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Chapter 652: Loli Angel awakens

Xiaya nodded with deep understanding. Zeno’s powers are so great that he can destroy a universe with a single thought, but once this kind of power has no limits, it will become very terrifying. Because if someone is without fear, they act lawless and coupled with simple-mindedness, the more naive one is, the more fearful they are.

Only someone with a lofty status like the Great Priest would be unafraid of Zeno.

“By the way, Xiaya, since you’ve succeeded as the Universe 10’s God of Destruction, I think Kusu should be waking up soon. She is still young, so you should change her three views.” Whis said softly. About Kusu’s understanding of things, even he was a little ashamed.

In a far-away unknown space, there were twelve ever-changing bright bubbles. Next to the bubble representing Universe 10, a petite figure was curled up while hugging a scepter. Suddenly the petite figure’s eyebrows twitched, slowly regaining consciousness.

“I’ve woken up.” Loli Angel Kusu muttered to herself.

“Boo hoo, Rumsshi-sama is dead.”

Thinking of the God of Destruction Rumsshi, who had turned into nothingness because of the death of Supreme Kai, a sad look appeared on her face.

“The new God of Destruction, who is it?”


Suddenly, a message from Universe 10 was transmitted to her brain. Kusu opened her eyes, her violet eyes showing a hint of surprise, then she clenched her fists to cheer herself up.

Sacred World of the Kai.

Xiaya and Whis did not have to wait long before the petite figure of Loli Angel Kusu appeared in front of them.

“Xiaysama!” Kusu bowed to Xiaya while holding the scepter.

Xiaya quickly helped her up and smiled: “You don’t have to be so polite, I have received guidance from you before. Let’s get along in the future!”

“Umm, umm.” Kusu nodded and said with her big eyes blinking: “Xiaysama can skip the Trainee God of Destruction stage and directly become God of Destruction. It’s really beyond my expectations! I thought that when I went to sleep, a Trainee God of Destruction would appear first, but I didn’t expect you to be conferred as God of Destruction directly.”

“This is because Xiaya’s strength has long been enough to serve as God of Destruction,” Whis explained.

Kusu nodded, “Xiaysama, Brother Whis, do you want to go to God of Destruction’s world to take a look. If there is no one to manage the planets in it, something could easily go wrong.”

“Then, let’s go take a look!” Xiaya was very interested in God of Destruction’s world in Universe 10 and immediately agreed.

“Tapion, do you also want to come and take a look?”

Tapion smiled and refused: “No thanks, I want to understand the work of a Supreme Kai first.”

Supreme Kai’s work is much more cumbersome than God of Destruction’s. Creating life is very specific and important work. The selection of each habitable planet, the distribution of its location, the assigning of climate as well as what kind of lifeforms will be reproduced in the future. Just like modeling, it requires meticulous planning. Otherwise, unqualified lifeforms will evolve in the future and bring chaos to the universe, and then he would have to trouble God of Destruction to destroy it.

“Then let’s go to God of Destruction’s world first!”

“Let’s go!”

Kusu tapped the scepter twice, and a tiny pattern gradually spread out just like ripples on the water surface, and then burst into dazzling colorful lights like fireworks. The gorgeous lights flickered a few times and Xiaya, Whis and Kusu disappeared.

Watching Xiaya and the others leave, Tapion gave a long sigh but he pulled himself together and started to deal with Supreme Kai’s business.

Far away in another space.

Located high above in Universe 10, almost on the opposite side from Sacred World of the Kai.

God of Destruction’s world and Sacred World of the Kai are the opposite sides of the same coin just like Tai Chi, maintaining the life and death of the universe together. It is a natural rule for grass to multiply endlessly, wither and flourish.

Like the Sacred World of the Kai, the space in the God of Destruction’s world is quite stable. Passing through the outer layer of the God of Destruction’s world which was shrouded with thunder and lightning everywhere and entering the center, what you see is a spherical green star which was surrounded by dozens of disorderly planets of various shapes.

The green planet is the divine planet where God of Destruction lives.

Different from the God of Destruction’s Planet in Universe 6 and Universe 7, the divine planet here really looked like a planet and wasn’t like the rhombus planet inhabited by God of Destruction Beerus.

“This planet is quite normal!” Xiaya nodded slightly.

When he landed on the divine planet, a vast, ancient and sacred pulse could be heard as if the planet was acknowledging him because of him being God of Destruction. These magical pulses continued to sweep through Xiaya’s spirit, giving him a refreshing feeling.

Xiaya observed the surrounding scenery and found that this emerald planet was full of verdant vegetation as dark blue lake water flowed through the vegetation. Lively fishes were swimming in the clear lake.

Seeing those fishes, Xiaya felt his stomach rumble with hunger.

“This is Rumsshi-sama’s favorite scenery. If Xiaysama is not satisfied with it, I can change it.” Kusu said softly, when she talked about the previous God of Destruction Rumsshi, her expression was a little sad.

“There’s no need to change it, I like this scenery very much.”

Xiaya was very satisfied with the environment here. It should be said that this was like a normal planet. God of Destruction’s Planet of Universe 6 and Universe 7 looked like potted plants, which is truly weird.

Seeing that Xiaya was satisfied, Kusu couldn’t help smiling. Since the scenery that Rumsshi-sama likes has not been replaced, she was also very happy.

Xiaya and Whis wandered around the God of Destruction’s world for a while. It is indeed the planet where God of Destruction lives. Every plant here is very rare, and in the vast grassland, Xiaya even saw a herd of cows being raised. There are cows in God of Destruction’s world? Xiaya rubbed his eyes to make sure they were ordinary cows.

“Kusu, what’s with those cows?”

“Rumsshi-sama used to say that strong people should replenish protein powder in time. Those cows are used for milk by Rumsshi-sama, and there is also a soybean plantation… Doesn’t Xiaysama like it?” Kusu blinked her eyes and asked with uncertainty.

“Protein powder?”

Xiaya’s mouth twitched. When he saw Kusu for the first time in Universe 6, he felt that there was something wrong with this loli’s three views.

Staring at Kusu’s earnest eyes, Xiaya said word by word: “Please forget about the protein powder, strong people don’t need that!”

“No need?” Kusu turned to Whis with a look of confusion.

“No need!”

“Oh, then what about these cows?”

“Keep them here, I think the beef tastes very good.” Xiaya glanced at the cows who were eating the tender grass and smacked his lips. If this meat is cooked, it might taste very good! Well, some other breeds of meat products also need to be introduced.

Whis standing on the side opened his mouth at this time, “Xiaya, that thing called steak is cooked with the meat of a creature called “cow”, right? Then it should be quite delicious, how about I also bring it to Universe 7’s God of Destruction Planet?”

“Do whatever you like, but it is not easy to raise cows. If you want to eat, you might as well go to Planet Hongshan.” Xiaya shrugged.

“That’s true too!” Whis nodded regretfully, giving up on the idea of ​​raising cows.

If the Great Priest learned that he is not doing his duties of Angel properly and is instead raising cows in God of Destruction’s world, he will probably slap him in anger.

“Is it tasty?” Kusu tilted her head, pouting cutely as the braided pigtails swayed.

“By the way, how many experts exist in Universe 10?”

After briefly looking around the God of Destruction’s world, Xiaya became concerned about the situation in Universe 10. The so-called doing one’s duties according to your status, Xiaya was also concerned about the specific situation of Universe 10, and only after understanding the situation can he proceed with future work.

But judging from the fact that after the death of the God of Destruction Rumsshi, Universe 10 couldn’t even bring out a Trainee God of Destruction, the high-end fighting force of Universe 10 might not be very good.

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