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Chapter 617: Large-scale invasion

Planet Hongshan, outside of the Milky Way Galaxy.

A few glimmers of light emerged in space,  approaching Planet Hongshan at a speed exceeding the speed of light. In the vast expanse of space, the few ancient spaceships looked like jumping bands of light. The disc-shaped exterior has a bulging cockpit, and was not flat like the streamlined modern technology.

“Ancestor, we will reach Planet Hongshan in a little while.” A Frost Demon with flashing red eyes pointed at the spaceship’s route.

This time, following Mira’s order to attack Planet Hongshan, in addition to the dozen or so people resurrected by Mira, there are also some Frost Demons roaming around in other galaxies who were summoned by Chilled using special means.

“Umm.” Chilled, who was sitting on his seat nodded indifferently and placed his hands on the armrests, exuding an aura as if warning everyone to not get close.

Several Frost Demons around him also had indifferent looks on their faces while exuding evil aura.

“By the way, when you encounter Saiyans, attack them immediately and don’t give them any opportunity to react. Saiyans are not frightening as long as they don’t transform into Blonde-haired Super Saiyans!” Chilled suddenly said.

Saying that, Chilled’s blood-red eyes glanced at his people next to him and said, “According to the information given by Sir Mira, the most powerful Cold family and the Davidow family in the Frost Demon race, in this era, have all been destroyed at the hands of Super Saiyans. Didn’t I leave behind an ancestral rule long ago that we should never let any Saiyan off, so why would something like this still happen?”

“Ancestor, this is all because Frieza of the Cold family made a decision without authorization. Since the North Area where the Saiyans live is the territory of the Cold family, we had no way to intervene…”

A Frost Demon who was from outside the Milky Way Galaxy immediately replied and reported the entire account of the matter. He was a Frost Demon who was exiled outside of the Milky Way Galaxy and had no right to speak in their race. In the past, the Cold family and Davidow family were the main representatives of the Frost Demon race. The weaker clansmen like them had long been exiled out of the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Useless people!” Chilled cursed coldly, dissatisfied with the stupidity and arrogance of his clasmen. They clearly knew that Super Saiyans could threaten the rule of the Frost Demon race, but they still arrogantly kept them alive. The Cold family seeked their own destruction.

Thinking of this, Chilled became even more angry and a suffocating aura erupted out. Immediately large and small alarms blared out in the spaceship. As if they were in hell’s purgatory, the endless evil aura made the Frost Demons feel a chill and they couldn’t help but shudder. At the same time, the eyes looking at Chilled were full of panic.

“This is the power of the ancestor. Even the dead King Cold was unlikely to have such strength. Is this the Supervillainization ability of Sir Mira?” The Frost Demons were full of fantasies in their hearts, and they dared not have any thought of resisting.

Whoosh, like a lightning bolt rushing through the starry sky, it didn’t take long before the silhouette of the reddish black Planet Hongshan appeared in front of Chilled and the others.

“Haha, we’ve reached our destination!” Chilled suddenly stood up from his seat, his tall body exuding an incomparably domineering aura as he waved his hand. “Get ready, everyone spread out and take revenge against the Saiyans to your heart’s content!”

“Yes, ancestor!” The Frost Demons standing in a row below responded in unison.

“Have fun fighting!”

Chilled opened his arms wide and shouted evilly.


“It’s finally time for revenge!”

More than a dozen Frost Demons led their subordinates to shout loudly as waves of brutal and dark aura suffused the air. As the few spaceships gradually entered the outer defense orbit of Planet Hongshan, the black shadows projected down as if it was a solar eclipse…

At the same time, alarms rang out in various places on Planet Hongshan.

Sensing the evil aura from space, the Saiyans on the planet stopped what they were doing and raised their heads, knowing in their hearts that another enemy had invaded their home, Planet Hongshan.

“There are still people who dare to invade Planet Hongshan?”

All the Saiyans were incredulous. After displaying the Saiyans’ domineering sides to the multiverse just recently, Planet Hongshan, as the Saiyan headquarters, is still being invaded by foreign enemies! It is as if a highly developed country just announced the unification of the world, but was soon invaded by a group of primitive indigenous people, it is simply unexpected.

“Bang!” In the Guardian Corps observation center’s office, Shaque, who was on duty, thumped down his fists and hit the wooden desk, causing it to tremble violently. “Preposterous, they dare to invade Planet Hongshan.”

Shaque looked at the assistant nearby, and said grimly, “Immediately notify the Guardian Corps and the members of the special battle squad who stayed behind on Planet Hongshan that it is time to fight again, and also notify the young Saiyans to go to the emergency shelter…”

Orders were passed down from the command center in an orderly manner. Soon, more than a thousand powerful warriors simultaneously erupted out with a terrifying aura that caused the world to lose color, and then rushed through the air, flying towards the place where the enemy appeared.

“Hahaha, someone has come to fight. Now I can play as much as I like.” An eleven or twelve-year-old little girl shouted in joy, her body glowing with a tyrannical emerald-like green radiance.

“Meifei, take it seriously. This is a very important event.” As her older sister, Xili yelled at Meifei in dissatisfaction. How can anyone be so happy when their home planet is being attacked? Turning around her head, she said to a boy next to her, “Vicky, you have just died once, so don’t participate in this battle.”

“I know.” The little boy nodded knowingly.

Xili’s cold eyes turned towards the distance, where there were more than a dozen powerful auras that clearly exceeded the general norm of the universe, and lowered her eyebrows. “Who are they? They are even more powerful than an ordinary Super Saiyan!”

Shaking her head, Xili took Meifei’s hand and soared into the sky. At the same time, Adri and the others were also ready, and all the powerful warriors of Planet Hongshan flew towards Chilled and other’s position.

It was a hilly region with towering mountains and precipitous ridges concentrated together as undulating mountains converged together to form a complex and changeable terrain.

“Frost Demons?”

Adri was the first to rush to the scene. The moment he saw Chilled and the others, his eyes widened, and a frigid murderous aura immediately erupted out, causing the whole reddish black planet to tremble.

“What’s going on? The Milky Way Galaxy’s Frost Demon race should have been already wiped out. Why have so many sprung out all of a sudden?” Bardock, with a scar on his face, furrowed his brows and immediately entered the Super Saiyan state.

Chilled and the other Frost Demons did not expect that Saiyans would show up so quickly. They appeared almost immediately after they landed, and immediately transformed into Super Saiyans, which surprised them a bit. Their original strategy of making the first move is now obviously unable to be implemented. After thinking about it, they realized that it was because those idiots of Cold’s family set up a big sign for them so that Saiyans immediately recognized them!

“Ancestor, these Saiyans seem to know how to sense the existence of opponents through something called ‘Ki’. I think they knew of our arrival through this.” The Frost Demon from outside the Milky Way Galaxy stepped forward and said.

“Really, it is indeed a good skill!” Chilled had a gloomy look on his face. The moment he saw the top-echelon of Saiyans appear, he and the other Frost Demons erupted out with a icy and bone-chilling dark aura.

Suddenly, Chilled saw Bardock in the opposition camp and a startled look suddenly appeared on his face, and then his bloody murderous aura seemed to turn into substance. Even if the other party’s blonde-hair and green eyes turns gray, he would still be able to recognize him.

“It’s you. Why are you still alive?” Chilled’s face changed drastically and he pointed at Bardock and roared.

He will never forget the golden hair and emerald eyes of that Super Saiyan. The person in front of him is the one who ruthlessly trampled on him in ancient times. If they just look alike, then why is the scar on his face the same? Anyway, the moment Chilled saw Bardock, he went crazy.


Bardock’s gaze was stern; he didn’t know what the other party was talking about. A powerful and domineering murderous aura erupted out, equally brutal but not as dark as Chilled’s. He had never seen this person before him, but as long as they are from the Frost Demon race, just kill them.

Bang, bang, bang!

Saiyans and Frost Demons quickly engaged in a fight. This time there were more than a dozen Frost Demons that arrived on Planet Hongshan. Among them, the extraordinarily strong Frost Demons who were Supervillainized by Mira accounted for the majority. At the same time, there were many Super Saiyan level experts on Planet Hongshan. Although the real Super Saiyans were only a few, there were dozens of Saiyan Gods comparable to Super Saiyans in strength.

The battle was chaotic. As aliens fell one by one, Planet Hongshan’s core began to rotate and the golden light cancelled out the damage to the planet’s surface.

“Hahaha, kill, kill, kill!”

As Meifei’s green silhouette kept shuttling between aliens rapidly, bodies fell down without any life in them. Chilled and the others had brought many subordinates, but they couldn’t bear Meifei playing around like this.

On the side, Xili in Super Saiyan 2 state looked at Meifei, who was running rampant like a small pickup truck that was out of control, and covered her face and sighed. She then waved her arm and a huge chaotic storm like a tornado rose.

High above Planet Hongshan, Xiaya stopped with Xiling and Myers, watching the battle below calmly.

Xiling sneered, “They dare come to provoke us just with this strength?”

“Those Frost Demon’s heads have the symbol of Supervillain Mode. I am afraid that Mira has sent them.” Xiaya frowned, looking at the Supervillainized Frost Demons below, and pondered about Mira’s goal in doing this. Is it just to interfere with the situation of Planet Hongshan and make their presence known? There seems to be no need for it.

“That guy again? Where did he find so many Frost Demons?” Myers’ tone was very cold; she had already marked him in her heart and he must be killed if there is a chance.

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