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Chapter 699: Their respective journeys

“Is it over?” Krillin rubbed his sore eyes and looked at his companions a few times, but saw that everyone was staring in a daze.

With their expectations at the beginning, they were hoping to learn something from it, but in the end, they did not understand anything.

“It was really awesome!”

After a long period of silence, Goku suddenly shouted.

“Yeah.” Vegeta nodded slightly. Have to say that Xiaya’s strength has impressed everyone, and even the extremely arrogant Vegeta, in the face of such absolute strength, was completely convinced.

Turning around, Vegeta looked at Goku: “Kakarrot, let’s compete to see who can reach Xiaya’s level first!”

Although he still wants to compete with Goku, his focus has now shifted, or to say that his thinking has been elevated! He is no longer just aiming to defeat Kakarrot, he also wants to achieve the so-called “Divine Realm”.

“Okay, but I’ll definitely be the first!” Goku answered cheerfully, his heart full of confidence.

“Is that so?” The corners of Vegeta’s mouth twitched slightly. Looking at Goku’s innocent and confident look, he couldn’t help but smile. This time, he won’t lose again. Compared to Goku, who has no clue about the Divine Realm, he has vaguely grasped the path he wants to follow.

Afterward, amidst a silent atmosphere, everything in the tournament was concluded. Looking at the dazed looks of everyone, Xiaya chuckled and left the venue with Xiling and others. Then Goku, Vegeta, and the others also left one after another. Today has been a real eye-opener, but it has also been quite a shock.

They are still far from real experts.

After the tournament was over, the names of the warriors who participated in the tournament would be recorded in a book, and then based on their performance in the tournament, the corresponding prizes would be given out.

The prizes were roughly Tree of Might’s fruits and Senzu Beans, and the amount received by every warrior was different.

As everyone knows, Senzu Beans are a scarce commodity on Planet Hongshan. Although the output is considerable every year, there are too many Saiyans on Planet Hongshan and usually, only a few people who make special contributions are eligible to get it, so each of them is like another chance to live.

Because of this, when the contestants received the Senzu Beans after the tournament, their expression turned sincere as they carefully opened the cloth bag and put them away, taking care of them like rare treasures.

Compared to Senzu Beans, Tree of Might’s fruit is much rarer. If Senzu Bean is like having seen a real thing, then the Tree of Might’s fruit is legendary stuff. Only those who participated in plucking Tree of Might’s fruits in the early stages or achieved success in the first two martial art tournaments have seen it.

“Boss, what is this?” Caulifla got her share of Tree of Might’s fruits, a total of three and there were also twelve Senzu Beans.

Xiang said: “This is a Tree of Might’s fruit. It is said to be formed from the accumulation of the life force of an entire planet. Eating it can improve potential and vitality.”

This kind of thing that can unlock potential and boost vitality is usually kept in Xiaya’s dimensional space, and the amount that comes out daily is very small. Even Xiaya’s children haven’t seen it more than a few times.

Caulifla’s eyes lit up, “Good stuff!”

Wiping her saliva, she handed Kale a red and ugly-looking Tree of Might’s fruit, “Kale, this is for you, unlock the power in your body as soon as possible.”

“Sister.” Hearing her, Kale was moved to tears.

Xiang warned: “This thing has a limited effect on people with particularly high Battle Power, but it can increase vitality. You should keep it carefully, and use it when in a critical situation.”

“Umm.” Caulifla and Kale nodded seriously.

On the other hand, Goku and Vegeta also got their own rewards, the amount was several times more than Caulifla.

Putting the Senzu Beans in a bag and tying it around his waist, Goku shook his head and sighed: “Planet Hongshan’s Senzu Bean production is much more than Earth’s. They have taken out so many of them in just one martial art tournament. There must be more in stock.”

“I’m more curious about this fruit.” Vegeta pinched the ugly-looking red fruit.

Then he shoved it into his mouth and ate it in one bite. Suddenly, a clear and fragrant life force swirled between his lips and teeth. Vegeta’s eyes widened as he could feel that his energy had increased a little bit. What surprised him even more was that his body seemed to have become even more energetic, as if it had returned to many years ago and his vitality was especially abundant.

“It’s a good thing to replenish vitality.” Vegeta blurted out.

Looking at the remaining Tree of Might’s fruits, Vegeta didn’t even think before calling for Tights and Trunks. Good things should, of course, be shared with the family. “Tights, Trunks, one for each of you. It’s a good thing.”

Seeing this, Goku smiled faintly. Besides keeping one for himself, he also divided the rest among Bulma, Goten, and Bulla. As for Gohan, he has his own.

After eating the fruit, everyone seemed to have become several years younger, especially Bulma and Tights, their fair skin became even more smooth as if water was dripping out of it.

“Such a good thing, if only I could take it regularly,” Bulma muttered.

“Bulma, you are thinking too much.”

“By the way, what are we going to do next, go back to Earth?” Krillin asked. After seeing Planet Hongshan’s prosperous martial arts culture, they didn’t want to go back.

Goku looked serious: “I want to stay and train for a while.”

“I won’t go back for the time being.” Vegeta also had this plan. His eyes watched the sunset in the distance with a deep look, not knowing what he was thinking.

Krillin said with a wry smile: “Then let’s stay too, I’m also unwilling to go back just like this!”

“Then let’s all stay on Planet Hongshan for a while.”

Everyone reached a decision. Goku’s family lived at Bardock’s place, and Vegeta’s family lived close to Tarble, while Krillin, Yamcha, and the others lived with the members of the Special Battle Squadron temporarily because they have no acquaintances on Planet Hongshan.

Such days passed by leisurely, and a month passed.

During this time, Krillin and others have been sparring with the Saiyans, and their strength has seen a rare increase.

Being in an environment surrounded by strong people, it felt as if they had returned to a time when they were not very strong, and their entire mindset underwent a change.

One night, the stars were twinkling.

The bright Milky Way was hanging on the other side of the starry sky. It was dense like a thin gauze, with stars flickering like beautiful crystals.

The busy Space Port, where spaceships of all sizes lift off, has an endless flow of spacecraft, both from natives of Planet Hongshan and travelers from other planets. It was quite a busy scene like Planet Vegeta back then. At a parking exit of Space Port, Meifei pulled along Majin Buu as she quickly walked towards a magnificent-looking large spaceship.

“Buu, it’s this spaceship, let’s travel on this.” Meifei’s eyes were blinking.

Majin Buu was sucking his fingers as he said: “When Goku looked for me two days ago, I accidentally learned a very convenient technique from him called Instant Transmission. If you want to go somewhere, I will take you there directly.”

Meifei’s face turned serious before she said solemnly: “Buu, we are leaving to train. The journey is more important. If we use Instant Transmission, the experience would be much less.”

“Is that so! Meifei is so smart.” Majin Buu stared blankly for a while before suddenly snapping out of it and saying with a smile, “Let’s go.”

Meifei cheered, boarded the spaceship, and began to fiddle with its controls, and soon the large spaceship spewed flames from its back before gradually lifting off and disappearing into the night sky.

In another place, with the help of Feidaya people, the beautiful Zangya also got a spaceship and traveled towards the vast sea of ​​stars.

Three months after the tournament concluded.

Goku, Krillin, and the others had returned to Earth one after another and only Vegeta was still training on Planet Hongshan. Others just thought Vegeta is a training maniac and ignored him.

Until one day, Vegeta looked for Xiaya.

“You want Kusu to guide you in your training?” Xiaya was taken aback by Vegeta’s sudden request.

“Yes, I can see that the girl named Kusu is definitely not a simple person. She calls herself an Angel when conversing with you. Although I don’t know what race Angel is, it is definitely not simple.” Vegeta pulled on a long face and requested.

After witnessing Xiaya’s battle with Kusu, Vegeta realized that there must be a higher level of training beyond Super Saiyan. Earth’s martial arts had almost no advantage in front of high-level martial arts, and the fight where aura can’t be sensed alone was enough to kill them easily in an instant.

Xiaya touched his chin and looked at Vegeta with interest.

Vegeta is smart enough to ask the mysterious Kusu for help.

In the past three months, besides his own training, Xiaya has been also observing Vegeta and the others. He can see that Vegeta has devised a new method based on Super Saiyan 2, and is only one step away from knocking on the door of a new path. Should I help him so that he can comprehend a higher level in advance?

“Kusu, what do you think?” Xiaya turned to look at Kusu beside him, who was swaying her little feet.

Kusu turned around with an indifferent expression, glanced at Vegeta, and said with a smile: “I can do as I please, right? This Vegeta is from the same race as Xiaysama and his talent doesn’t seem to be bad…”

Vegeta immediately arrived before Kusu, put away his arrogance, and begged her: “Please, give me some guidance on my training.”

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