the surroundings and seeing that everywhere was a spring-like scene.

Salza shook his head and said: “Don’t completely trust legends. Perhaps, the rumors were inaccurate.”

“Neiz, Dore, we must first bring the aboriginals here under our control, and then let them search on our behalf or else it will be like searching for a needle in the haystack.” Salza, he was the captain of Armored Squadron. His Battle Power may not necessarily be the highest in the Armored Squadron, but his brain was definitely the smartest.

“Captain, you are right, let me have a look at this planet’s aboriginals strength…” Dore’s mouth curled into a smile before he reached out to press the button on the energy detector beside his ear.

Beep! Beep! Beep! An electronic sound resounded beside his ear, and then a series of numbers appeared on the screen. However, they were mostly below 1000.

Dore disdainfully sneered after seeing it: “Heh, people above 1000 Battle Power are too few here, it’s really a trash planet!”

But his voice had just fallen when several strange numbers suddenly appeared on the detector. Dore exclaimed and was preparing to lock onto those numbers to look at them carefully. However, at that time, one of the energy source’s value suddenly skyrocketed.

BANG! In the end, the detector could not withstand the over-the-limit operations, exploding.

“Yi…It exploded. Interesting!It seems like the other side’s strength isn’t weak.” Seeing Dore’s detector explode, Neiz was somewhat surprised, but he was even more excited!

Although the detector was an old-fashioned one, its upper limit was tens of thousands. Since the detector has exploded, it shows that there is at least someone on this planet who have strength which has gone beyond detector’s limit.

As for whether it was someone stronger than them or not, they did not even consider it.

What is Cooler’s Armored Squadron? It is the topmost battle squadron in the entire North Area. Aside from King Cold,

King Cooler and Sir Frieza, they don’t believe that they could find a worthy opponent in the North Area, even Sir Frieza’s subordinates known for their valiance, Ginyu Force, were far inferior to them.

Seeing Neiz’s excitement, Dore didn’t find it strange at all. A faint smile appeared at the corners of his and then he stepped forward and said to his comrade, “Neiz, let me handle that person! Tut tut, tens of thousands of Battle Power, it’ll probably be enough for me to exercise my body.”

“This……fine!” Neiz nodded helplessly. Although it was a rare opportunity to fight, since Dore wants to fight, then let him go. Neiz sighed regrettably.

Dore laughed and turned around, waiting. However, even after some time had passed, they did not see the other side coming here.

“Perhaps the other side has no energy detector and can’t discover us. It’s really a backward planet.” Dore frowned and couldn’t help but ponder.

“Cooler’s Armored Squadron!” When Dore seemed to be becoming impatient, an indifferent voice abruptly came from nearby.


The three of them frowned and looked up. They saw a man and a woman, two magnificently dressed people floating in mid-air staring fixedly at them with bright, ice-cold eyes.

“Since you know our name, but still dare to come before us. Your courage is really not small.” Sitting on a rock with his hands around his knees, Salza raised his head, a cruel smile floating on his handsome face.

Although he couldn’t recognize the man and woman in midair, it seems that they were someone of status since they know the name of their Armored Squadron. Salza thought to himself while inwardly guessing the origin of the two people.

Slowly descending, Xiaya brought Xiling and stood opposite Armored Squadron. The breeze came and rolled up the broken dry twigs on the ground, making a rustling sound.

“Since I have run into you, Cooler’s Armored Squadron, today will be your last day!” The tone was indifferent, but it revealed an unquestionable attitude.

“Ha?” Xiaya’s words made Armored Squadron’s three people look at each other before smiling contemptuously.

Neiz operated the detector to probe and discovered that the other side has less than 8000 Battle Power.

“Hahahaha, this trash whose Battle Power has

has not even reached 10,000 actually dare to threaten to destroy us. Doesn’t he know how frightening we Armored Squadron are? He is really funny!” Neiz laughed arrogantly, his tone disdainful.

Salza also couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, emitting a dark aura, “How could this backward civilization understand the terror of Armored Squadron, they are just frogs at the bottom of the well. Neiz and Dore, treat them well!”

“That’s natural, I can’t even wait!” Neiz and Dore were itching to have a go, already getting impatient from waiting.

Xiaya’s eyebrows were raised as coldness flashed in his eyes; it seems that these three guys people are courting death! Hehe, in a moment, I will make you regret ever coming here.

“Xiling, I will let you handle that yellow-haired, blue-skinned Salza. His battle power has reached 140,000, so just delaying him will be enough.” Xiaya whispered.

Armored Squadron’s three member’s Battle Power was not very high. Even the most powerful Dore’s Battle Power has only reached 150,000. As for Xiling’s Battle Power, it was only around 120,000. Although, she cannot defeat Salza, delaying him for some time is fine.

Xiaya only needs Xiling to delay Salza for a while, and he will take this opportunity to dispose of the other two while conveniently also use his full strength, and see how fast he could kill strong experts when using space-time ability.

“Leave him to me!”

Straightforwardly agreeing, Xiling excitedly as well as wariness appeared before Salza. The blood in her veins suddenly began to boil, looking at Salza, her expression turned icy, and she began to let out her converged aura.

In an instant, the temperature of the surroundings seemed to have dropped down by a dozen degrees, and the entire atmosphere condensed as a violent oppression swept out.

Salza, who was bearing the brunt of the aura had his expression change, and his heart could not help but slightly tremble! Underestimated, this woman is not so simple, her strength was not much inferior to his.

Salza loudly yelled, “Neiz, Dore, be careful, the strength of these two people is at least above 100,000!”

“What!” Both Neiz and Dore were surprised.

“It’s too late now! Battle begins!”

Xiaya spoke with a smile on his face.

his face. As soon as his voice had fallen, he immediately appeared in front of Dore. Before Dore could react, he grabbed his Battle Armor. Hua! Between both of his hands … two balls of Energy Wave appeared and clashed with Dora’s body.

It was an abrupt attack at a close distance!

“Not good!”

Caught off guard, Dore’s face finally lost his calm. He curbed his smile while a frenetic look appeared on his face. He wanted to avoid but his Battle Armor was held firmly by Xiaya like a pair of giant pliers clamping down. Unable to dodge, he could only hold his breath and bear the brunt of the attack.

Pop! The Energy waves exuded a dazzling brilliance. Followed by the high temperature, the frightening energy exploded with a loud rumble and instantly destroyed the Battle Armor’s defense.

Giving a blood-curdling scream, he could only look on helplessly as his Battle Armor broke apart. Dore expression was sinister while his franticness was completely useless. Giving a loud roar, he hastily used his Ki to resist.

After attacking a sure-fire attack, Xiaya quickly retreated to a certain distance. Looking at the furious Dore who was full of tyrannical aura like a rhinoceros, Xiaya, without delaying, once again stepped forward, and fearlessly had a head-on collision with Dore using pure physical strength. Bang bang, both sides fought a round.

Dore, who was famous for his physical strength, possess a bloodthirsty nature. It could be said that he really live up to his name as a famous battle king. Yet, due to his previous blunder, Dore lost the initiative at the beginning of the fight. Right now, the injuries on his body had a huge impact on his dominant position. So, how can he still be Xiaya’s opponent?

Xiaya’s Battle Power was a little more than 150,000, just a bit higher than him!

“Golden Energy Wave!!” Dore raised his hand and a thick Energy wave rushed towards Xiaya.

“Too late!!”

Xiaya sneered before attacking. How can I freely let you use your unique skill? He did not care about this little bit of power consumption.


Easily crushing!

Seeing Dore attack while shouting, Xiaya sincerely feels carefree!

Dore’s face darkened; he felt uncomfortable in his heart while attacking as if he as if he was completely under other’s control. He was extremely unhappy!

Seeing that it was almost the crucial moment, and Neiz on the side was gathering power in preparation to join the fight, Xiaya was ready to end the battle here.

“Spacetime Freeze!”

Suddenly, the icy blue world covered the entire planet.

Xiaya looked on with a calm expression. After discovering that his abilities had merged, his space-time ability allows him to simultaneously use both Time Suspension and Space Shackle, but the corresponding energy consumption was also more severe.

This move is used when dealing with opponents having almost equal strength while also having a crushing advantage.

Even fighting with opponents stronger than him, this unique skill can be used at a crucial time to put pressure on them. Its only that he doesn’t know how effective it would be at that time.

Now, he does not want to waste any more time, so he strengthened the energy wave in his hands by several degrees. Its brilliance was even more dazzling, as he aimed the blazing and thick energy at Dore’s abdomen.

Then, Space-Time Freeze was removed –

Dore felt an incomparable burning sensation and intense pain from his abdomen. His eyes were full of hard to believe luster.

When did he appear before me?

Puzzled, he couldn’t help but roar. Oh! The energy wave penetrated Dore’s body and flew far away in the sky, causing a violent explosion in mid-air.


The high temperature and heat formed a powerful shock wave. Several seconds passed, and the shock waves reached the ground, swirling up the dust on the ground, a large number of trees snapped, and deafening sounds continued to reverberate.

Waiting for light and smoke to disperse, Xiaya’s figure gradually appeared. And at his feet, Dore was powerlessly stooped over on the ground while below his chest and above his abdomen, it was completely pierced. His body smelled of smoke while green blood was surging out.

“I… Dore am from the frightening Armored Squadron… how could I…” Dore groaned with an unreconciled expression before his consciousness gradually blurred, and then he quickly died.

“…” Neiz, who was preparing to step forward and help out, couldn’t help but freeze, his face revealing an expression as if he couldn’t believe.

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