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A+ A- Chapter 57-58

In a flash, the Feidaya civilization’s spaceship was flying in the outer space for a month.

In the quiet and deep outer space, a silver-gray giant spaceship looking like a long dragon was flying in the vast starry sky.

In the spaceship’s main control room, Feidaya people were attentively staring at the display screen of a smart computer which was continuously scanning for a suitable planet to dock.

Soon a pale yellow planet appeared on the display screen, then few operations were projected onto the screen, as well as the planet’s data: ” pale yellow, rocky planet, age 2.2 billion years, diameter 8300 kilometers, and severe climate conditions. Not suitable for living beings to live for an extended time. ”

It was not a big planet, and its atmospheric environment was abnormal and chaotic.

“It can act as a temporary docking point!” Duokela watched the data on the screen and quickly calculated the energy needed by the spaceship.

“Well, as this place is already far away from Planet Feidaya, for a while the Frieza Corps wouldn’t be able to find it. Land the spaceship on this planet and settle down on it.”

As the Feidaya race is a very advanced technological civilization, they can transform the bare minimum conditions for the living beings to live here with the help of science and technology. Unfortunately, this technology cannot be applied to the mother planet because Frieza had set his eyes on that planet.

“After settling down here, you should continue to design the Gravity training room and construct it as soon as possible!” The door opened and Xiaya walked in dressed in a brand new Battle Armor.

It was Feidaya people’s latest design, beautiful elegant appearance, the white material was form-fitting, and could change to different sizes following the body’s movements, which could minimize the obstructions faced by the body when fighting.

“Sir Xiaya!”

Duokela respectfully saluted, revealing a happy expression on his blue face: “The initial design of the Gravity training room is already completed, scientists can immediately start constructing it as soon as the spaceship has landed.”

“The initial design of the gravity room can be used to adjust up to maximum 500 times the standard gravity, and we have also increased the temperature, pressure, humidity level, and other adjustable functions.”

Xiaya was very satisfied with Duokela’s arrangements and happily said: “OK, then I will hand the matter of the Gravity Room to you. Well, I will leave for a while after the spaceship has landed, you had better be careful and hide your tracks. If anything happens, you can notify me via the communication device.”

Xiaya roughly calculated and determined that Shaque and others had been doing the mission for more than one month, so they should have just about completed the mission. Then, he can return to Planet Vegeta with Xiling and others.

As for why he was not worried about leaving was not only because he has faith in Feidaya people’s loyalty, but more importantly, he had already secretly planted space coordinates above the spaceship, perfectly ensuring that he doesn’t have to be worried about Feidaya people revolting after he leaves.

Of course, Xiaya still has confidence in them. As long as they are comfortable working for him, Xiaya will certainly provide them with a brilliant future.

“Yes, Sir Xiaya!” Eyes shining brightly, Duokela answered in a loud voice.

Xiaya nodded and then left the main control room.

Soon after, an enormous shadow projected downward, and the more than ten-kilometer long giant spaceship landed on the ground, causing violent tremors for a long period of time. The loose soil and stones were directly flattened, and the land h

as forcibly caved in by more than 10 meters.

Immediately afterward, numerous construction robots flew out from inside the spaceship covering the sky and land like locusts and began to construct the base on a nearby land.

Xiaya stood on the observation deck, watching the Feidaya people and construction robots bustling about, and nodded appreciatively. He then told Duokela, till next mission, and disappeared in front of Duokela’s astonished expression.

Planet Longju, in the primitive forest.

After returning to the mission planet, Xiaya carefully scanned the aura of all the members of Xiaya Squad and found that within this one month, the Battle Power of all the Squad members had improved by varying degrees.

With a teleport, Xiaya arrived at Xiling’s side.

After not seeing for more than a month, Xiling seems to have matured a lot, she was currently sound asleep on a hammock, her white as jade beautiful thighs were bare and hanging down from the hammock…

Perhaps, she felt a formidable aura approaching, Xiling immediately shot up from the hammock on guard, a flowing light flashing through her wide opened eyes.

“Xiaya, you’re back …”

When she saw that it was Xiaya, Xiling shouted in surprise and happily bounced over. Suddenly, she sensed the energy radiating from Xiaya and narrowed her eyes before asking doubtfully: “You have only been gone for a month, How come your Battle Power has improved so much? ”

She remembered that Xiaya’s Battle Power was only over 14,500 points a month ago, but in a brief period of time that she had not seen him, it had improved by so much!

The strength of Ki perception is even more sensitive compared to the energy detector. Although Xiaya had completely converged his strength, it is inevitable that he has to reveal some of his energy, as this energy is how he masks his true strength and is unable to conceal.

Like a super expert who has Battle Power up to 10 million energy, no matter how he converges his strength, he has to at least reveal Battle Power of more than 10000, due to this he cannot conceal everything.

The more powerful the energy, the more energy will leak out.

Of course, it’s not that experts can’t hide their entire aura, there are naturally some experts who can hide their aura completely! Like God of Destruction Beerus and such, they can certainly do it. It’s just that, he, at his current level, can’t do it yet.

“It’s a long story!” Xiaya came in front of Xiling and laughingly said.

He may have gained the upper hand in his fight with Zarbon and was even able to kill Zarbon with tricks, but there was no need to tell about the dangers he faced to others. If it was not because of his Space ability to break away from the battlefield whenever he was on verge of death, and eating a Senzu Bean during critical times, then who lived and who died wouldn’t have been certain.

Anyway, Xiaya himself is very clear, he was on the verge of death on several occasions.

However, after fighting with Zarbon, his gains were also quite abundant, he not only subdued Feidaya race, but his Battle Power has also increased by a large amount, a conservative estimate is that he now has reached 18,000 Battle Power.

After listening to Xiaya recounting, Xiling gave a sigh; she didn’t expect that in just one short month such a wonderful thing had happened, Xiaya’s strength had suddenly surpassed her by so much.

Somewhat unwilling, Xiling pouted, and said while eyes turning: “So you are saying that Feidaya people would quickly construct the Gravity Room?”

“That’s right, it should not take too long if everything goes well.”

“He he, wait till I get the gravity room, I will not lose to you then!” Xiling disdainfully said. Now, among Saiyans, only Xiaya alone could arouse competitiveness in her, as for others she doesn’t even deem to look at them!

“Then you will have to put in extra effort!” Xiaya encouraged. “Oh, by the way, What happened to the others training?”

Speaking of proper business, Xiling also turned serious: “They also have varying degrees of improvement in this one month, I had also secretly taught them a little about the mysteries of Ki while relaxing in the midst of the mission. The strongest Shaque has already reached 1300 Battle Power ”

Xiaya inwardly nodded, they have 1300 Battle Power at 12+ years old. At least they would reach more than 3000 Battle Power when they reach adulthood and could be regarded as outstanding among other Mid-level Warriors.

Then, he discussed training related things with Xiling. Currently, his Battle Power has exceeded Xiling by a lot, and his perspective has become bigger, their experiences were naturally not similar.As earth’s training methods pay more attention to the body and mind advancing together, more or less similar to Taoism’s philosophy of life, and all this need to be realized through training.

As the saying goes, blinded by a single leaf and thus failing to see Mount Tai*, stuffing one’s ears with beans and thus failing to hear the thunder rumbling. Different stages have different kinds of limitations, especially for weak, for them it was much more difficult to understand the thinking of the strong. If at this stage a strong powerhouse can instruct you, then you would have to take a little less detour. [TN:* have one’s view of the important overshadowed by the trivial.]

When the night was approaching, Xiaya called over Shaque and others.

These young Saiyans, after a brief period of training and coupled with Xiling’s intentional or unintentional pointers, have become even more powerful; Especially Shaque, who is almost as powerful as the adult Raditz.

Seeing the captain who they had not seen for a month, Shaque and the others showed curiosity, but they did not inquire about Xiaya’s traces for the past month, they just assumed that captain must be hiding his whereabouts to monitor their improvements.

“I am very satisfied with your performance in this past one month, oh, even Bailey and Lydia’s Battle Power has reached 1000…..” Looking at everyone, Xiaya teased.

Bailey’s face suddenly fell, and said dissatisfied: “Really captain, now even you can’t defeat us!”

“Yes, yes!” Lydia touched his cheek and responded.

Xiaya looked at them with a calm smile and earnestly said: “You cannot defeat me as your Battle Power is not even comparable to an average adult Low-level Warrior. But, you are still young, your future achievements will not be small! ”

“Are you saying that we can hope to become as powerful as a High-level Warrior in future?”

Seeing the captain praising them, Lydia and Bailey stroked their chins, with an expression ‘as expected it should be like this’. Although they were the weakest members of the Xiaya Squad, they were not too bad compared to other Mid-level Warriors.

Again encouraging his teammates with few sentences, Xiaya looked towards Shaque and said: “Planet Longju’s mission is almost completed. I do not intend to apply for a new mission for some time. You should properly rest for a while after returning to Planet Vegeta. As always fighting can sometimes backfire. ”

“Whyyyy, but a Saiyan can only get stronger through fighting, battling is fun ah!” Puzzled, Bailey’s face fell, even Anastasia and Angeline looked dispirited.

It’s too boring to not fight for days!

Looking at them, Xiaya couldn’t help but smile. Saiyan’s sure are a warlike race. Even female Saiyan’s are so aggressive.

He immediately said: “Xiling should have taught you how to control Ki. I want you to learn to control Ki within one year, I am not demanding for you to perfect it, but at least you should be able to use it easily.”

“But is that thing really useful? Isn’t it paying too much attention to details?” Anastasia asked, confused; what timing breathing, rhythm while fighting, would these things really be useful when fighting?

Shouldn’t fighting be something carefree? Why has to control breathing while fighting, it is simply a torture.

Xiaya shook his head: “If the foundation is stable, we can make our advancements in future much easier.”


Anastasia wanted to say a few more words, but when she saw Xiaya glaring at her, she immediately shut her mouth.

Although Xiaya was younger than her, Anastasia was still a little bit scared of him in her heart. She couldn’t understand why she was afraid of him, maybe because Captain’s Battle Power was much higher than her.

In fact, not only Anastasia, even Bailey, Lydia, and Angeline, were fearful of Xiaya.

Only, Shaque among them nodded after he finished listening. In his view, it is impossible that Xiaya and Xiling are strong only because of training their body. The “talent” displayed by Xiaya and Xiling has long since reached the standard of a High-level Warrior, but in reality, they were not High-level Warriors!

Ki is an profound and complex subject that requires systematic learning. Xiling had only taught them a small part of how to control Ki, and as for the more profound things, they weren’t able to learn.

Shaque is grateful to Xiaya and Xiling for teaching them such an advanced training method. After grasping the completely new training method, he feels that it is not a pipe dream that his future will be brighter, surpassing those High-level Warriors.

“We will certainly fulfill captain’s goal!” Anastasia thought for a moment, stood straight, and solemnly declared.

“That’s right, who says that a Mid-level Warrior is better than a High-level Warrior, at that time those High-level Warriors would definitely be surprised.”

Bailey and Lydia weren’t to be outdone, even the less speaking Angeline also made her stance clear, everyone was filled with lofty ambitions, it was as if a fire was burning and raging inside their chests, they couldn’t wait to immediately start on the huge task.

Xiaya and Xiling glanced at each other and simultaneously nodded. When the other Saiyan’s were able to pay attention to their accomplishments, perhaps, Planet Vegeta would be on the brink of destruction and at that time, Xiaya also wouldn’t have to worry about so much.

The entire night was silent, next day, the dawn of light, the damp rainforest was suffused with thin mist, the wind blowing in the face caused the tips of the hair to become moist.

After giving a final sweep over the Planet Longju, Xiaya and others left on the spaceships.

For a long period of time, Xiaya Squad will not be doing any mission, and the Squad members will train on their own, stabilizing their current strength.

Two months later, the spaceship entered Planet Vegeta’s airspace.

Coming out of the Space Port, the teammates said goodbye to each other. Xiaya and Xiling returned back home which was located in a bustling area.

It was lunchtime, so under Adri’s scorching eyes, Xiaya could only proficiently fish out a large amount of earth’s food from the dimension space, while looking helplessly at the small amount of food left in the dimension space. Xiaya pondered if he should once again go to earth to purchase some more.

After a hearty meal, Xiaya was sitting on the sofa in the hall while talking with Adri and Rebecca about the experiences of these few months. And Xiling found herself a comfortable place beside Xiaya and looked at a magazine. After learning that Xiaya’s Battle Power had already reached 18,000, Adri and Rebecca were pleasantly surprised, looking at Xiaya with an even more satisfied expression.

Then Xiaya asked about the matter regarding evacuation of the planet. Speaking of selecting the planet for evacuation, it was very important as it concerns the survival of the Saiyan race.

Mentioning this issue, Adri shook his head: “We have used all our connections to look for a planet which can be suitable for Saiyan’s to live. However … the result is not satisfactory, most of the planets are not suitable for the Saiyan’s to evacuate.”

It could be said that there are many, if not endless, planets suitable for living beings to live in the North Area because its territory is really too vast.

However, planets which are suitable for the Saiyan race to live are too little, because Saiyan is a Fighting Race, for them fighting is absolutely essential, sometimes even more important than life, which means the surroundings must have a wide range of planets suitable for battle.

And even more importantly, it was not in the area of Frieza Forces and the Frost Demon Race’s influence, such a planet is too hard to find.

With Adri and other’s connections, it couldn’t be found for a short while.

Perhaps only after leaving North Area, a suitable planet could be found for Saiyan’s to live, Xiaya inwardly thought.

With that in mind, he suddenly said: “Right, I now have a group of subordinates which are good at science and technology, Feidaya race. Perhaps with their technology, they may be able to help us find a suitable planet. I will make them search for it.”

“That’s even better!”

Adri was relieved to hear that Xiaya had a subordinate civilization which was good at science and technology. It would be comparatively much easier if they were to search for it. He said: “In the past six months, we had secretly contacted some Saiyan’s, and now there are over a thousand Saiyans who have joined us.”

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