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Chapter 707: Returning to Dragon Realm

“Hey Xiaya, what is the Dragon Realm you mentioned just now? Are there many experts there?” Goku was listening quietly as he didn’t care about Xiaya’s identity but became interested in the Dragon Realm.

On the side, Vegeta also strained his ears to listen.

Xiaya nodded and said, “The Dragon Realm is your upper world. Of course, it has many experts, and many people are much more powerful than you. You should have been qualified to enter it because of your contribution in defeating Shadow Dragon, but because the Omega Shenron ultimately died under my hands, you didn’t receive a summons from Dragon Realm.”

“So, there are really many experts!” Goku was surprised at first but then he became disappointed: “If we haven’t received a summons, does it mean that we have no chance to go over there?”

Xiaya smiled without saying a word, instead, it was Kusu who spoke: “It’s not that there’s no means if you want to go to the Dragon Realm. Your strength can be considered among the top experts in the Dragon Realm. The Dragon Realm’s rules do not exclude experts from the lower worlds from entering, as long as you can find a way, you can enter the Dragon Realm to train. ”

Hearing this, Goku immediately asked, “Then, do you have any means?”

“Of course! Xiaysama can travel between different worlds.” Kusu’s authority in traversing through worlds can’t be compared to Xiaya’s. God of Time comes under the Time Realm system and can disregard dimensional barriers to some extent.

Hearing this, Goku and Vegeta looked at Xiaya with hopeful eyes.

Xiaya smiled calmly and said: “Wait a few days, you should hone your own skills first, and then I will take you to the Dragon Realm. The experts there are from different worlds, if your skills are not good, you will only make a fool of yourself in the Dragon Realm.”

Although Xiaya knows that Super Saiyan 4 experts are rare in the Dragon Realm, he was only a little familiar with the Eastern Dragon Region and wasn’t sure how many experts there are in the entire Dragon Realm.

After receiving Xiaya’s assurance, Goku became energetic and excitedly dragged Vegeta over to train. Vegeta snorted unhappily but acquiesced.

Watching Goku and Vegeta leave, Xiaya glanced at the old Supreme Kai and then told them to return to the Sacred World of the Kai.

A few days later, Xiaya brought along Kusu as they traveled across Earth, and after enjoying the beautiful sceneries here, they arrived on Mount Paozu as agreed.

At this time, Goku and Vegeta were fully prepared, and they were looking forward to the upcoming experience.

“By the way, what about Super 17, he is also eligible to enter the Dragon Realm with his strength.” Looking around, he didn’t see Super 17.

“17 has no intention of leaving Earth,” Krillin explained.

“I see, then there is only Goku and Vegeta. It is also not easy to bring so many people.” Others such as Gohan, Goten, etc. were not qualified to enter the Dragon Realm, and Xiaya also does not intend to cause trouble for himself. So, two people were enough.

“Grandpa, when will you be back?” Pan asked, reluctant to part with him.

“Maybe a year or two…” Goku didn’t know what to say, no one could be certain about how the training would go.

Then they said goodbye to Goku and Vegeta. Xiaya asked everyone to retreat some distance, and then used the space-time ability to bring Goku and Vegeta into the Dragon Realm. After becoming God of Time, Xiaya has become more skilled in using space-time ability, and now, with his own ability, he can freely enter the Dragon Realm.

As a vast aura flashed, the figures of Xiaya, Kusu, Goku, and Vegeta disappeared from Mount Paozu.

Through layers of barriers, they broke away from the universe barrier of the Galactic World and entered an illusory space-time tunnel. Because Galactic World was in the Dragon Realm, it was easier to enter the Dragon Realm than to leave the Multiverse.

Almost in the blink of an eye, they passed through the space-time tunnel and entered the continent where the Dragon Realm was located.

Goku only felt a bright light flash before his eyes and a green dense forest appeared in front of him.

At the same time, a powerful binding force transmitted through space, and like a shackle, made it difficult to move.

Goku shuddered and exclaimed: “The suppression here is so powerful, I can’t use my full strength.”

Xiaya smiled and said: “The Dragon Realm continent is divided into seven regions with the central mountain range as the center. We are now in the Eastern Dragon Region, whose ruler is the four-star Dragon God. On this continent, the closer you get to the Dragon God Palace, the stronger the suppression gets, and when one approaches the Dragon God Palace, even a Super Saiyan 3 would only be equivalent to an ordinary warrior of Earth.”

Goku nodded. If he wasn’t able to transform into Super Saiyan at this time, he wouldn’t have been able to beat even an earthling child.

“The space here is very stable. Super Saiyan 3 could only exert the strength of around one or two hundred Battle Power and even Super Saiyan 4 only has around thousand Battle Power.” Vegeta tried to use his energy to transform into Super Saiyan 4, but he discovered that he wasn’t much powerful compared to his time with Raditz and couldn’t help but sigh.

“This is because every dragon region is being suppressed by the Dragon God. Under the Dragon God’s pressure, you can only do so much.” Kusu opened the way ahead, removing all obstacles along the way. As he is also at the fourth level of Divine Realm, the four-star Dragon God has the capability to suppress all experts. In comparison, Kusu was still very young.

Not long after, after passing through the dense forest, they came to the vicinity of the Dragon God Palace.

Here, countless powerful auras of varying strength could be sensed.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet the four-star Dragon God-sama.”

Dragon God Zalama has a total of seven disciples, and the four-star Dragon God is one of them. He is in charge of the entire Eastern Dragon Region and his strength is far above a God of Destruction. Even an Angel would have difficulty in winning against him.

Xiaya has a great impression of the four-star Dragon God. He was only able to enter the Divine Realm so quickly because of the guidance of the four-star Dragon God. It is not too much to say that he owes him a debt of gratitude for treating him well. So after bringing Goku and the others to Dragon Realm, he first went to visit the four-star Dragon God.

And in passing, he can also arrange training arrangements for Goku and Vegeta, which require the permission of the four-star Dragon God.

Walking ahead, seeing that Goku and Vegeta did not know about the greatness of Dragon God, Kusu explained: “There are eight Dragon Gods in the Dragon Realm, of which the Dragon God Zalamsama is the creator of the Dragon Realm and has ertranscending strength. Under Zalamsama, there are seven disciples with each of them being an extraordinary Dragon God. They are very ancient beings…”

It can be said that the main strength of Dragon Realm is gathered on the few Dragon Gods.

Goku has never heard inside information about gods before, but now he knows that the source of the dragon balls in his world comes from the Dragon Realm!

Not long after, they arrived at the heart of the Dragon God Palace.

“Come in!” A majestic, loud, sacred, and mighty voice resounded across the palace.

Xiaya brought them into the palace and saw the gigantic four-star Dragon God inside.

“Long time no see Saiyan and the little Angel of Multiverse…”

A long and deep voice resounded before a lofty mountain-like body of the four-star Dragon God appeared beside Xiaya and the others. Goku swallowed and followed behind together with Vegeta.

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