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Chapter 660: Seven years after Cell Games

Time flies, two and a half years pass in the blink of an eye. It has been almost seven years since the end of the Cell Games.

Earth, under the towering mountains that stretch for hundreds of kilometers.

There were jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and dense forests here. This place was hundreds of kilometers away from the city. Because of being surrounded by mountains, very few people come here and over time, it has become a paradise for wild animals.

But such days ended a few years ago.

Rumble! A gleaming blue beam of light soared into the sky, illuminating an area several kilometers wide like a blazing sun.

The tremendous destructive force caused the ground to tremble violently. Affected by this, the low roar of wild beasts reverberated in the vast forest. A dense flock of birds shrieked and flew away while spreading their wings, quickly turning into black dots.

The cause of this was a man and women aged sixteen or seventeen. They were wearing orange martial arts uniforms as they swiftly traveled through the huge forest. After briefly stopping on a tree trunk, they shot energy rays at each other. Pff, pff, pff, a large tree several meters in diameter was hit by an energy ray and toppled over.

“Videl, you are getting stronger and stronger.” A young man with purple hair praised her.

“Thank you senior brother for the compliment.”

On the opposite side of the youth was a young girl with long black hair. She looks delicate and beautiful, nearing adulthood. The height of fewer than 1.6m was ​​not too tall, but her body was robust without losing any gracefulness. Her beautiful face seems to have been meticulously sculpted. The light blue eyes dotting her face were full of wittiness.

These two people were Gohan and his junior sister Videl.

Two and a half years ago, after becoming Goku’s disciple, Videl got what she wanted. After more than two years of arduous training, her Battle Power rose steadily and now she is a first-rate expert.

“Senior Brother Gohan, the World Martial Arts Tournament will be held again in a few months. Should we participate this time?” Videl twisted open the water bottle and took a sip, then handed it to Gohan.

Gohan didn’t mind, opened the cap, and took a few sips, “Yes, you didn’t get a good result last time because of lack of strength. This time you can go for it.”

“I think so too. I just don’t know if there will be any experts this time. The young lady named Lazuli from last time shouldn’t be participating again, right? If she participates, I will definitely not be able to defeat her.” Speaking of 18, Videl looked envious. Even after training with Gohan for so long, she still feels that she is not the match of 18, or rather, the more she comes into contact with high-level people, the more she feels how insignificant she is.

She can’t even defeat Gohan’s younger brother and sister, which makes her feel embarrassed!

Truth be told, Videl currently has 260 Battle Power, which is not considered weak among earthlings. However, compared with the abnormal people around her, her trivial strength seems insignificant.

“I’ve heard that there have been some changes made to the martial arts tournament this year?” Gohan asked.

“Umm, I heard my dad talk about it. It seems that because more and more people are participating in the tournament, to prevent accidents, starting from the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, the tournament is divided into the youth group and the adult group. All the contestants under the age of fifteen are assigned to the youth group.”

“Teacher Goku and Mr. Piccolo seem to have been invited as special guests. Maybe all the famous warriors will come too. Do you think they will also participate in the tournament?”

Videl asks Gohan with great interest.

Gohan was dazed for a moment before he shook his head: “I don’t think so. Earth can’t withstand the energies from their fight. If they can’t use their full strength, I’m afraid that they won’t be able to enjoy themselves fully.”

“I think so too!” Videl stuck out her tongue.

The two of them quickly ended the topic, and then looked at the dinosaur hiding behind a rock, whose position had been exposed by the half yellowish-brown tail.

West City, Vegeta and Tights’ home.

In the training room set to 400x gravity, under the dim lights, the view was slightly distorted. Under these harsh conditions, Vegeta was sweating all over while doing intense exercises. Beside him, a golden-haired boy was jumping and running around.

“Trunks, don’t stay in the Super Saiyan state, use Normal State while training so that you can strengthen your body more quickly.”

“But it will be very tiring.” Trunks pouted.

Vegeta glared at him with anger in his eyes: “Don’t talk back to me. Your Super Saiyan state is clearly not perfect, which is the result of a bad foundation. Because you and Goten became Super Saiyan too early, you don’t have the corresponding skills and strength. If you don’t work hard to make up for it, it will only waste your future.”

“Oh.” Trunks replied reluctantly.

“Be serious.” Vegeta’s forehead bulged with blue veins.

For the first time, he discovered that there is a bad thing about becoming a Super Saiyan too early. The transformation he once yearned for was easily reached by two children aged six or seven. But what was giving him a headache was that Trunks doesn’t seem to be very enthusiastic about training.

“Trunks, how do you compare with Goten?”

“I am a little more powerful than Goten.”

“Only a little?!” Vegeta’s face was dark as he roared at him: “You’re a year older than Goten, but you’re only a little more powerful than him. If you don’t complete 10,000 punches today, you are not allowed to eat!”

“How can you do that? I am going to call my mother!” Trunks’ face fell when he heard that he had to do 10,000 punches.

Vegeta snorted coldly: “It’s no use calling Tights. She is the one who spoiled you.” How could his son lose to Kakarrot’s child!

“Boo-hoo.” Trunks’ pursued his lips, looking dejected.

At dinner, Trunks turned his grievances into appetite, eating ferociously. Seeing it, Tights tied her long blonde hair up behind her back and said in distress: “Vegeta, you tortured Trunks again. Look at him, how pitiful!”

“Hmph, if he can’t even withstand such little training, how can he surpass Kakarrot’s son in the future.” Vegeta’s mouth was stuffed with food as he said incomprehensibly.

Tights’ eyes widened and she said fiercely: “We are all family, what’s there to compare?”

Vegeta’s mouth twitched and he didn’t look at her directly. He was powerless against Tights, who was many years older than him. It seems that he has been controlled by her ever since he was a child. Of course, if he wasn’t willing, Tights obviously could do nothing to him.

“By the way, it will be the World Martial Arts Tournament in a few months. Both Goten and I decided to participate. The champion of the youth group can get a large monetary award. I can use it to buy toys.” In between dinner, Trunks talked about his arrangement with Goten.

“World Martial Arts Tournament?”

Vegeta frowned. He had previously received an invitation letter from the organizer asking him to attend as an honored guest, but because he found it troublesome, he ignored it. Only now does he remember.

“I heard that Goku and others have been invited to watch the tournament.” Tights put down her chopsticks and said.

Hearing that, Vegeta revealed a smile on his stiff face and he patted Trunks’ shoulder vigorously, “Trunks, you must win the tournament. If you can defeat Goten in front of Kakarrot, I will double your pocket money.”

“Really?” Trunks was overjoyed.

But he immediately became embarrassed, “But I heard that Bulla will also participate!”

“Bulla! Wasn’t she away from Earth for a while, is she already back?” Vegeta knew about Bulla being taken to an alien planet by Goku to treat her mental problem, and he also knows a little bit about the powerful strength contained within Bulla, so hearing that Bulla was going to participate, Vegeta’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Trunks, you don’t need to care about a little girl. You only need to defeat Goten.”

“Well, okay.” Trunks immediately became full of confidence.

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