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Chapter 597: The person in the music box

Many things are just so coincidental that one  can’t help but marvel at the arrangement of fate. On the auction floor, when the auctioneer showed the music box, Xili’s eyes lit up while looking at the music box and she shouted loudly, “I want that music box!” She immediately joined the auction army.

Don’t look at the auctioneer’s enthusiastic speech. He relied on his mouth to make a living if he was sure that he was going to lose a lot of money. As expected, when the auction began, there were really not many who were interested in the music box. After not too fierce bidding, Xili got the music box as she wished.

Receiving the music box from the staff, she took it in her hand and looked at it carefully for a while, then handed it to others.

Vicky took the music box and turned it left and right, weighing it up and down. “They said that this music box was found in a temple on Planet Dokhala. How could there be such an advanced thing on an ancient planet? Sister, you might have been cheated by them!”

The music box looked very exquisite and its silky surface has no traces of the passage of time. No wonder Vicky wasn’t convinced. Xili snorted and said, “The auction of Planet Tios is very reputable and will not deceive bidders just to earn some small amount of money.”

The key to the survival of an auction house is its credibility. If the auctioned goods are fake and of low-quality, once credibility falls, the auction house will not survive, especially large auctions like the one on Planet Tios. They even more so would not covet petty profits.

Holding the music box and muttering a few words, Vicky became uninterested, so he returned it to Xili.

Next, the auction on Planet Tios will continue for several days. Xili and the others were not in a hurry to leave, so they strolled around on Planet Tios. They did not look small nor too old, but the characteristics of Planet Hongshan’s unique Battle Armor and Saiyan tail still caused many people around them to cast sidelong glances at them. They threw them curious glances, but were wise not to come and provoke them.

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse. The few stars were shining.

After staying on Planet Tios for several days, Xili and the others got on the spaceship to leave.

Their next destination is Planet Mando, not far from here, where countless powerful beasts live. It is their training place in Xili’s plan.

The spaceship streaked across the starry sky, gradually approaching Planet Mando.

A few days later, they were not far from Planet Mando.

Suddenly, there was a violent explosion, and a series of rapid alarms sounded inside the spaceship, “Warning, spaceship is under attack! Warning, spaceship is under attack!”

“What’s going on?” Xili shouted angrily.

“Sister, we are being attacked.”

“What nerve, how dare they attack my spaceship!”

“The whole spaceship is damaged and cannot be repaired! The whole spaceship is damaged and cannot be repaired!” The spaceship control centre’s alarm sounded beside their ear. The people who were attacking them came with the thought to completely eliminate them.

Xili’s eyes flashed with icy cold light, and her aura continued to rise. “Everyone, leave the spaceship and enter outer space. I want to see who dares to attack us.”

“Yes!” The seven Saiyans quickly responded. They opened the spaceship’s hatch and directly entered the vacuum of space. Fortunately, all Saiyans have learned Planet Metamor’s Vacuum Technique and can stay in the vacuum environment for a short time.

Watching her spaceship burst into flames, Xili exuded a threatening chilly KI. She turned and looked angrily at the attackers. They were dozens of aliens wearing black Battle Armor, with fleshy whiskers and scales on their faces.

Xili narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “Are you from the Universe Commerce Alliance?”

“Hand over the music box in your hand.” The voice was transmitted through a special medium. The alien in front of her had an arrogant attitude and did not take the few young Saiyans seriously. With a sneer, Xili ignored them, turned to others and said, “It is not far to Planet Mando. You all quickly go and leave this place to me.”

“Sister, be careful.”

Vicky and the others, who knew how capable they were, nodded vigorously and ruthlessly glared at those aliens, then raised their Ki and rushed towards Planet Mando not far away.

Seeing that Vicky and the others had flown far away, Xili smirked before turning back and shouting loudly. Vigorous energy instantly illuminated the entire starry sky. After transforming into a Super Saiyan, Xili’s were full of cold murderous aura. Her body flashed and she flew towards those aliens.

“Mr. Panadu, something is wrong. Her energy suddenly increased,” an alien said in a panic.

The alien named Panadu’s countenance changed and he asked quickly, “How much is her Battle Power?” As long as it is below 50000, he is able to deal with it. In the universe, people with 50000 Battle Power can already tyrannically rule over others, and the strongest of Panadu and the others have such a strength.

The alien said with a crying face, “It can’t be detected. The detectors have all burned out.”

Panadu’s expression greatly changed, and he said gloomily, “Damn it, I shouldn’t have accepted this mission.” The mission that was supposed to be very easy has turned troublesome. He’s afraid that even his life is at risk.

“Little girl, it’s all a misunderstanding. We were wrong this time.” After analyzing the situation, Panadu apologized without any hesitation and prepared to report the situation to his superiors after going back and let them deal with it.

Xili sneered. “Is it useful to apologize? You destroyed my spaceship.”

“Little girl, don’t go too far. We are members of the Universe Commerce Alliance. Although Saiyans are powerful, they are still incomparable with the Commerce Alliance that is spread throughout the universe. We’ll admit defeat this time, what kind of compensation do you need?” Panadu suddenly said with a gloomy look. The mighty name of the Universe Commerce Alliance is enough to ensure their safety. Of course, that is under normal circumstances.

Xili raised the corners of her mouth and said indifferently, “I’m going to kill you all.”

After speaking, she immediately launched attacks towards the aliens. In the blink of an eye, numerous huge fireballs spread out in a small area. Each fireball scattered and raised an inexhaustible violent energy vortex. Several aliens who could not evade in time were instantly swallowed by the chaotic energies and burned till there was nothing left of them.

Seeing this, all the aliens’ foreheads broke out in cold sweat, cursing the department that assigned them this mission.

“Bastard!” Panadu roared angrily, but his heart was feeling cold. Ignoring everything else, he left the battle line, but how could he be faster than Xili? Leaving behind blurry afterimages in the void, Xili soon turned the tens of aliens into ashes.

“Humph, this garbage dared to provoke me! Making me lose a spaceship.”

Xili maintained her Super Saiyan state as she touched her wrist. She didn’t look satisfied, but then turned around and flew towards Planet Mando.

Planet Mando, located in the northern part of the South Area, is a high-level planet with extremely powerful beasts. Passing through the thick atmosphere, Xili landed on the surface of the planet, and then joined Vicky and others following their aura.

“Sister, those guys have been killed?” Vicky asked.

“Of course.” Xili raised her head proudly. If she couldn’t kill those little ants, what kind of Super Saiyan would she be?

“Their target seems to be Big Sister Xili’s music box. What’s so special about this thing?” The one who spoke was a not-so-tall Saiyan woman.

“Who knows?” Saying so nonchalantly, Xili took the music box out of her pocket.

“Huh?” She discovered that without her knowing when, cracks had appeared on the music box. “Did it get damaged during the battle just now?” Examining it curiously, Xili held the music box in her hand and shook it up and down a few times.

Suddenly, those cracks became bigger, and a large amount of white smoke suddenly drifted out of the cracks, slowly floating in mid-air, and then began to condense and take shape, and soon, it changed into a humanoid shape.

“What is this thing?” Xili opened her mouth wide and watched with curiosity.

Soon, a red-haired young man with a sword on his back appeared while playing a flute, and at the same time, a mighty pressure instantly swept out throughout the entire planet. Xili watched with curiosity and carefully sized up the person who had come out of the music box.

“It’s been several thousand years. Is this not Planet Konats?” The young man with red hair and pointed ears said with a sigh. He turned to look at Xili and the others and asked, “Are you the ones who released me? This is a mistake and will bring disaster to the entire universe.”

“Who are you?” Xili wasn’t even a little bit scared, instead she looked at him curiously.

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