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Chapter 754: Huge disparity

“Kai-sama, what’s wrong, are you sick?” Goku asked curiously as he looked at the trembling North Kai.

“It’s not good, Goku. God of Destruction-sama is coming here, this is not good at all! By the way, when you see God of Destruction-sama in a while, you must not be rude. Anyone who disrespects God of Destruction could lose their life.”

The nervous North Kai did not forget to warn Goku.

Whether it is a mortal or Kai, from their point of view, God of Destruction’s actions may be described as perverse, reckless and slaughtering innocents, etc… But when one rises to a certain level, their horizons become wider, and it is no longer limited to one universe. So, their way of looking at things is naturally somewhat different.

For example, in Whis and Kusu’s eyes, all living things are the same as the cosmic dust in the universe. The worth of living things and inanimate things are the same, and birth and death all have to follow the laws. Although God of Destruction’s behavior is perverse, in their eyes, it is already quite good to maintain the impartiality of the world and bestow equal destruction to all living things.

“God of Destruction? I seem to have heard this word somewhere…”

Goku shook his head, feeling like he had heard of it, but couldn’t remember it.

Just as he was about to ask again, a bright light ray flashed, and a long-eared creature wearing a costume similar to an ancient Egyptian pharaoh and another figure in red-black clothes appeared in front of him.

God of Destruction Beerus and Whis landed on North Kai’s Planet.

Looking at the two in front of him, Goku exclaimed. He remembered hearing about God of Destruction from somewhere.

Aren’t the bracelets and the belt worn by the purple long-eared creature exactly the same as those on Xiaya? If it was only this, Goku would not relate the person in front of him with Xiaya, but Whis, who was beside God of Destruction Beerus has the exact same outfit and skin color as Kusu beside Xiaya.

Xiaya and Kusu, God of Destruction Beerus and Whis. This combination is so similar.

“I heard Supreme Kai and others call Xiaya God of Destruction, but what is God of Destruction?” Goku was full of doubts.

“Whis, this planet is really small.” After Beerus appeared, he glanced around and said indifferently.

“Beerus-sama, this is because you were the one who destroyed it. This planet was quite big in the past.” Whis said in a serious manner, his voice was calm as if talking about an unimportant thing.

When North Kai saw God of Destruction Beerus and Whis, his clothes were already drenched with sweat as he bowed respectfully: “God of Destruction-sama, I wonder what brings you to Kai’s Planet?”

“I also didn’t want to come to an awful place like this.” The monotonous scenery of the North Kai’s Planet made it difficult for Beerus to have a good impression of it.

North Kai wiped his sweat awkwardly.

Whis stated the purpose of their trip: “Beerus-sama is here to look for a Saiyan named Kakarrot.”

“Yes, where is that Saiyan named Kakarrot?”

“He came for Goku?” North Kai was stunned for a moment before he turned to Goku and said, “Goku, God of Destruction-sama is here for you, why don’t you hurry over and meet him?”

“Oh! Hello, God of Destruction-sama.” Goku extended his palm in greeting.

Beerus put a finger on his chin and walked around Goku twice as if sizing him up carefully, “This is Super Saiyan God? Doesn’t seem like it. How can someone so weak be my ‘arch-rival’.”

“Beerus-sama, Saiyan usually have transformations, although they are not very useful.” Whis reminded with a faint smile while holding the scepter.

“Okay! Saiyan named Kakarrot, transform into Super Saiyan God and let me take a look!”

“My Earth name is Goku, so you should also call me Goku. As for Super Saiyan God or whatever, I don’t know about it.”

“You don’t know?” Beerus’ expression froze for a moment, his golden eyes erupting out with cold light. Giving off an icy pressure, and together with his skinny appearance, he looked very frightening.

“Then bring out your strongest transformation state.”

“Do you want to spar with me? Great, then let me experience the powers of God of Destruction-sama.” Goku became enthusiastic, and he had long forgotten North Kai’s warning.

Exuding a strong fighting intent, Goku immediately transformed into Super Saiyan 3.

Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 was much more advanced than the one in the original work. His energy which was close to the peak under the Divine Realm crazily spilled out, generating terrifyingly strong hurricanes which caused the entire North Kai’s Planet to sway. The aftermath of which affected the surrounding area causing all the clouds in the surrounding ten thousand meters range to immediately disperse.

“This is my strongest form, Super Saiyan 3.” Goku said confidently.

Whis frowned. Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 was a little different from Xiaya’s Super Saiyan 3. But he just sighed and continued to watch indifferently.

“Tsk, Super Saiyan 3 means the third level? I know you Saiyans are all Super Saiyans, why do you have so many names?”

Beerus clicked his tongue. Super Saiyan 3 transformation may be quite remarkable among mortals, and finding their match in the entire universe may be difficult. But in Beerus’ eyes, it was far from enough to face him.

“I’m going to attack.” Goku roared and immediately attacked Beerus. In an instant, numerous attacks rose on Kai’s Planet.

“Goku, hurry up and stop, you can’t attack God of Destruction-sama.”

North Kai shouted in a trembling voice when he saw this.

“Don’t stop him, Beerus-sama just wants to take a look at the strength of a Super Saiyan.” Whis floated over to North Kai’s side and said. North Kai hurriedly bowed respectfully.

On the other side, Goku had already begun to attack Beerus, but it was like a wave of water hitting steel, and it didn’t cause any substantial damage except for splashes, which made him very surprised. He had this kind of feeling when facing Xiaya.

“Is this Super Saiyan 3? It’s not as powerful as I imagined.”

Saying with a voice filled with disappointment, Beerus lowered his head and let those energies hit his body, and then he suddenly moved and passed through the thick wall of burning golden flames before appearing like a ghost in front of Goku. Beerus looked at Goku calmly, then he stretched out his fingers and flicked them. Under Goku’s stunned look, a huge force passed through his forehead, and his body was uncontrollably sent flying.

“So…so powerful!!” Goku stabilized his body, his mind feeling dazed.

Then, boom! He punched the ground, and big cracks appeared on North Kai’s Planet, throwing a lot of soil and stones into the void.




The entire planet was almost torn apart due to Goku’s frenzied attacks, but Beerus casually and easily fended them off. Crack, Goku was pressed to the ground, and a huge force penetrated Kai’s Planet before shockwaves appeared from the back.

“Forget it, you’ve already lost. It’s really boring if you are not the Super Saiyan God.” Beerus was also tired of playing around and prepared to leave Kai’s Planet.

“Whis, let’s go to Earth, I hope the Saiyan there won’t disappoint me.”

“Okay.” Whis responded, then he tapped the ground and the two of them disappeared amidst a shining light ray.

After God of Destruction Beerus and Whis left, North Kai jumped out, came to the big crater and pulled Goku up: “Goku, are you all right?”

“Hisss! It hurts, my bones almost broke. That guy was so powerful.” Goku stood up with difficulty and twisted his neck, his joints making cracking sounds. During that moment just now, he had a feeling as if he was facing Xiaya, the huge disparity was like a mountain.

“It’s normal for you to lose, after all that was God of Destruction Beerus-sama!” North Kai sighed deeply.

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