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Chapter 567: Returning to Planet Hongshan

Xiaya wiped his sweat and looked at Champa, who was looking immensely proud. He didn’t say anything anymore and sat on the ground to recover. He had already cancelled the Super Saiyan God form, while Champa smugly went outside.

After a while, seeing Xiaya stand up, Meifei rushed over.

“Dad is so powerful! You were almost able to defeat God of Destruction.” Meifei’s clear voice was full of joy and she felt very proud of her father being so powerful.

Xiaya shook his head slightly and said, “My strength is far from a God of Destruction. If Champa was serious from the beginning, I wouldn’t even have the opportunity to attack.”

“Is that so?” Meifei stuck out her tongue; she didn’t understand such high-level things.

Looking at Meifei’s cute look, Xiaya couldn’t help smile, as if looking at the young Xiling and Myers.

At this time Vados came over, the green skirt fluttering in the wind, and said to Xiaya in an icy voice, “You don’t need to be so unduly humble. Your current strength is not much worse than Champsama. If I am not mistaken, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. Once you reach the second level of Divine Realm, you will be on par with Champsama.”

Vados is right. Xiaya is now at the peak of the first level of Divine Realm. As long as he can thoroughly grasp the power of the Super Saiyan God state and turn it into his Normal State power, his strength will increase and he can reach the second level of Divine Realm. At that time, he can be comparable to Champa and Beerus’ 90% strength.

But this step will not be easy. Xiaya said, “But the first and second levels of the Divine Realm are a watershed. It will not be easy to break through.”

“Others I can be sure of, but I dare not say about you. Think about how many years it took you to reach your current realm and maybe you will break through again soon!” Vados made a rare joke, her violet eyes blinking gently.

Xiaya was taken aback, and then laughed. “If I can, of course I want to break through earlier, but this is not something I can control.”

Xiaya stayed in Universe 6 God of Destruction’s Planet for a while, and then prepared to return to Universe 7.

He observed Xiang’s situation using Vados’ scepter and found that he was heading to the northern part of the North Area in a spaceship, and there was a demi-human from an intelligent race journeying together with him.

“That demi-human’s race is called the Doron, a race that lives on the Sigma Star. Hmm? They are headed towards the direction of Planet Sadala…”

Vados controlled the crystal ball on the scepter and switched the scenes to the reddish-brown Planet Sadala.

Xiaya was slightly surprised. “Xiang is headed to Planet Sadala?”

Planet Sadala is the headquarters of Universe 6’s Saiyans. When previously Xiaya came to take the Super Dragon Ball, he had made contact with Saiyans of Planet Sadala. It was a race with a very high base battle power. However, according to the ancient Namekian Saonel, Planet Sadala’s Saiyans have lost the inheritance of the Super Saiyan transformation.

“It may not be bad for Xiang to make a trip to Planet Sadala; it can let him widen his knowledge of the Saiyans in Universe 6. I wonder what kind of sparks it will cause…” Xiaya thought about this and wasn’t in a hurry to bring him back.

Xiang can temper himself in Universe 6 and take a look at Universe 6’s Saiyans’ lifestyles, which will help him grow. The Saiyans of Planet Sadala are similar to Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans, but Planet Sadala’s foundation is more all-rounded.

Saying goodbye to Vados and Champa, he took out some home-cooked dishes under Champa’s expectant eyes and then took Meifei and left the God of Destruction’s Planet using Instant Transmission.

After entering the outer space below, Xiaya used the space-time ability again, wrapping himself and his daughter with the space-time ability. The dazzling bright light flickered a few times and the two people turned into beams of light and penetrated through the universe membrane of Universe 6, returning to Universe 7.

Universe 7, Planet Hongshan.

The morning sun was rising and the wind was blowing gently.

It is the spring season when everything is recovering. The sun on the horizon had just peeked out from the corner of the top of the mountain and dyed the clouds red, full of vigorous aura.

Xiaya was walking on the street with Meifei and the occasionally passing Saiyans looked at them with reverence. After they arrived at Adri’s house, Meifei shouted happily and energetically ran into the house.

Because Xiling and Myers were still training on the Creating God Star and Xili was out adventuring with her squad, Xiaya did not return to his home and instead directly brought Meifei to Adri’s home. Seeing their granddaughter arrive, both Adri and Rebecca were especially enthusiastic and kept bringing out delicious food from the kitchen to serve them.

Meifei leaned over the dining table and was gorging on the food, causing her to choke. She hit hard on her chest and then guzzled down the water.

Seeing her like this, Rebecca felt her heart ache. “Has the child not been eating anything good for a long time?!”

Meifei nodded quickly and kept wiping out the food in front of her. “Yes, yes, I’m so pitiful, I haven’t eaten enough for months…”

“Speak less when eating!” Xiaya glanced at Meifei, then turned to Rebecca and Adri and said, “She is too spoiled. The things that God of Destruction Champa ate, she stubbornly wouldn’t eat it. It’s her own fault that she starved.”

Just like cats and puppies, when they are not given fish soup to eat, they would even eat salted vegetables and rice with relish, but once they have eaten delicious fish soup with meat and bones, they must have soup and meat every day!

They are too spoiled!

Hearing Xiaya mention God of Destruction Champa, Adri and Rebecca couldn’t help but sit upright and still. He is the same as God of Destruction Beerus, who destroys planets in the blink of an eye. How could the food that such a big shot ate be bad?

It seems that Meifei is indeed too picky about food. She needs to be educated!

“Not at all! God of Destruction Champa eats steamed buns and salted vegetables all day long, and he eats it with relish. He only eats a hard-boiled egg a year! I can’t live like that.” Meifei was afraid that her grandparents would misunderstand and quickly explained.

“Impossible. He is a God of Destruction; how can he live so poorly?” Adri was startled and had a disbelieving look on his face.

He looked towards Xiaya but saw Xiaya nod. “God of Destruction Champa is a different kind of God of Destruction. His life is indeed a bit ‘poorer’.”

Adri trembled, a little dumbfounded. “A God of Destruction is unexpectedly so thrifty. Perhaps he is not a wise and capable god!”

I also think that Champa is a false god! Xiaya muttered in his heart. It wasn’t that he was willing to be poor. It was all arranged for him by Vados.

“Poor little Meifei, I have more delicious food here. You can eat as much as you want.” Rebecca looked at the lovely Meifei in distress and gave her more delicious food, then spoke solemnly to Xiaya, “Xiaya, you can’t starve the child, her body is growing!”

Xiaya rolled his eyes, but couldn’t refute and could only glare at Meifei.

But he was greeted with Meifei’s triumphant smiling face. Xiaya was speechless for a while. Alas, the child has grown up and has started to be disobedient, just like Xiling and Myers when they were young.

Leaving Meifei at Adri’s house, Xiaya left and went to the floating island above Planet Hongshan.

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