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Chapter 705: The death of Omega Shenron

Omega Shenron stared nervously at the two people who had suddenly appeared. No matter how much he tries to think about Xiaya and Kusu’s identity, he would never have thought that they had come from outside Dragon Realm. As Kusu kept approaching him, his forehead gradually broke out into cold sweat.

Unable to resist, such a strong unease pricked his nerves.

Facing Kusu’s small body, Omega Shenron lost his composure.

“Bastards, this world belongs to me. These humans have violated the laws of the universe and should be destroyed.” Omega Shenron roared hysterically, and suddenly used all his energy to attack Kusu. A fierce whirlwind formed a storm, and the ground suddenly cracked open.

“Be careful of his attack.” Goku and the others put their hands on their foreheads to block the baptism of the storm.

“Don’t worry, just watch quietly.”

Xiaya stood indifferently, without blinking. As these fierce whirlwinds approached within 3m of Xiaya, they were erased by his powerful aura. He has absolute confidence in Kusu’s strength. Although she is not as good as a veteran of the fourth-level Divine Realm like the four-star Dragon God, dealing with a mere One Star Dragon is almost no different from swatting flies.

Sure enough, the attacker Omega Shenron was the first to notice that something was wrong. Facing his approaching ruthless attack, the silver-haired girl didn’t dodge it, instead, she just extended a finger.

Bang, a rumbling sonic boom pierced through the air, and then came to an abrupt stop!

A slender finger was blocking in front.

His fist could no longer move forward even the slightest.

Seeing his attack being blocked, Omega Shenron was dumbfounded. His full-strength attack had no effect.

“No, it’s impossible…” Omega Shenron couldn’t believe it.

An icy feeling rushed into his brain. Omega Shenron suddenly felt cold all over his body and felt a deep sense of despair, as if he was in an extremely cold region with a minus tens of degrees, his body couldn’t help but tremble.

Likewise, Goku and the others were also in disbelief.

A powerful expert like Omega Shenron couldn’t resist at all in front of that little girl named Kusu! A single finger blocked Omega Shenron’s all-out punch. Such an extremely strong visual impact was fixed in their hearts. Which sacred place is she from?

Their eyes turned to Xiaya, who had been indifferent from the start. Goku and the other’s expressions turned complex. From Xiaya’s indifferent expression, it seems that everything was under his control.

What exactly did Xiaya go through during the eight days of his disappearance, and why is he together with such a terrifying expert?

Omega Shenron was overwhelmed with terror and a deep fear shrouded his heart. He wanted to run away, but heavy pressure from Kusu had enveloped his body, making him cautious with every step he took. Even when facing red-haired Gogeta, he hasn’t been so helpless and was at least able to resist a little.

But now, he seems to be completely under control.

Quickly retreating several hundred meters, he made a desperate attempt to escape, but every movement he made fell clearly into Kusu’s eyes. She lightly kicked her, and her clothes rustled. Omega Shenron had no chance of escape.

“How can this happen, why are there such experts in the universe?” He roared with eyes bulging out. A look of despair flashed in his eyes as he tried to escape several times but failed.

Kusu indifferently raised her head, a smile on her delicate face: “Experts of your level, there are many in the Multiverse. Any God of Destruction can slap you to death with just one hand.”

Hearing this, he found it even more difficult to accept. There are many experts like him? How could he admit such a thing? Moreover, he has never heard of God of Destruction before. There was no record of God of Destruction in the memories Black Smoke Shenron gave him.

“Don’t think that you can deceive me.” He said while grinding his teeth, his teeth almost breaking.

Kusu shook her head regretfully and said no more. She tapped the scepter in her hand on the ground, and suddenly a cage made of special energy appeared, trapping Omega Shenron inside. Having done this, Kusu turned around and walked over to stand beside Xiaya.

“Xiaysama, what do you plan to do with this evil thing?”

Goku and the others watched everything with a dumbstruck look, their jaws dropping to the ground.

The powerful and terrifying Shadow Dragon was subdued by her just like this? They rubbed their eyes hard, but they realized that everything was true. Casually subduing Omega Shenron who has devoured the Dragon Balls, how powerful does she have to be compared to them to be able to do this? Anyway, it’s something they can’t imagine.

“This little girl is too scary…”

Goku’s eyes flashed with deep fear, feeling powerless.

This showing off is somewhat refreshing and pure. As expected of Kusu, she is good at putting up a front for him! Xiaya shook his head and smiled. He wasn’t too surprised by Kusu casually subduing Omega Shenron.

At this time, he had the time to size up Shadow Dragon. Omega Shenron is the result of negative energy, which can also be said to be the negative effect of excessive use of Dragon Balls. This Omega Shenron looks a bit like Planet Namek’s Porunga, with a white body, black horns on his shoulders, knees, and back, and seven blue Dragon Ball-like balls on his chest.

Xiaya turned to Goku and others and said, “What do you plan to do with Shadow Dragon?”

“Of course, wipe him out completely,” Vegeta said without hesitation.

“If possible, annihilate him.” Goku was also quite determined. Shadow Dragon is a product of negative energy after all, and its existence will only disturb the order of the universe.

“Then, I’ll get rid of him.”

Nodding indifferently, Xiaya cast space-time ability on Omega Shenron in the cage. God of Time’s “Annihilate” ability is not needed to deal with someone like Omega Shenron, his own “Annihilate” is enough.

A sparkling silver-white light flashed in the void and turned into a water ball. Omega Shenron didn’t even have a chance to struggle and was crushed into powder due to the collapsed space and disappeared.

After the Omega Shenron was completely wiped out, Goku and Vegeta took out a Senzu Bean and ate it, ruefully looking at the city that was in ruins because of destructive energies.

“The battle is finally over. If it wasn’t for you guys showing up in time, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

They still felt a little scared when thinking about it. If it wasn’t for Xiaya and her who blocked Omega Shenron’s attack at a critical moment, they would have all died.

Xiaya chuckled. Knowing the storyline, he understood that even if he and Kusu didn’t show up, the evil One Star Dragon would eventually be wiped out by Goku with the help of Spirit Bomb, but at that time Goku would have to swallow the Dragon Balls and merge with Shenron, causing him to leave this world completely. Because of his intervention, Goku lost the chance to merge with Shenron, and will not leave this world for a short time.

It’s hard to say whether it’s a gain or a loss, but at least the experience of parting with relatives has been avoided.

“In the end, these Shadow Dragons were created from the overuse of Dragon Balls. Each set of Dragon Balls has its limit. If the negative energy generated by their excessive use exceeds the purification ability of their creator, these negative energies will be released, which will threaten the stability of the world. Now that Earth’s Dragon Balls have disappeared along with the Shadow Dragon, I don’t think Dragon Balls are needed on Earth anymore.”

“Yes, the legend of the Dragon Balls ends here.”

Goku sighed. The legend of the Dragon Balls that has lasted for hundreds of years has completely disappeared today.

Besides Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls that were allowed to be used in the universe and the Dragon Balls transformed by Xiaya, there is no longer a third set.

After this was the reconstruction work of Earth. Even with the current technology of Earth, it was a huge project to rebuild Earth.

Mount Paozu, all the warriors gathered together.

After experiencing this battle, Earth finally ushered in peace.

“Xiaya, the girl next to you is so powerful. Even with all of us together, we can’t defeat her.” During the drinking party, Krillin came over with a glass of beer. Drunk, his face was red and his steps were unsteady.

Xiaya took a sip of wine and said, “Of course, Kusu’s strength can’t even be compared to mine.”

“So powerful! Unfortunately, I don’t practice martial arts anymore, otherwise, I would have definitely asked you both for guidance.” Krillin’s hair had turned a little gray. Speaking of which, he is already in his fifties and can’t be as full of fighting spirit as when he was young. Right now, he just wants to live a peaceful life.

Xiaya chuckled: “Earth has Goku and others to protect it, and Saiyans never slack off.”

“That’s right, I can’t compare with them…”

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