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Chapter 758: Battle of Gods

After Goku transformed into Super Saiyan God, everyone’s eyes were focused on him. Goku’s current form was the same as Xiling, there is no aura, but his whole body was shrouded by a layer of dense red light, and an alien but sacred aura spread out from him.

“Ah, is Goku’s current state Super Saiyan God?”

“His appearance is exactly the same as Xiling’s transformation just now, I can’t sense his aura at all!”

“So, this is a God…”

They don’t know how much Goku’s strength has increased, but it is clear that he has succeeded in Super Saiyan God transformation.

The people around him were all discussing with each other, but Vegeta’s eyes flashed with certainty, “Sure enough, Saiyan with red hair is Super Saiyan God state.”

Then he looked at Xiaya who has red hair and silver eyes in his Normal State, “Kakarrot’s Super Saiyan God has red hair and red eyes, the same as Xiling’s previous transformation, but Xiaya has red hair and silver eyes. There must be a secret to it. ”

Vegeta knew that when the Cell Game ended 11 years ago, Xiaya had the same black hair as them, but his hair turned red later when they met again. At that time, he didn’t know what happened. Thinking about it now, Xiaya should have already broken through to Super Saiyan God at that time.

Moreover, looking at the current situation, even Beerus has to give face to Xiaya, which shows that Xiaya’s strength is equal to or has even surpassed God of Destruction Beerus, and should be even stronger than Super Saiyan God Goku.

“Xiaya is so far ahead of us.”

Clearly, the red-hair and silver-eyes is a higher realm than the Super Saiyan God with red-hair and red eyes. Suddenly, there was a thought in Vegeta’s heart and his eyes flashed with enlightenment. He now has some understanding of his future path. His choice is correct and there is a higher realm above Super Saiyan god. According to Kusu, if he continues to train, he can break through to the Super Saiyan realm by himself, and then continue to climb to Xiaya’s realm.

When Vegeta was thinking to himself, Beerus’ eyes fell on Goku.

An indifferent smile appeared on Beerus’ face as he said indifferently with his lips curled: “The prophecy wasn’t wrong, it seems that you are indeed the ‘arch-rival’ I am looking for. I wonder if you are qualified to be my opponent.”

“Beerus-sama can give it a try.”

Goku, who has obtained new strength, erupted out with a vigorous fighting intent. He raised his head and bluntly issued a challenge to Beerus.

Although it is a power obtained through a shortcut, Goku doesn’t care. He only needs a passionate battle, what realm, what comprehension, it’s more realistic to comprehend during battle. Goku is action-oriented and prefers to express his emotions in battle.

Sure enough, hearing Goku’s words, Beerus’ eyes flashed with a cold light and his face turned gloomy.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a Saiyan as bold as you. You think if you transformed into Super Saiyan God, you would be able to fight against a god, then you are foolish and overestimating your abilities. You’re still not qualified to talk so big.”

While speaking, an invisible pressure bore down on Goku. Goku burst out with fierce fighting intent, and flew into the air to fight with Beerus. In the sky, their fighting silhouettes couldn’t be seen and only bursts of energies and sparkling flashes as if air was being crushed could be seen.

Below, Xiling, Myers, 18 and others watched quietly while Kusu and Whis were each leaning on the scepter, floating in the air.

Xiaya couldn’t help but smile when he saw the fight between Goku and Beerus.

Beerus, this guy isn’t using his real strength at all. Maybe he attaches importance to the Super Saiyan God prophesied in his dream and looks at it in a favourable light, so he wasn’t trying his best at all, instead he was testing Goku little by little. But even so, Goku was no match for Beerus.

In fact, Xiaya already perceived what level Goku was at the moment he transformed.

Super Saiyan God is the first level of the Divine Realm, but Goku’s current state has strictly speaking only half of the shadow of the first level of the Divine Realm. His life level may have reached it, but his realm was still much worse. He was just a mortal with a divine body.

His overall strength was probably only 10% of the strength of God of Destruction Beerus.

Don’t underestimate this disparity! It’s a tenfold disparity. You must know that there is an eightfold disparity between Super Saiyan 1 and Super Saiyan 3. What’s more, in the case that Beerus did not use the God of Destruction’s abilities, with physical strength alone, the two sides are heaven and earth apart.

“Oh, Beerus-sama is actually enjoying the fight, and is still stimulating the opponent’s potential. With his personality, shouldn’t he be decisive and finish the opponent?” Kusu exclaimed in a clear voice as if watching a good show.

Whis, who was standing beside her, looked at her and said, “Indeed, this shows that Beerus-sama attaches great importance to the contents of the prophecy.”

“This is a battle of gods.” Xiaya looked at Whis with a faint smile.

Whis smiled faintly and remained silent.

There are only a few experts of Divine Realm in Universe 7. Before the rise of Xiaya and the others, there was only God of Destruction Beerus alone and Gods of Destruction can’t lightly get involved in a fight, so Beerus has been unbearably bored for countless years. He can’t fight against Xiling and them, that’s why he was excited when he learned about an “arch rival” from the prophecy and intends to groom a rival for himself.

In the eyes of Xiaya and the others, the fight between Beerus and Goku can only be called a joke, but for Gohan and the others, it was different. It was a completely different level of fight, mysterious and very powerful.

“Uncle Piccolo, are you able to clearly see Dad’s fight?”

Gohan narrowed his eyes, watching intently.

“I can’t see it clearly.” Piccolo shook his head. He couldn’t tell how the fight was going. Relying on their eyes, they could only capture some brief afterimages and couldn’t get the full picture of the situation.

“Kakarrot has become so much stronger.” Vegeta’s eyes were shining as he watched with a serious look, his blood boiling. So, this is the power of Super Saiyan God!

On Planet Hongshan, the power amplification of a Saiyan God is about 700 times, the amplification ratio is about twice that of Super Saiyan 3, which is very powerful. Although the increase is based on the power of an ordinary Saiyan and cannot be directly applied to a mysterious level like Super Saiyan God, Goku’s improvement is definitely quite remarkable.

As the fight continued, Myers, who was watching seriously, suddenly whispered: “Look, Kakarrot is starting to lose strength.”

Xiaya’s eyes narrowed and nodded: “It’s normal, after all, Kakarrot didn’t really break through to the first level of Divine Realm. The disparity between the two sides is too big. Even if Beerus is going easy on him, he can’t last long.”

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before the fight between Goku and Beerus extended above the atmosphere, but Goku’s strength was almost exhausted.

Even with the infinitely powerful recovery ability of the Super Saiyan God, Goku was starting to feel exhausted.

Finally, under the violent fists of Beerus, the fierce fist wind swept across Goku’s body. Goku’s body froze, and he returned to black-haired normal state. His mind became sluggish and he began to fall down from the sky.

“Kakarrot lost.”

Vegeta shook his head and sighed, his expression becoming complicated.

“Even Goku in Super Saiyan God state is not the match of a God of Destruction. Is a God of Destruction really invincible?” As the fight came to an end, everyone was feeling shocked. In contrast to the powerful God of Destruction, they felt that they were very weak.

“Tsk, boring. Is this the ‘arch-rival’ from the prophecy? He couldn’t even last against less than 10% of my strength.” It is really disappointing, Beerus shook his head. Prediction and whatnot is really unreliable, I thought that Saiyan could bring me a little fun, but it turned out to be so boring.

“Beerus-sama, it’s too early to be happy.” He suddenly heard Whis say.

“Oh?” Beerus froze for a moment.

“I won’t give up so easily!” Another voice suddenly sounded.

He saw Goku, who was falling down, suddenly stop, and then his hair again burst into flame-like light rays, looking extremely dazzling and magnificent.

Goku rushed up again, and soon stood in front of Beerus, his eyes were stern as he said solemnly: “Let’s continue our fight.”

“You…” Beerus looked at Goku in surprise, his golden pupils flashing with anticipation.

“Haha, interesting!” This Saiyan seems to be very unusual. The first time we met, he couldn’t even receive two of my moves and the second time he transformed into Super Saiyan God, although he was easily defeated. But, he has now again become stronger.

Maybe, he can really become my “arch-rival” from the prophecy.

Beerus couldn’t help but grin. Even he didn’t know that he was already looking at the Saiyan in front of him in a favourable light.

Then, the fight continued. Powerful collisions reached outside the Earth, and the two “gods” fought fiercely in the vast space.

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