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Chapter 620: We have met before

“Aiya, Beerus-sama, I told you a long time ago that the current you is still not their match. If you encounter them, you should contact me quickly. Don’t go head-to-head against them!” Whis mocked Beerus as soon as he appeared, then with a serious expression looked towards the Dark Angel on the side.

“You guys should have been suppressed by Zeno-sama, why did you escape again?”

“It seems that I hadn’t guessed wrong a few years ago. You guys ahhhh! Don’t always think about stirring trouble.”

Seeing Whis show up, the Dark Angel sneered. “It’s quite funny. Why can you Angels and Priests openly stand at the peak of the universe, but we can’t? Just because we use dark energy?”

“No, you’re not the darkness, but the original sin.” Whis spoke seriously, his purple eyes gleaming with cold light.

“Arrogant!” The Dark Angel sneered, glanced at Whis, and said no more. He waved the magic staff in his hand horizontally in front of him, and lightning flashed, sweeping in the direction of Xiaya and God of Destruction Beerus. In the blink of an eye, like the sound of thunder, a terrifying wave rose and the surrounding space strangely distorted.

In fact, the speed of the Dark Angel’s hand was not fast at all, and even Xiaya could clearly see all his movements, but for some reason, Xiaya was shocked to find that his body could not move even a step, as if the whole world was pressing down on him.

“I can’t escape!” There were waves in his heart as Xiaya’s face turned cold.

Ever since entering the Divine Realm, he had rarely felt such pressure, while Beerus on the other side was not feeling much better. At this moment, he was also trying his utmost to resist with a gloomy face.

“Bang!” Whis blocked the attack in front of the two of them with the scepter which formed a powerful whirlwind. Whis narrowed his eyes. “You have crossed the line, do you want to start a war?”

“Hmph, just wait, boss told me that it’s not the time to fight you yet, but when we are ready to descend, you will feel real despair. That naive guy Zeno doesn’t know anything, and shouldn’t be ruling this world! Just you wait to be suppressed when the time comes!”

“Really?” Whis shook his head gently before saying with a serious expression, “It’s hard to say who will be suppressed then.”

“Speaking about this at present is useless, the laws of the world are not forever unchanging. The good days of you Angels and the Grand Priest have been too long. It’s time for a change.”

The Dark Angel spoke darkly, glanced at Xiaya and Beerus indifferently, and carried Mira’s head as he jumped into the chaotic space.

“Whis, why did you let him escape?” Seeing the Dark Angel get away, Beerus flew into rage with an angry expression on his face. Today he was humiliated and his magnificent entrance was foiled. He was very unhappy.

“Beerus-sama, I can’t stop him.” Whis said in a serious tone. “As the other party said, it’s still not the time to go to war. We know too little about the Dark Angels. We don’t know how many of them have escaped the suppression. So we should let the Great Priest and Zeno-sama deal with this headache!”

Beerus’ complexion turned better when he heard this and asked, “Why were you late in coming? If you had shown up earlier, I could have killed Mira.”

“You can’t blame me for it. The chaos in the Underworld and Demon Realm was too troublesome. I immediately rushed over after dealing with it. But Beerus-sama, if you didn’t act slowly, Mira would not have been rescued by the Dark Angel.”

“Too long-winded!” Beerus became angry from humiliation, turned his head to look at Xiaya and asked in confusion, “Who is he? His strength seems to be pretty good; when did Universe 7 have such a person?”

“Xiaya is an expert who has risen during the past few years when you were sleeping. His growth rate is much faster than you, Beerus-sama. Not only does he have good skills, but he is also a trainee Time Enforcer with a strength of the second level of the Divine Realm. If Beerus-sama does not use Energy of Destruction, you may not be able to defeat him…”

Whis introduced Xiaya to Beerus with a chuckle.

Sure enough, Beerus’ eyes lit up after hearing it, his long ears moving.

“Time Enforcer, isn’t that someone who has equal level of divinity to a God of Destruction? We have a new god in Universe 7? Very good, very good, but where have I heard the name Xiaya?” Beerus held his chin as he looked at Xiaya strolling by his side. The more he looked at him, the more familiar he looked. It seemed that he had seen him somewhere. He thought about it for a moment, but didn’t remember.

Xiaya laughed and said, “Beerus-sama, we met on Planet Vegeta before, but I was young at that time. After all, so many years have passed, it’s not surprising that you forgot.”

“Planet Vegeta? Is that the Saiyan planet?”

Beerus suddenly remembered that he seemed to have sent someone named Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta. Well, he didn’t expect that a Time Enforcer would appear among the wild monkey-like Saiyans… It was really unexpected!

Wait, Planet Vegeta? With a sudden “thump” in his heart, Beerus’s expression stiffened and he asked, “Planet Vegeta was destroyed, right? Do you know someone named Frieza?”

“Of course I know. It was Frieza who destroyed Planet Vegeta, but I have already killed him.”

“Uh…hahaha, it’s good that you’ve killed him!” Beerus laughed dryly. Suddenly, as he stared at Xiaya, a bright light flashed in his mind and he shouted, “Yes, I remember. I’ve met you before. At that time, you were only eleven or twelve years old…and there was an ignorant little girl following by your side…”

Beerus came over closer and sniffed Xiaya. “Is there anything delicious at your place? I still remember that taste.”

“Of course, I have a lot of delicious food here.” Xiaya chuckled. After overcoming the earlier anxiety, he is now qualified to have dialogue with God of Destruction Beerus at an equal level.

Sure enough, Beerus and Champa are both gluttons. The difference is that Beerus has really tasted delicacies from different kinds, while Champa has only eaten plain tea and simple food.

“Okay, give it to me quickly.”

“Here you go.”

Seeing the impatient looking Beerus, Xiaya smiled and took out some exotic foods from the dimensional space. Unlike the one he gave to Champa, these are truly delicious.

A wonderful smell wafted out of the steaming hot food. Beerus rolled his tongue and gobbled it heartily. As the food entered his mouth, the wonderful taste aroused his taste buds, which made Beerus applaud again and again.

“Gulp…” Whis swallowed his saliva. “Xiaya, it seems that you and Beerus-sama met a long time ago!”

“We only met once by chance.”

Beerus laughed and said, “This boy also gave me some delicious food back then. I still remember it.”

“So it’s like that. By the way, Xiaya is not weaker than you, Beerus-sama. You both can have a good spar. I will report the situation here to the Great Priest and others. Excuse me then.” After Whis finished speaking, he planned to leave for the world where Zeno lives. After all, such a big thing has happened in Universe 7, and he needs to personally report about the Dark Angels.

“Go, go!” Beerus casually waved his hand and said to Xiaya, “Boy, come with me to my planet. I want to see how powerful you have become after all these years.”

Xiaya thought for a while before nodding in agreement.

“Wait a moment, I will inform my wives and tell them to come too.”

“Whatever, do it quickly.”

Beerus had an indifferent look on his face, because he had heard Whis talk about it when he woke up. Now there are three women who often train on his planet. In addition to the blonde-haired woman who was currently on his planet, there are two others. They should be this kid’s wives. Tsk tsk, this husband and wives are not ordinary.

Soon after, with a few sparkling and bright flashes, Xiaya and Beerus left and arrived on the God of Destruction’s Planet.

Beside the green pool, 18, wearing tight-fitting clothes, was doing exercises near the pool. Seeing Xiaya come over, 18 calmed her breathing and walked over.

“Why did you come back with…him?” 18 glanced at Beerus with confusion in her eyes.

“Humph, be careful when you speak, and call me Beerus-sama!” Beerus held a box of ice cream and said indifferently. He brought a wooden spoon and sent it to his mouth. The sweet taste made him narrow his eyes.

Xiaya shrugged. “Beerus-sama wants to fight me, so he came. Oh, by the way, I’ve already notified Xiling and Myers via the communicator, and they will also come soon.”

As soon as his voice fell, Myers’ clear voice rang in his ears, “Xiaya, why did you ask us to come to God of Destruction’s Planet? Ahhh, you are the weird cat from back then…Beerus-sama!”

Seeing God of Destruction Beerus once again, Myers’s face alternated between red and white, and recalled the experience of being spanked while grabbing her tail by Xiaya because of offending Beerus. It was too embarrassing.

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