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Chapter 798: Winning respect

About six or seven minutes have passed, but the fight in the arena was still going on like a raging fire. After several rounds of fight, Goku, Hit and Meifei had all suffered large and small injuries on their bodies. As he kept consuming his energy, Goku’s aura was becoming more chaotic, and with the burden of Super Saiyan Blue transformation, his condition was the worst.

The second is Meifei, even if a “Legendary Super Saiyan God” is superior to every other Saiyan, she still can’t endure getting seriously injured repeatedly.

Meifei’s pretty face was as pale as snow, her chest heaving as she gasped for breath. Her delicate and lovely appearance looked quite pitiful, but in fact Meifei didn’t need any pity at all. Her eyes were still bright and full of madness.

Not far from the two of them, Hit still had his fingers extended, but seeing the slight tremor between his fingers, it could be seen that he had also greatly consumed his strength.

“The strength consumed by the three of them is about the same. The match has gone on so far, now it will depend on their endurance.”

Xiaya was wholly absorbed in the match and had already understood the situation of the three.

Thump, a dazzling light suddenly flashed on the ground and a beautiful arc appeared in the arena. Hit accelerated once again, his movements were elegant and full of beauty. Afterimages flashed a few times, and in an instant, he arrived behind Goku.

“Puchi!” Hit drew his fist slowly with sparkling light rays flickering above his fist.

Goku’s mind was on high alert. When he saw the direction of Hit’s attack, his body moved involuntarily. With a tap of his feet, he moved backward, dodging Hit’s attack and then continued to move, pulling open some distance. However, Hit’s attack didn’t end. As if time had slowed down greatly, Hit suddenly appeared beside Goku again.

“It’s over for you.”

As Hit’s indifferent voice sounded in his ears, Goku’s heart thumped and his pupils contracted. When he turned around his head, he saw Hit bend his fingers slightly, forming an attack.

“Oh no!!” Goku’s heart sank, an ominous feeling rising in his heart.

But at this moment, a tyrannical energy suddenly approached, raising an energy storm. An enormous spherical flash of light blocked everyone’s sight.

Meifei laughed crazily, her delicate voice full of charm.

Don’t look at Meifei’s petite stature, the power in her attacks was not light. A strong and brutal energy erupted out from her arms. The powerful attack raised up a whirlwind as she suddenly appeared in Hit’s view before smashing down.

Suddenly being assaulted by Meifei’s attack, Hit had no choice but to give up on his plan to “kill” Goku. He turned around his arms in a defensive posture, receiving the attack falling down from above.

Boom! As if a meteor had fallen on the ground, the ground suddenly cracked and a huge crater appeared.

Half of Hit’s body got embedded in the soil and rocks with a dense network of cracks extending out around him.

After attacking Hit, Meifei’s supple body, like a dancer who has practiced dancing everyday, suddenly tilted as she turned around and landed another attack on Goku.


The void trembled, causing cracks to appear.

It looked as if a big hole had been punched in the void.

After Goku received Meifei’s attack, he was sent flying backwards uncontrollably like a cannonball.

Taking a dozen steps back consecutively, Goku hissed and raised his arms in mid-air before bringing them together. Immediately afterwards, a bright light ray shot towards Meifei and Hit.


The vast and mighty energy had been accumulated to the max. The bright ray of light was like a scorching sun and when it approached Meifei and the others, it divided into two parts, one part going towards Meifei and the other part going towards Hit.


As if time had slowed down, Hit entered an illusory space, and when he reappeared, the illusory space shattered, but he had perfectly flashed past Goku’s energy wave.

While Meifei was still laughing crazily——

“Dragon Fist!!”

The golden dragon-shaped virtual image rose from the ground and collided against the blue energy wave, creating a loud noise like a dragon’s roar. Rumble, smoke rose and flames scattered out, and all the energy had turned into a misty energy turbulence amidst the violent explosion…

After releasing the energy wave, Goku fell to the ground and carefully observed the surroundings, his eyes rolling in all directions.

“Are you looking for me?”

Hit’s purple figure appeared.

Goku sneered, then he lowered his head, turned around and suddenly disappeared.

Instant Transmission!

Hit was slightly surprised.

Goku appeared again and attacked Hit from his blind spot.

“Thunder Shock Surprise!!”

For this tournament, Goku seems to have made a detailed plan as he used techniques that only Master Roshi and Krillin knew. Strong electric currents shot out as sparkling flashes covered the entire venue, and the vast void lit up with dark green lightning.

Struck by Thunder Shock Surprise, Hit felt numb all over and couldn’t break free from it for a while.

“This is an attack that turns Ki into electricity. Since it paralyzes the nerves, Hit can’t use Time-Skip for the time being.” Eyes flashing with an odd glint, Vados said with a smile.

“How can this happen?” Champa put his head in his hands, feeling dismayed.

“Hahaha, good job Goku, now push that purple guy down the arena…” Beerus was excited. As long as Goku defeats Hit, Universe 6 would be eliminated, and then no matter what is the result for Universe 7, it will be ranked above Universe 6.

“Beerus, you bastard, don’t remind me!!”

Champa’s eyes were red in anger.

“Humph!” Beerus did not respond, whistling on the side.

No matter how much Champa and Beerus argued, it still couldn’t affect the match. When Goku controlled the power of Thunder Shock Surprise and slowly pushed Hit to the edge of the arena, a purple energy erupted out from Hit.

Then, he punched in the air.

Immediately, a purple phantom whistled as it pierced through the air and landed on Goku’s arms.

The situation has changed rapidly. Goku, who still had an upper hand just now, could hear a crack as the bones in his arms broke. Goku covered his hand in pain and his electric current attack stopped. Hit gasped for breath as he broke free from Thunder Shock Surprise.

“What happened just now, why did Goku’s attack pause?”

“He seems to have suffered serious injuries!”

“What, what happened?”

“That is Hit’s assassination skill!”

Vados’ cold voice answered everyone’s questions.

Glancing at Goku, who was half-kneeling on the ground, Hit heaved a sigh.

When he was about to be pushed out of the arena, Hit made an exception and used his assissination skill. Although it only hit Goku’s arm, if the residual energy was not dealt with as soon as possible, it would slowly attack his whole body and Goku’s life would end here.

“Hurry up and admit defeat. After you go down, you can quickly have yourself treated and save your life.”

“Hmph, no need!” Goku grinned stubbornly, struggling to stand up.



In the spectator’s stand, Bulma and Goten shouted worriedly, but knowing Goku’s nature, they couldn’t make a decision for Goku.

“Kakarrot won’t easily give up,” Vegeta said.

“What should we do, will Kakarrot be in danger?” Xiling asked Xiaya.

Xiaya frowned slightly and said, “It doesn’t matter, even if something goes wrong, we have dragon balls here. With the miraculous power of dragon balls, we can heal his injuries.”

As soon as Xiaya finished speaking, Goku stood up straight in the arena and gave a loud shout, and the light blue flame began to burn fiercely. Suddenly, as if his aura had become more powerful, Hit’s assassin energy remaining in Goku’s body was miraculously assimilated.

“Huh?” Xiaya exclaimed in surprise.

After a few breaths of time, Goku stared resolutely into the distance with one of his hands hanging down.

After looking at Meifei, his eyes swept back and forth between Goku and Hit, then he frowned and blinked as if thinking about something.

“Looks like I can use some assassination skills.” Hit was slightly stunned, but immediately he revealed a smile and jumped back a few steps, and gestured with both hands to attack.

Hit is a very contradictory person. He is clearly an assassin, but his behavior is straightforward and upright. Goku’s resolute will has won his respect, so he is going to use some of his allowed techniques.

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