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There are many bizarre abilities in the Dragon Ball World, primarily like science and technology, special abilities, magic, secret skills, etc, their percentage was not small. But, in the context of the huge universe, individual power is relied on much more, and these specialties have been covered by high-intensity energy attacks.

The curse of Kanassan comes under the category which is inclined towards magic. Because he hasn’t come in contact with magic, he doesn’t have any way to deal with Bardock’s pain.

Fortunately, Bardock’s pain was like a violent storm, it came and went quickly. Soon, he had again returned to normal, his breathing became even.

“It must have been the curse Kanassan. What did you just see just now?” Frowning, Xiaya looked at him and curiously asked when he saw Bardock return to normal.

Bardock wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked at Xiaya in surprise, not understanding how he found about his situation.

But since the other person had pointed it out, he didn’t find it necessary to hide, and said while nodding his head: “Everything is a little chaotic. And I can’t understand what they mean after arranging them together.”

“Oh!” Xiaya nodded with understanding. At this moment, he realized that if there is no clear overall context, the many memory fragments shown by the curse were indeed more difficult to organize.

“Right, you just said that my wife has been moved to somewhere else. How did that happen?” Bardock calmed down and asked Xiaya about Planet Vegeta matter.

In a Saiyan’s heart like Bardock, the significance of Planet Vegeta is very important, but now that Planet Vegeta is destroyed, he did not again ask how it was destroyed. Instead, he inquired about his loved one, his wife Gine with concern.

“Don’t worry!”

Looking at Bardock whose appearance was 90 percent similar to the future Goku, Xiaya revealed a smile and made a gesture for him keep calm. Then, he replied: “It is a long story, actually long ago, we had known Frieza’s ambitions, and had expected that he would not allow Saiyans, this threat to exist. So we had ahead of time searched throughout the universe and found a planet suitable for Saiyan’s to survive and used a magical power to evacuate a part of Saiyans to that planet.”

"You can rest assured that your wife was on that evacuation list and should have now been evacuated with other Saiyans to Planet Hongshan in the East Area."

Bardock listened carefully. After learning that his wife was safe, he couldn’t help but nod. This time, his wife and a part of his race members could be safe and sound, he knew very well that this was already a good fortune in the midst of bad.

Hence, he looked at Xiaya with eyes filled with gratitude, his lips moved to speak but they couldn’t make a sound.

Xiaya registered Bardock’s expression in his eyes and inwardly nodded, it was really worthwhile that he didn’t waste his huge efforts by giving a helping hand. Bardock was the first Super Saiyan in the original work, if he can subordinate him, or maintain a good relationship, it would be quite a big help for him.

“Right, Bardock, do you know which planet is this?” Xiaya asked, looking around.

To use his ability to launch Instant Transmission, he first needs to know the space coordinates of the two planets to determine the direction.

Frowning and looking around, Bardock found the planet familiar as if he had come here before and said with uncertainty: “The planet’s vegetation is pointed-shaped. If I am not wrong, this should be Planet Dala, at a distance of one star-area from Planet Vegeta!”

Then he checked the energy detector and got the coordinates of the current planet and then immediately destroyed the energy detector following Xiaya’s suggestion.

“Okay, I know the coordinates, I’ll first take everyone out of here to Planet Hongshan.” Xiaya laughed and then casually explained about Instant Transmission.

“There is also such a magical ability!” Bardock couldn’t help but be surprised after he finished listening, but since there was something like Kanassan’s curse, there is nothing unexpected about a mere Instant Transmission. Stopped thinking, he nodded and stood beside Xiaya.

At this time, that brat Myers recovered from her dizziness. When she found out that she was not on Planet Vegeta, she looked around everywhere with curiosity.

“Ah, Are we going back? But without a spaceship, how do we get out of here?”

There was no memory in her mind about the space-time crack. It was still at the final moment of the frightening scene when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, so she was still confused how she got here.

"I naturally have a way!" Xiaya smiled, not explaining too much.

Immediately, she didn’t feel good as if her existence was being cruelly ignored. Although she doesn’t dislike Xiaya like before, and her heart still has slight adoration for the strong. However, because of her arrogant nature, she could not accept being ignored. Thus, she pursued her lips and sulked with a stiff appearance.

After seeing this, Xiaya smiled before ignoring the little brat. He glanced at Bardock, motioned them to extend out their hands, and then closed his eyes as he launched Instant Transmission. After his ability of time and space was upgraded, his Instant Transmission became even more powerful.


The desolate planet.

Yellow sand swirling, and the weather is cold as always.

Five days have passed since the destruction of Planet Vegeta, but Xiaya hasn’t returned yet. And similarly, there was also no news whatsoever from the front line. Everyone gradually began to worry, but they did not show it.

“Sigh, Xiaya has been gone for so many days. Why hasn’t he returned yet?” Alice was pacing back and forth in the living room with a worried look.

Then Rebecca said: “Yeah, how come he hasn’t come back yet. Now, Planet Vegeta should have already been destroyed.”

“Xiling, that girl is definitely worried to death. The two little kids have never been separated for such a long time!”

“I hope Xiaya will come back soon…” Rebecca sighed.

Alice suddenly smiled and said: “Really, you have to take care of Xiling as her parent when Xiaya isn’t around. That child considers Xiaya as her parent much more than you…”

“Hehe, everyone is a family. There is no difference between Xiaya taking care of her or us taking care of her. Could it be that because of this she wouldn’t recognize us as her parents?" Rebecca laughed. They were both her family’s children. It was only natural to be somewhat close to each other.

At this moment, Adri’s booming voice came from outside: “Everyone, come out, Xiaya is back!”

“See, we just mentioned Xiaya, and he is back.” Alice laughed like a spring breeze, and then her petite body nimbly jumped out of the door.

Soon, Adri, Shaque, and others assembled over, and then fifteen figures quickly gathered on the ice-cold cloudy hills.

“Master Adri!” The crispy shout of a little girl could be heard from far away. Seeing Adri, Myers waved her arms and loudly shouted.

“Oh, little Myers has also come.”

Adri grinned heartily, crouched down and scrutinized his disciple. At that time, he also noticed Bardock standing on the side, his expression froze feeling shocked in his heart.

Bardock! His strength is above even me!

From Bardock’s body, Adri felt a strong sense of oppression. Since he personally participated in the formulation of the evacuation list, he was no stranger to Bardock’s past achievements, and it could even be said that he completely understands him. He knew that Bardock became a strong warrior from a Low-level Warrior, one step at a time.

His background was sound and reached from low to high. With regards to such a warrior, Adri was full of favorable impression, but he had never expected that Bardock’s strength would increase so quickly that he could place on par with him, even reaching a higher level!

“Your Excellency is Mr. Bardock, right? My name is Adri, captain of the Adri Squad!” Adri returned to himself and enthusiastically greeted.

Seeing the several Saiyans in front of him, Bardock was very surprised. He discovered that except for the several underage children, the other Saiyans bodies all contain powerful strength. This discovery made him very excited, his blood racing.


The several people casually communicated and gradually became familiar with each other. When they learned of the entire process of destruction of Planet Vegeta, everyone couldn’t help but sigh. Especially when they knew that Bardock had fought to protect Planet Vegeta alone until the last moment, everyone looked at Bardock with eyes full of respect.

This is a true Saiyan warrior!

Here, besides Xiaya and Xiling, Bardock has the highest Battle Power.

“Uncle Adri, since Planet Vegeta has been destroyed, it isn’t necessary for us to stay here. We should also leave for Planet Hongshan.” Xiaya made a suggestion.

“Yeah, we should leave!”

Adri expression was complex and looked towards the original direction where Planet Vegeta had existed. Now there was nothing left, it had only left behind cosmic dust scattered in all directions describing the former magnificence of Saiyan’s homeworld.

“Yes, Planet Hongshan still has a lot to matters to deal with. We should set off as soon as possible!” Brook said coldly. As second only to Adri and his manager, while Adri is responsible for Saiayn’s organization into teams and training, he is responsible for the daily management of Saiyans.

Planet Hongshan, as the new headquarters of Saiyan was suddenly flooded with near 10,000 Saiyan. If it is not managed properly, there is likely to be some mishap.

“When Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan had flourished in future, we’ll then look for Frieza to get even!”

Everybody spoke brimming with enthusiasm while setting an objective for themselves.

After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan will become the only Saiyan bloodline left in the universe. However, they believe that Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan will surely move towards prosperity.

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