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Chapter 704: Kusu’ grand entrance

On the other hand, Omega Shenron had already decided to perish together, but the sudden disappearance of Gogeta surprised him. Watching Goku and Vegeta quarrel with each other, Omega Shenron once again became extremely confident.

Even though he has been seriously injured by Gogeta, it would be very easy to kill Goku and the others.

“God is really helping me. Saiyans, get ready to report to the Underworld!” Omega Shenron showed a stern and baleful look, exuding a murderous aura as he raised his hand and condensed an enormous energy ball. He only had to throw it down and the Earth and even the entire solar system would instantly turn to dust.

“It’s over, there’s no hope now.” Krillin closed his eyes.

“Grandpa…” Pan muttered in concern.

“Hahaha, go to hell!” Omega Shenron laughed wildly and threw the energy ball out.

“Oh no!” Seeing Omega Shenron’s attack, both Goku and Vegeta’s expressions greatly changed, and they hurriedly rushed towards the place where the energy ball was falling, but they were too physically exhausted to have the ability to stop it.

Xiaya, who was high in the sky, could see that Goku and Vegeta had exhausted all the tricks in their bag, so he turned to look at Kusu:

“Sigh, Kusu, block that attack.”

“Yes, Xiaysama.”

Kusu revealed a smile on her delicate face and rapidly tapped the scepter a few times in the void. With a bang, a few ripples spread out from the void and as a bright light flashed across the sky, the figures of Xiaya and Kusu appeared in front of Goku and Vegeta.

“Disperse!” A sharp and clear voice muttered.

Kusu gently raised the scepter and slightly moved her slender fingers forward.


A bright light flickered in the void, and a shining barrier appeared out of thin air. It was as if the fierce and powerful attack that was enough to destroy the entire solar system had been stopped by a mighty force the moment it touched the thin barrier, and miraculously, like glass shattering, it all turned into mottled and bright rays of light, disappearing like starlight.

“What?” Omega Shenron watched in astonishment as his attack failed with a disbelieving look on his face.

Blocking his attack was a girl with silver braided pigtails.

She wasn’t tall, but her skills were amazing.

Omega Shenron’s heart thumped and his pupils fiercely shrank. A deep chill suddenly enveloped his heart while an ominous feeling immediately appeared.

He was already terrified because of the red-haired Super Saiyan, but the girl in blue-black clothes who has appeared in front of him seems even more terrifying.

“Where did she come from? She is so strong!” Omega Shenron’s heart was shrouded in a shadow, and he couldn’t help but think of retreating, but the arrogant him was unwilling to admit defeat easily, so his expression was stiff as he watched in a stalemate.

Sacred World of the Kai

The old Supreme Kai and Kibito were stunned the moment Xiaya and Kusu appeared.

“Ancestor, Xiaya is back. How did they suddenly appear on Earth?” Kibito rubbed his eyes as he looked at the crystal ball. Suddenly, his body stiffened as through the crystal ball, he could feel a very mysterious aura from Xiaya’s body.

The old Supreme Kai could also feel this aura and his body trembled: “Oh my God, this mysterious and magnificent aura is far more profound than a Supreme Kai’s.”

Galactic World’s Supreme Kai was only equal to the Grand Kai in the Multiverse, so after sensing the God of Time and God of Destruction level aura from Xiaya, he broke out into a cold sweat. They had never felt such a sacred and vast divine power. It was like tall waves surged through the entire universe, drowning everything in their line of sight.

Their eyes fell on the crystal ball, and what happened next made them feel even more terrified.

On the screen, Kusu, who was far away on Earth, seemed to have sensed something. Her violet eyes moved down and passed through the crystal ball, looking towards the Sacred World of the Kai, her eyes landing on the old Supreme Kai and Kibito.

Not good, we were discovered!

Old Supreme Kai and Kibito thought inwardly, their hearts beating crazily as they again broke out into cold sweat.

Their expressions were stern and full of fear. The moment Kusu stared at them, a boundless pressure suddenly mightily traversed through space, startling the two of them. This is the Sacred World of the Kai, ah! They are the highest level gods in the universe, but they were actually feeling afraid!

Old Supreme Kai and Kibito hurriedly slumped to the ground and kept bowing to Kusu in the crystal ball.

Sweat was already dripping down from their forehead.

This little girl is definitely a much more exalted god.

The gods of Dragon Ball World have distinct levels, and they cannot overstep between different levels and peep at High-level gods. It is a kind of blasphemy, and also a sin as if one had committed a crime.

Slumped on the ground, Old Supreme Kai was feeling anxious as he said with anticipation: “I hope she will not be angry.”

At the same time, he was also wondering. It is reasonable to say that in this world (Galactic World), Supreme Kai is the most High-level god, so when did another higher-level god appear? But the girl who has appeared in the mortal world is definitely of a higher level than them!

Not to mention the scenes that were happening in the Sacred World of the Kai, when Goku and Vegeta saw Kusu casually blocking Omega Shenron’s attack, their eyes widened and their mouths opened in astonishment.

And when they saw Xiaya next to her, a look of surprise appeared on their face again.

“Xiaya, you’ve returned. Your hair and eyes…how did their color change.”

Xiaya’s current hair was bright red, the same color as the Super Saiyan God, but his eyes were silver. What kind of eyes were these? Cold and aloof, domineering and mysterious, at first glance, those silver eyes were deeply imprinted in the hearts of Goku and Vegeta. They gave a feeling as if a god was overlooking the rise and fall of the world.

Their eyes quickly turned to look at Kusu who had blocked Omega Shenron’s attack. She was a little girl of 1.2 meters in height.

Those violet eyes were looking into the distance, full of indifference. Her calm face looked very exquisite, but the little face was cold and did not seem to have any expression.

Aloof, indifferent, divine, and unparalleled.

She is an absolute expert.

Goku and Vegeta sucked in the chilly air as they could sense an oppressed feeling coming from their souls. Even though they have achieved Super Saiyan 4, they felt insignificant when facing Kusu.

This girl is different from everyone they have met before. She is an expert who is infinitely stronger than Omega Shenron, and even the fused Gogeta cannot compare with her.

“Actually, I have been away for a long time. Due to the time factor, our situation is not similar. As for the color of my eyes, it is because of a breakthrough in my training.” Pointing to his silver-white pupils, Xiaya explained.

Goku nodded his head, only half-understanding. He knew that Xiaya’s training path was a little different from theirs. He seemed to be walking on some divine path. Suddenly, Goku thought of something and looked carefully, and felt that Xiaya’s strength at the moment should be much more than his.

“Who is this girl? She could actually block One Star Dragon’s attack.” Vegeta asked in shock.

“My name is Kusu, I’m Xiaysama’s Attendant.” Kusu calmly put away the scepter.

She knew that the Vegeta in front of her was not the same person as the Vegeta she had given guidance to, so she acted quite indifferent.

Omega Shenron, who had been forgotten by them, felt a little embarrassed. It seemed that everyone was ignoring him. Of course, he hoped that everyone would forget him, but his thoughts wouldn’t be fulfilled. After seeing Xiaya appear, Gohan and other people watching from a distance breathed a sigh of relief and flew over. Pan immediately ran over to Goku’s side.

“Xiaya, I know that you’re very strong, please take action and destroy this evil One Star Dragon. He is endangering the safety of Earth and even the entire universe.” Gohan could discern that Xiaya and Kusu were much more powerful than Xiaya and Omega Shenron, so he made a request to him.

Xiaya nodded, and Kusu immediately raised the scepter and walked towards Omega Shenron.

Omega Shenron kept retreating. He instinctively felt fear from Kusu. It seemed that if he faced the little girl, he could die at any time. But this instinctive reaction of a life form facing someone superior to him also made him furious. He stuck out his chest, trying to act brave with a dark and unpleasant look on his face.

“Who are you? There shouldn’t be experts like you in the universe.”

The 7 Shadow Dragons were created by Black Smoke Shenron. Although they are the aggregate of negative energy, they are life forms created under the operation of the universe, so it has some understanding of the Galactic world.

Logically speaking, it is impossible for so many experts to suddenly emerge in the universe.

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