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Chapter 618: God of Destruction Beerus

“None of these Frost Demons are from this era.”

Glancing at Chilled, who was fighting Bardock, Xiaya’s heart was like a mirror, thinking of the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly’s invasion of Planet Hongshan more than ten years ago. The situation at that time was exactly the same as it is now! This Frost Demon named Chilled should have died in the hands of “Bardock” in ancient times, but he has again appeared now. It is obvious that Mira used the space-time power.

Myers was taken aback after she heard him and understood the meaning of Xiaya’s words. “The space-time ability is really troublesome. There is no end to it.”

“As far as I know, it is not easy to summon these people with the space-time ability. One has to create space-time fragmented worlds, and a lot of living beings are required as sacrifices. How many crimes did Mira commit?” Shaking his head, Xiaya watched the battle below which was nearing the end.

Just then, the purple Time Ring on his hand lit up. A message arrived from the Supreme Kai of Time.

“Xiaya, there is trouble. Thousands of tiny fragmented worlds have suddenly appeared around Universe 7, and these worlds are extremely unstable. Many fragments are getting destroyed one after another. The troublesome thing is that the energy storm generated when these worlds are destroyed continues to affect other fragmented worlds around it!” Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa’s tone was very agitated, and her youthful voice was very sharp.

“I see, so this is Mira’s plan. He wants to mess up the entire universe.” Xiaya suddenly understood Mira’s goal. Chilled was just cannon fodder to attract his attention. The real Plan B was the fragmented worlds controlled by Mira.

Universe 7 is one of the twelve universes of the multiverse. There are Gods of Destruction and Angels stationed in them. Under normal circumstances, there will be no crisis of universal destruction, but when many fragmented worlds explode at the same time, it will more or less greatly impact the universe, and when it is severe, it will even affect the operations of the internal laws of the universe.

Sometimes a chain reaction can cause huge disasters like a domino effect and it is clear that this is Mira’s goal. In order to fully resurrect multiple space-times Demigra, what Mira did can be described as huge.

Xiaya didn’t know that in addition to doing all this, he also dispatched a large number of troops to various places in Universe 7. These troops went to the Underworld, the world of the living, the Demon Realm, as well as various places, so as to disrupt the operation of the universe as a whole.

“Chronoa, give me Mira’s location!”

Sending a message to Supreme Kai of Time, Xiaya turned around and said to Xiling and Myers, “You look after Planet Hongshan, and don’t let our people suffer serious casualties.”

“Okay.” Xiling responded seriously.

At this time, the Supreme Kai of Time sent the location of Mira. Xiaya took a look, closed his eyes and called up the Universe 7’s star chart in his mind. “Found it!”

With a light shout, a beam of light flashed and Xiaya quickly disappeared.

Planet Vedav.

Xiaya’s figure appeared in a dark starry sky. As soon as he appeared, an evil aura swept over. Xiaya frowned with a disgusted look on his face.

“Chronoa, lock on to Mira’s position. Don’t let him escape this time.”

Last time Mira was defeated by the team of Xiling, Myers and Lazuli, but he escaped by means of a space crack. Xiaya learned his lesson and asked the Supreme Kai of Time to seal off the surrounding space. This time, Mira wouldn’t be able to run away even if he grew wings.

Chronoa at the Time Nest responded quickly, and controlled the Book of Beginning and End to seal the entire planet’s space-time.

“The space-time of your surroundings has been sealed by me.”

After getting the reply from Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa, Xiaya nodded solemnly and then his body turned into lightning before disappearing. Xiaya looked for Mira’s aura and arrived at an abyss full of drawn ancient murals.

“Be careful, Mira has set traps everywhere inside.” Chronoa’s young voice rang in Xiaya’s ears.

Xiaya solemnly looked at the surrounding murals, and as expected, a mysterious mental attack came towards him. Stomping his foot lightly, silver-grey energy flickered a few times and Xiaya’s red eyes instantly turned silver-white. He slightly bent his fingers, and with a sneer, all the mental attacks coming towards him were dispelled.

“Does Mira think I am the same as when I fought against Demigra?” Xiaya sneered. Unfortunately for him, six months ago, Xiaya had already broken through to the second level of the Divine Realm. This low-level mental attack wouldn’t work on him. Quickly and easily, Xiaya created a no-man’s land, successively eliminating the traps set by Mira.

“Xiaya, when did you become so powerful?” The Supreme Kai of Time asked in astonishment.

“I have broken through to the second level of the Divine Realm.”

“Hey, doesn’t that mean you can already become an official Time Enforcer?” Besides surprise, the Supreme Kai of Time’s voice also revealed some joy. She did not expect that in just a few decades, Xiaya would advance to the second level of the Divine Realm from a mortal so quickly.

“Then, after this battle is over, I will get started in making you an official Time Enforcer. By then, you will be the first Time Enforcer on my side.” Supreme Kai of Time spoke in a very serious tone.

Xiaya nodded, stopped walking and spoke to Chronoa, “Can you not set a flag for me?”

“Hm?” Supreme Kai of Time didn’t know what Xiaya was talking about.

“By the way, can you tell me how many Time Enforcers there have been so far?”

Hearing his words, Supreme Kai of Time’s voice lowered, “There are many, but I don’t have even one on my side.”

“So you are just a little god!” Xiaya said jokingly.

Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa snorted. “It’s all because of the lack of space-time controllers in the space-time I’m in charge of, but my side will have a Time Enforcer soon, moreover it will be more powerful than theirs. I’ll no longer have to beg others.”

Supreme Kai of Time spoke casually, but Xiaya heard a lot of things from it.

Xiaya thought to himself: So there are many Supreme Kai of Time like Chronoa. From her words, it is not difficult to understand that compared to other Supreme Kai of Time, Chronoa is like a child who has just grown up.

This world is quite big!

Xiaya sighed with emotion and continued to walk forward. As he stepped into an empty canyon, he saw Mira sitting cross-legged on the ground and beside him, the deep and terrifying spatial cracks were like vipers spitting out forked tongues. The winding place distorted from time to time as blood-red space-time crystals slowly condensed.

“Hrumph, you are here, but unfortunately for you, it is too late. I have already obtained a lot of dark energy from Universe 7, and the Demigra of multiple space-time will be resurrected soon.”

Mira’s cold face had an evil smile, but the next moment he was stunned and his pupils shrunk into needle-shape. Bang, Xiaya’s had directly attacked as his hard fist fell on Mira’s body. The smile on Mira’s face immediately froze.

Pfff, drops of blood splattered out, and like a kite with a broken string, his body was sent flying upside down. It left a deep human-shaped depression on the rock wall a few hundred meters away.

“Bastard!” Mira’s eyes bulged out, and he felt strength leaving his body as he struggled to crawl out from the wall.

At this moment——

Xiaya’s palm covered Mira’s head as he said in an emotionless voice, “Mira, you’ve waited in vain to see Demigra’s resurrection, I will kill you here now!”

“He he he, you can’t kill me. I am just a clone. Even if you kill me, Demigra of multiple space-time will still be resurrected!”

Hearing his words, Xiaya frowned and his silvery eyes flashed with a hint of luster, inwardly thinking, “If that is the case, then it will certainly be difficult to deal with.”

Just then, an indifferent voice suddenly rang behind Xiaya, “Boy, give him to me, I have the means to make him tell the whereabouts of Demigra.”


Xiaya looked back and a purple figure entered his sight. Xiaya stared blankly with a dumbfounded look.

It was a creature with long purple ears. His face was thin and the entire body was skinny. The surface of his body was as if only a layer of flesh and skin was wrapped around his bones. The bags under his eyes were slightly protruding out, and he was wearing strange attire similar to an Egyptian pharaoh.

“…God of Destruction Beerus!”

The one who appeared in front of him is the God of Destruction who should have been sleeping—-Beerus! Beerus with his hands behind his back was floating at the same height as Xiaya. His golden eyes stared at Mira indifferently, they were full of indifference towards living beings.

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