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Chapter 566: Fighting with Champa

“Xiaya, what is your form called? It looks awesome!” Champa stopped underestimating him after Xiaya transformed into Super Saiyan God. No matter what, an expert of Divine Realm is not weak.

“It is Super Saiyan God!” Xiaya said proudly, his crimson pupils looking at Champa.

Champa nodded solemnly, and started to do warm-up exercises. “Ever since I’ve become a God of Destruction, except for fighting with Beerus, I haven’t fought with anyone in a long time. You should be careful!”

Champa’s face darkened, and his whole temperament changed. Suddenly, he took a series of quick steps and his presence completely disappeared from Xiaya’s view.

“So fast!” Xiaya was shocked and his pupils contracted. His eyes kept scanning his surroundings while he adopted a defensive posture. Bang! Champa’s fist suddenly appeared, the top of his fist faintly glowing red under the energy wrapped around it. Xiaya moved away from his position and bent down to dodge, but Champa’s attack was orderly and there were no loopholes to speak of at all.

Forcibly receiving the opponent’s attack, Xiaya’s feet sank and a slight crack appeared on the ground.

“What a powerful attack!” Xiaya’s wrists were in so much pain that they were trembling. Quickly teleporting away, he turned around and then used Real and Unreal transformation, Planet Metamor’s unique skill, to deal with Champa’s attack.

But its effect was not ideal. Planet Metamor’s unique skill was not effective in front of God of Destruction Champa, and he couldn’t help being shocked.

“At Divine Realm level, I need to modify all the ordinary techniques!”

He hurriedly leaped back nearly a hundred meters. As soon as he landed, he bounced back quickly with the help of his toes, leaving behind fragments of rocks and cracks spreading out like a net. Facing Xiaya’s attack, Champa chuckled and his golden eyes looked towards one direction, but he suddenly extended his fist towards another direction.

Bang! Xiaya was sent flying. A cloud of smoke appeared and his line of sight immediately became blurry.

“A fight between gods isn’t like this, today let me teach you how they fight.” An ominous light appeared in his eyes, and Champa’s body slightly dropped down before he instantly disappeared.

Startled, Xiaya began to look around for Champa’s traces in the hemispherical region, but Champa seemed to have completely disappeared. Xiaya’s mind was fully tense as he settled into a stance, his hands forming into claws.

“Tri-Beam!” Xiaya gave a loud shout, and his body resembling a loaded bullet swooshed along a straight line and flew hundreds of meters. When Tri-Beam hit the protective net in the sky, invisible ripples reverberated in the hemisphere region.

Champa’s traces appeared.

Seeing the opportunity, Xiaya’s fierce attacks were as fast as lightning, and swift and mighty like a cheetah.

The battle between experts happens in an instant, and if they get even a little advantage, they can launch a series of attacks. Seeing lightning flashes, Xiaya discovered Champa’s position and sent dozens of attacks towards Champa, his hands were like shadows, a whirlwind rose into the sky.

“Sister Vados, how is the battle between Dad and Champa?” Little Meifei tiptoed on her feet and looked around, black hair touching her face, her little face was very nervous.

Vados was looking into the distance, a faint smile on her exquisite and smooth face: “The fight has just begun. Xiaya seems to have the upper hand, but Champsama has not gotten serious yet. This is a fight whose result is determined from the very beginning.”

Champa is as powerful as Beerus. Xiaya’s defeat is only a matter of time.

“Humph…” Meifei frowned and turned away her head unhappily, then paid close attention.

In the hemispherical space, the fight situation was changing rapidly. As Vados said, Xiaya, who had just gotten a little advantage, immediately showed signs of losing after Champa got serious.

Xiaya’s strength was at most equivalent to 60% of Champa’s strength. This is not only a disparity in energy, but also disparity in speed, judgment, and defensive power. When experts exchange blows, if one shows even a small flaw, it will usually completely turn the tides of the battle. Xiaya’s attacks were swift and ruthless, which could even kill, but Champa was even better, unerringly receiving Xiaya’s attacks every time.

“He he he, Xiaya, you really surprise me greatly. Who would have thought you can fight me to this level? You know, there is no one in the entire universe who can take on 60% of my power.” Champa folded his hands across his chest, his long ears fluttering.

“60% strength, and he hasn’t used the energy of a God of Destruction yet.” Xiaya sighed with a calm look on his face.

It’s no wonder that he can be selected by Vados and trained as a God of Destruction. Champa’s own strength cannot be underestimated. Perhaps Champa, before inheriting the position of God of Destruction, cannot be said to be the strongest, but after undergoing Vados’ training and years of accumulation, even if right now, he doesn’t use God of Destruction’s energy, God of Destruction Champa is invincible in the universe.

His face turned slightly pale, and Xiaya’s energy was quickly drained to the bottom.

Suddenly a weird smile climbed onto his face, and Xiaya raised his palm towards Champa, and the next moment a transparent water ball suddenly appeared, enveloping Champa.

A few silver-gray stars revolved around the water ball like the moon.

Seeing this, Champa’s eyes froze.

He was too familiar with this technique. A God of Destruction’s unique skill-“Energy of Destruction”, is it the same technique? Did Xiaya also learn the unique skill of the God of Destruction?

Thinking of how frightening “Energy of Destruction” is, Champa’s expression turned fierce.

“Energy of Destruction” is a destruction technique which has the nature of obliteration. This technique can obliterate anything in the universe. It is an essential technique for God of Destruction when performing their destruction duties.

Precisely because he was so familiar with it that Champa’s expression became a little nervous.

No, Champa suddenly reacted. Without God of Destruction’s energy, “Energy of Destruction” cannot be used. Could it be that he is just bluffing? But it doesn’t look like that!

At this time, he remembered Xiaya’s identity as a trainee Time Enforcer. As God of Time is at the same level as God of Destruction, it is not impossible for there to be a technique similar to God of Destruction!

Anyway, Champa became serious.

“Is this “Energy of Destruction”? It doesn’t seem so!” Vados was also watching, her purple lips moving slightly.

Xiaya seriously looked at God of Destruction Champa, and said in an icy voice, “Annihilation!”

Suddenly, a force that can cause space-time to collapse erupted out, and Champa, whose entire body was in the water ball, had his countenance change.

Sure enough, it is a technique almost similar to “Energy of Destruction”, but its power is a few levels worse. Champa struggled hard, bracing his feet on the continuously shrinking surface of the water ball. The force that can cause space-time to collapse pressed inward. God of Destruction Champa roared angrily, and boundless energy erupted out from his palms.

“Rumble…” The collapse of space-time stopped, and the transparent water ball exploded open from the middle, and the chaotic energy of space-time spread out in all directions, affecting the surroundings, which caused all the surrounding grass to wither and die, turning into powdery black residue.

Champa gasped for breath, his forehead breaking out into cold sweat from fear.

“Xiaya, you bastard, do you want to kill me?” Champa yelled angrily. Xiaya’s move just now was too unexpected. If he wasn’t sufficiently strong, he really may have ended up badly.

Xiaya’s countenance also turned pale. “How can I make it difficult for Champsama with my trifling powers? Even if it doesn’t work, you can still use the powers of a God of Destruction. Look, didn’t you break my attack by relying on your own power?”

“Hmph! Of course, how could I be defeated by you? If I said that I wouldn’t use God of Destruction’s energy, then I definitely wouldn’t, but boy, your move just now was quite good. It made me startled.”

As soon as he was flattered, Champa forgot his anger and immediately laughed out loud proudly.

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