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Chapter 565: Challenging a God of Destruction

Xiaya has entered Universe 6 many times and is no less familiar with God of Destruction’s Planet than Universe 7. He greeted Vados and Champa and picked up the little girl who was hanging on him.

“Dad, have you brought anything delicious? I’m so pitiful, I haven’t eaten enough!” Meifei raised her head pitifully, her small eyes blinking.

Xiaya couldn’t help but laugh. He stroked Meifei’s head and was about to take out some ready-made food from the dimensional space, but he realized that God of Destruction Champa had appeared in front of him at some point.

The action of taking out food paused, and Xiaya reluctantly turned to look at God of Destruction Champa.

“Xiaya, you must have brought something delicious with you, right? Do you still have the omelette and tofu from last time?” God of Destruction Champa asked expectantly, looking like a gluttonous mentally handicapped child. He didn’t have any dignity that a God of Destruction should have.

Feeling helpless, Vados held her forehead and sighed.

Xiaya laughed, and took out the plain food from the dimensional space. “Of course I have prepared what Champsama wants to eat. Here, these are for you.”

After finishing speaking, he handed a plate filled with steaming food to Champa.

Champa’s eyes lit up and he ignored his Baron Bird egg. He took the plate while drooling, and lightly touched it with his fingertips, then carefully dipped a little into it and brought it to his mouth. A wonderful taste spread out on his tongue, teasing Champa’s taste buds.

Champa was moved to tears, closing his eyes which seemed to be dripping with tears. “Wonderful, after so many years, I can experience this deliciousness again.”

“I should quickly write it down, I don’t know when I will be able to eat it next time.”

Out of nowhere Champa took out a small note and wrote down the name and time when he had eaten the delicious food. “He he he, that bastard Beerus must be sleeping again; he surely wouldn’t have eaten as many delicious foods as I have.”

Just when God of Destruction Champa was immersed in the delusion of his own creation, Meifei moved away the omelettes with a look of disgust. She wanted to eat steak and barbecue, and not these ordinary things! She pleadingly looked at Dad, as if to say to give the pitiful her some delicious food.

Xiaya shook his head slightly and said to Meifei, “This is the God of Destruction’s Planet. When you go back, Dad will get you something delicious.”

“Then I will go back now.” She didn’t want to stay in Universe 6, God of Destruction’s Planet, this barren place at all!

The God of Destruction here is stupid. He only knows to eat all day long. He can eat like a Saiyan, but he eats such bad food. What’s so delicious about these things that can only be fed to pigs. She was regretting that she didn’t bring a few Hoi-Poi Capsules with her, and all the food was with her brother Xiang.

“We’ll talk about it later when we go back!”

Xiaya shook his head at Meifei, and turned to look at Vados. “Actually, I’ve come to Universe 6 this time; in addition to having a look at Xiang and Meifei, there is one more thing. I want to fight Champsama!”

Whis and Vados are too high level. During normal training, Xiaya can’t withstand one round under their hands and if they are serious, they can knock him out with a single chop. Whis and Vados are undoubtedly outstanding in teaching people, but they are too earnest when teaching, which caused Xiaya to have an illusory feeling of powerlessness over time.

It will always be frustrating when you fight with people who surpass you by too much.

Giving pointers during fighting is different from a real battle. Xiaya hopes that there will be an evenly matched fight.

But right now, there are really not many people in the universe who can fight him, so he set his sight on the God of Destruction. God of Destruction Beerus of Universe 7 is currently sleeping, so he could only look for someone with whom he has friendly relations, i.e. the God of Destruction of Universe 6, Champa.

After listening to Xiaya’s statement, Vados looked at Xiaya indifferently, and nodded slightly. She then turned towards God of Destruction Champa and said, “Champsama, Xiaya wants to fight you. What do you think?”

Champa curled his tongue as he finished eating the omelet. He had an expression of still wanting some more. He said, “It’s not impossible to fight me, but I can’t do it for no reason. There’s always a price to make me take action…”

“Three omelettes.” Champa extended five fingers, but then after thinking about it, he retracted two of them.

Xiaya laughed out loud, and opened the dimensional space to take them out. “Champsama, this is the payment.”

Champa nodded in satisfaction, and carefully put away the three omelettes. “Boy, I have received your payment, so I will agree to your request and fight with you. But in order to avoid bullying you, I won’t use the God of Destruction’s energy. But even so, you may not be able to withstand my attacks for a few seconds.”

A God of Destruction, even if they don’t use the God of Destruction’s energy, their own strength was still quite powerful.

“Champsama doesn’t need to restrain yourself. I have confidence in my strength.” Xiaya knew in his heart that with his strength, which was comparable to God of Destruction Beerus’ 60% strength, it is basically impossible to defeat Champa, who is also a God of Destruction.

He only needs a fight to his heart’s content to test and refine his strength.

Speaking of the two brothers Beerus and Champa, they are both also quite outstanding, not to mention that they are favored by the brother and sister, Whis and Vados. Both have become the God of Destruction that controls the universe, which can be regarded as winning glory for their race.

“Oh, you are quite confident.” Champa scoffed at Xiaya’s words.

His pale golden eyes flashed with cold light, as if a cold wind had blown over from a distant glacier. The temperature suddenly dropped to freezing point. No matter how mentally handicapped Champa usually appears and how good-natured he is, he is still the God of Destruction who controls the life and death of a universe, and can be said to be the embodiment of rules and regulations.

Once Champa got serious, fierce storms began to rise on the entire God of Destruction’s Planet.

How can the majesty of a supreme god be blasphemed even a little bit?

At this moment, Vados, who was standing on the side and watching quietly, slightly raised the scepter, and a sparkling green light immediately rose above the black crystal ball, protecting Meifei inside a ring of light.

With her sharp eyes, she quickly noticed the differences on Xiaya’s body, so Vados shouted to Champa, “Champsama, you really should get serious. Xiaya’s realm is not ordinary. Have you forgotten that he is still a trainee Time Enforcer?”

Champa was taken aback, his golden eyes slightly narrowed and he revealed a smile. “Yes, a Time Enforcer is not inferior to a God of Destruction, I almost forgot.”

“If you have any ability, use it.”

“As you wish!”

After shouting softly, Xiaya entered Super Saiyan God State and his appearance changed to red-hair and red eyes. A mysterious charm was released, faintly resisting Champa’s power in the space, which created the “chi chi chi” sound.

Winds rose and clouds surged on the God of Destruction’s Planet, and the clouds in the sky divided into two halves.

“The sky has split open.” Meifei looked on with worship, her eyes blinking.

“It turns out that Xiaya has reached the Divine Realm.” Vados smiled faintly, and her violet eyes stared straight ahead. The icy wind blades blew past her long silver-gray hair and the green divine robe on her body. She turned her hand over, pointing the scepter towards the ground, and wavy ripples spread out to form a hemispherical space with confined area.

“Champsama, Xiaya, you will fight in here. If any of you go out of bounds, you will lose.”

Hearing the cold and pleasant voice, Xiaya and Champa entered the fighting arena without any urging. After the two entered, the sky of the God of Destruction’s Planet once again recovered its calm.

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