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Chapter 753: North Kai’s face turning pale

As she watched Beerus and Whis head towards North Area, Xiling suddenly had the idea of ​​also going to Earth to see if the prophesied Super Saiyan God was Goku or Vegeta, and if so, how will they directly advance from Super Saiyan 3 to Divine Realm?

You know, it had taken Xiling and Myers almost 30 years of training to reach the Divine Realm. If Goku caught up to them so easily, it would be really embarrassing.

Of course, they also know that their breakthrough was somewhat special. Maybe Goku and Vegeta will adopt the shortcut method of Planet Hongshan. Xiling and Myers did not use this method because its hidden dangers are too great.

Forcefully using energy to pull up the level is equivalent to overdrafting strength. There is always a price to pay, and the price is that the road to advancement in the future will become even more difficult.

Returning to the story, just as Xiling and the others were hesitating about whether to go to Earth or not, a light flashed beside them.

Xiaya and Kusu were back from Universe 10.

Seeing Xiaya, a smile emerged on Xiling’s face, “Why have you returned so soon this time? Is your work in Universe 10 finished?”

It’s only been a little over half a year since Xiaya left, yet he came back so soon. For Xiling and the others who have reached the current state, time passes especially quickly while training, and half a year to them is very short.

Xiaya nodded: “I’ve naturally come back since I’m done with it.”

“Xiaysama took only a few months to complete God of Destruction’s work, and the next few months he was training.” Kusu jumped out very excitedly. After Xiaya reached the fourth level of the Divine Realm, every time he dived into training, he seemed to be able to unearth new potential, and his strength would soar, so Kusu was already used to it.

“Got stronger again?” Myers asked enviously.

“Don’t listen to her nonsense, I’ve just trained for a while, how can it be so easy to improve the fourth level of Divine Realm.” Xiaya rubbed Kusu’s head. Because of her height, Kusu could only raise her head upward to express her dissatisfaction.

After one’s strength reaches the fourth level of Divine Realm, their horizons widens, but the closer you approach the peak of Divine Realm, the more you can feel the bumpiness and difficulty of the path ahead. Every inch of improvement requires great effort. Just spending more time in the fourth level of Divine Realm is useless. Especially for a God of Time like Xiaya, if he doesn’t find a breakthrough point, it will be very difficult to improve.

As for how to transcend the axis of time and integrate the past and the future, he currently has zero clue.

“By the way, what were you discussing just now?” Xiaya asked.

Xiling glanced at him and answered, “We are discussing whether Kakarrot or Vegeta can quickly become the Super Saiyan God, because Beerus and Whis came over just now, and Beerus is looking for his ‘arch-rival’ Super Saiyan God.” Then, she explained the whole matter.

“Beerus woke up?”

Xiaya was stunned for a moment, then thought about it. Calculating the time, it is currently indeed the time for “Battle of Gods” storyline. It’s just that Beerus has only been asleep for less than seven years and woke up so quickly. Could it be that the inertia of the storyline is so great that Beerus woke up at this time?

After thinking about it for a while without any results, Xiaya stopped thinking about it.

He turned around and said to them: “According to the two methods through which Super Saiyan God can be born, one is a natural breakthrough, and the other is to gather six Super Saiyans and infuse the powers of the other five people into the sixth person. This transformation is somewhat of a shortcut.”

“But with enough power, a Super Saiyan God can be birthed with six Super Saiyans.”

And right now, there seem to be exactly six Super Saiyans on Earth; Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Bulla and Trunks. As long as you know the transformation method, it is easy to fuse into Super Saiyan God.

However, although Super Saiyan God has the characteristics of the first level of Divine Realm, in the end, it is just a pseudo-divine realm and cannot be compared with the real Super Saiyan God. It’s like when breaking through the Super Saiyan transformation. There is a difference between a natural breakthrough and a transformation due to emotions.

Myers was a little surprised: “So, Kakarrot and Vegeta can really become Super Saiyan God?”

“Yes, it is very likely.”

“Then let’s go and have a look. I want to know the difference between Kakarrot and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan God and our Divine Realm Super Saiyan God.” Myers’ eyes flashed with curiosity.

After a discussion, they called over 18 and Launch and then leisurely flew towards Earth. Knowing that Beerus and Whis were going to North Kai’s Planet, they weren’t in a hurry, so they told Kusu to not rush.

On the other side, a higher dimension in the Underworld.

Amidst the golden clouds floating everywhere in the sky at the end of Snake Way, the small North Kai’s Planet was hiding.

The golden clouds were churning like waves, and when they approached Kai’s Planet, they were expelled by the vast and mighty aura of the planet, revealing a clear sky.

On the small planet, Goku was sweating while doing some simple routine exercises.

Not far away, a small table was placed and North Kai was hiding behind it. He stuck out his head and the antennas on his head swayed because of the storm caused by Goku doing shadow boxing. With rapt attention, Goku looked very serious as he suddenly punched, and the air let out a long screech as if it had been pierced.

“Swish, swish, swish…” The air contracted and vibrated, and it took a while for it to calm down.

North Kai wiped his cold sweat as he watched furtively, “Goku, if you want to practice martial arts in the future, please go to another place. My place really can’t accommodate an expert like you.”

“Kai-sama, don’t say that.” Goku laughed heartily and patted North Kai’s shoulder. Goku’s strength was too great for North Kai, and he almost fell down with a stagger.

North Kai was exasperated, “Goku, you’re getting more and more over the top.” Resting his eyes, North Kai looked at Goku and said, “You’re already so strong, why do you still need to train!”

Goku scratched his head, “No way, there are many people stronger than me. Even Vegeta surpassed me not long ago.”

In the fight with Vegeta a year ago, although both sides suppressed their strength to a certain extent, they couldn’t help but use their full strength in the end. If Kusu hadn’t been protecting Earth from the side, the place where the two of them fought might have been completely destroyed by the energy generated.

“Anyway, I don’t understand what you Saiyan are thinking.” North Kai shook his head.

“By the way, Kai-sama, what time is it now and how long have I been here?” Goku asked embarrassedly.

“Three hours, what happened?”

“I’ve to go back quickly. Today is Bulma’s birthday. I promised her that I will return and celebrate her birthday.” Goku said while changing into a light blue casual dress from his martial arts suit.

“Oh, your wife’s birthday.”

North Kai finally understood why Goku was going back after only three hours of training this time. It turns out that someone at his home was going to celebrate their birthday.

This kid Goku really cares about his family.

But it’s good that he is going back early. I like my place to be calm, North Kai thought to himself.

But at this moment, North Kai’s body suddenly trembled and the antennas on his head began to shake. His countenance changed. Someone was approaching North Kai’s Planet, and the feeling between the gods let him know that there will be guests coming soon.

Who is it? His planet normally doesn’t have any visitors for decades.

The antennas on top of North Kai’s head scouted.

But what he saw caused his entire face to turn pale. In his senses, he saw a creature with long purple ears, big bags under his eyes and a pair of indifferent and ruthless golden eyes, rapidly heading towards his place. When he got a clear look at the other party, North Kai felt as if the sky was about to collapse.

“God… God of Destruction-sama!!”

North Kai cried in despair.

“What’s going on, why did Beerus-sama think of coming to my place… Is it because of the big crisis that occurred in the Milky Way Galaxy a few years ago?”

North Kai was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. There are many galaxies like the Milky Way Galaxy in the universe. Why does God of Destruction Beerus always pay attention to his North Area? He just wants a safe and steady life as a Kai!

Every time he sees Kai’s Planet, which is less than 100 meters in diameter, North Kai feels his heart drip with blood. He used to have a planet several kilometers in size!

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