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Chapter 761: Beerus loses

In the sky, the stifling atmosphere had already risen to the peak. The two stood silently, looking at each other with indifferent expression, but the distorting space around them shows that both of them had raised their energy to the extreme.

The air pressure began to drop, and an icy aura descended as if it was the end of the world. Goku and Vegeta were staring intently with solemn expressions.

Xiaya’s normal state is the state of Super Saiyan God, with red fluttering hair and silver eyes staring silently. Beerus’ eyes moved slightly, and without him realizing it, a drop of sweat dripped down his face.

When the icy aura began to seethe.

Suddenly, Beerus moved first, his speed surpassing the speed of light. Crack, violent powers emitted out of his fist. Xiaya also moved, his body becoming blurry, surpassing Beerus’ speed. Beerus’ attack brushed past Xiaya’s body, but the attack did not have any effect.

Startled, seeing Xiaya’s palm about to cover his head, Beerus quickly reacted, placing his hands on top of his head to block Xiaya’s attack.

Bang, the heavy palm struck down. Beerus’ arms felt numb and time seemed to stop for a while. Then, his body turned into a beam of light and fell down.


The ground trembled, dust flew up, and colorful lights that suddenly burst out stung the eyes.

Beerus was stuck into a huge crater over a kilometer in diameter.

“Good, you are really powerful.” Beerus was furious as he sprang up from the mud pit, his sharp teeth flashing with a cold light.

Moving his numb arms, Beerus’ face became stern. Whoosh, the lightning-fast assault began again. Beerus was full of spirit and used his full strength this time. Their fight entered super high speed, and only Whis and Kusu could see their movements clearly.

Goku and Vegeta looked dazed, they had never seen such a fierce battle before, and then became annoyed that they were not strong enough to see their fight, thus missing a lot of wonderful parts.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”…

A collision happened, and the atmosphere was almost pierced, revealing a huge vacuum.

“Destruction Energy!!”


Dazzling lights flashed in mid-air as they collided before being annihilated at the same time. Bang! A huge shock wave erupted out in the sky above God of Destruction’s Planet, and energies wreaked havoc like boiling water, and the bubble-shaped regions were continuously annihilated and shattered, and then regenerated under the working of the laws of the universe.

If they were fighting anywhere but God of Destruction, their attacks would have been enough to destroy a galaxy.

Both of them retreated, and Beerus took dozens of steps back in surprise before barely stopping.

“Xiaya, I told you not to hold back.”

With a black face, Beerus growled angrily, he wanted to experience Xiaya’s strength. But if Xiaya was showing mercy, then what’s the point of him challenging Xiaya.

Xiaya stopped in the sky not far away and said calmly: “Then, be careful.”

As soon as his voice fell, Xiaya’s aura changed completely. Like Whis and the others, a kind of aura that has blended in with nature spread out. After that, the aura overlapped and continued to increase, until it seemed that even the space of God of Destruction’s Planet was not able to bear it as blood-red spatial cracks appeared.


All kinds of violent whirlwinds and hurricanes raged and wreaked havoc.

Beerus watched coldly and his scalp couldn’t help but tingle, but at the same time, an immense fighting intent rose up from him.

As the space around him suddenly trembled, Beerus strode towards Xiaya with his arms raised which were producing a fierce sound of air breaking, holding a wisp of Destruction Energy in his palm. With rapid speed, a dazzling light condensed on the tip of his fists. As if time and space had shattered, a ray of divine light flashed in the dark.

At this time, Beerus was going all-out.

Seeing Beerus’ attack, Xiaya’s eyes revealed a smiling expression, but they also turned serious. After all, Beerus is at the third level of Divine Realm and now he is going all-out. If he is not serious, he has a real possibility of losing.

With cold light flickering in his eyes, Xiaya extended a hand and waved his wrists, his fists circling a few times in the air.

Such simple movements seem to contain infinite mystery. Beerus’ body unconsciously moved as he continuously punched, energy piercing through the air, but all of his attacks were ineffective.

Beerus’ body shook and he spurted out blood from his mouth, his body sent flying in the sky. Crash, he landed on the ground and then slided on the ground with his feet sunk into the ground, creating deep ravines.


Beerus roared loudly, and Destruction Energy dispersed in all directions, suddenly blooming with brilliance like peach blossoms.

“He is this powerful after just reaching the fourth level of Divine Realm?”

Beerus looked shocked, and then heaved a sigh in resignation and stopped attacking.

He originally thought that Xiaya had just broken through to the fourth level of Divine Realm. With his experiences accumulated over the years, he should have had a slight chance to fight, but he did not expect Xiaya to have become powerful to such an extent that his full-strength attack not only failed to obtain any result, instead it was repelled so easily.

“Beerus, what do you think?” Xiaya floated over in front of Beerus and asked with a smile.

Beerus waved his hand and said with irritation: “No more fighting, no more fighting, your strength has surpassed mine by too much. There is no one in the entire Multiverse except for a few people who are your match.”

Saying this, Beerus looked at Xiaya with a complicated expression. How did this guy train? His progress is so fast!

“Beerus-sama lost so easily!”

“Just a few simple moves and Beerus was sent flying.” Seeing Beerus lose to Xiaya, Goku and Vegeta couldn’t help but gulp.

They know how powerful God of Destruction is. When facing Beerus, they had felt as if they were facing an insurmountable wall, but even so, Beerus lost to Xiaya, and lost so thoroughly!

This shows that Xiaya is too strong, far stronger than Beerus.

It is quite scary.

Both of them had a look of shock in their eyes. Xiaya is also a Saiyan, but he is so much stronger than them.

If they knew that Whis and Kusu could knock out Beerus in just one move, they would know…that there is a world of difference between the third and fourth level of the Divine Realm. Although Xiaya entered the fourth level of Divine Realm not long ago, and he couldn’t be compared to Whis and Kusu, his strength should not be underestimated.

Taking another look at Xiling and others on the side, Goku and Vegeta regained their composure and their eyes became determined. Surpassing Xiaya, they still didn’t dare to think about it for now, so they will redouble their efforts and surpass Xiling and the others first.

At this time, Whis and Kusu arrived beside Xiaya and Beerus. Whis raised the scepter and tapped Beerus’ body, and the magical power immediately healed Beerus’s injuries.

“Beerus-sama, you should now train seriously, otherwise you will fall further and further behind Xiaya.”

“Hmph, you don’t need to remind me. Whis, do you have something like the Creating God Star?” Beerus snorted coldly and angrily said to Whis.

Whis glanced at Beerus in surprise and shook his head: “No, Creating God Star is especially used to groom God of Destruction, and it is already top-notch. For future training, Beerus-sama will have to rely on himself to comprehend it. If you can fully comprehend Ultra Instinct, then you will not be far from the fourth level of Divine Realm.”

Beerus stared blankly at Whis for a while, and said in dissatisfaction: “How can it be so easy to comprehend something like Ultra Instinct!”

Beerus had practiced Ultra Instinct before, but he only comprehended a little bit.

“That’s because Beerus-sama hasn’t been diligent. If you put your heart into it, you can naturally learn it.”

“Tsk, it’s really no fun talking with you.”

Beerus glared at him, looking very dissatisfied.

In fact, it is really difficult for Beerus, the ill-tempered god, to comprehend the mysterious Ultra Instinct, but if he wants to become stronger, there is only this way. In the end, Beerus had no choice but to follow Whis to train Ultra Instinct.

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