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Chapter 564: So hungry!

Universe 6. In the vast starry sky, a small white halo was shining, like bright pearls dotting a curtain of night

In another part of the deep and quiet universe, the northern part of the North Area, a planet called Sigma Star.

The gravity of Sigma Star is twice that of Earth. There is a sub-human intelligent race called the Doron living on it. The Battle Power of the Doron race is not very strong. Based on the widely accepted classification rules of the universe, it can only be said to be a low-level race.

Five years ago, the Doron race was still living in chaos and amidst brutal alien rule. It was the great Mr. Frost who appeared in time and saved them from the hands of the evil and cruel villains.

Therefore, everyone living on Sigma Star thanked Master Frost from their hearts for his kindness. Even if they needed to pay a large sum of money to Frost every year, it is the reward Master Frost deserved for protecting Sigma Star. They can’t let their hero waste his time without any payment.

“Everyone has been deceived. I must let them know that guy Frost is in the same group as the villains from before!”

In a dilapidated alley on another planet, a seriously injured Doron was lying weakly on the cold ground of the alley with his hand pressed against his arm. The blood flowed down his arm and quickly accumulated into a pool. The Doron fainted.

When he woke up again, he was in a damp cave.

“Are you awake?” A youthful voice asked. The owner of the voice doesn’t seem to be too old from their voice.

The Doron struggled to get up, but it affected his wounds, causing him to snarl, big beads of sweat flowing out.

“Who are you and where is this place?” The Doron asked with a puzzled expression.

“Don’t move, you are hurt very badly,” that person said, and then took out a dried bean from a bag and gave it to the Doron. “Eat it, your wounds will heal very fast.”

Eating the bean uneasily, a fiery Ki immediately flowed through the Doron’s body and the wounds on his body completely healed with a crackling sound. The Doron’s eyeballs almost fell out.

“What is this? My injuries have all healed?” The Doron twisted and turned his body in disbelief, pulled up the sleeves of his arms, and intact white skin came into his view.

“This is a Senzu Bean. It is very precious. No matter what injury, it can be completely healed after eating it.”

The youngster spoke casually while fiddling with the kitchen utensils in front of him. He took out a set of cooking equipment and cooking ingredients as high as a hill from a capsule under the Doron’s disbelieving eyes.

“My name is Xiang, what is your name?”

“Aoki…” The Doron’s eyes widened. Suddenly remembering that his people were in danger, he hastily said, “Oh no, I must rush back to Sigma Star immediately. That damn Frost deceived us.”

“The name Frost seems to be very famous.” Xiang rolled his eyes, set up an oven, and then used an energy wave to cut a large piece of meat and put it into it.

Aoki roared with a distorted face, “Frost is a hypocrite; he deceived all of us…”

“Can you tell me about Frost?” Xiang asked with interest.

The Doron named Aoki nodded and told him about the situation.

It turned out that Sigma Star was a peaceful and beautiful planet long ago, until suddenly one day a group of evil demons discovered the planet and enslaved the intelligent people living on it. Such days lasted for several years, until one day a Frost Demon named Frost appeared and used absolute force to drive out the villains.

In order to maintain the peace of Sigma Star, the Doron people paid a large sum of money to Frost every year, hoping that he could continue to protect their planet.

“But Frost lied to us. He was actually in cahoots with that group of villains. No, it should be said that he is the real mastermind, and everyone else is just his subordinates.” Speaking of the hypocrite Frost, Aoki complained.

“Umm? Frost Demon race… where did I hear this name?” Xiang thought as he ate the food in his hand. Suddenly a light flashed in his mind, and he remembered the information of the Frost Demon race. Isn’t that the Saiyans’ mortal enemy?

Xiang threw away the food in his hand, and wiped his greasy lips with his hand. “Hey, that Fro…something, is he powerful?”

Aoki was taken aback for a moment, and said dispiritedly, “Frost is as strong as a monster.”

Xiang laughed. “That’s fine. Let’s go look for Frost together; I want to let him experience how powerful a Saiyan is.” Ever since he achieved Super Saiyan 2, he has rarely encountered evenly matched opponents.

“Hey, you are a Saiyan from Planet Sadala?” When he heard that Xiang was a Saiyan, Aoki became excited. “Great! Saiyans of Planet Sadala have always been the protectors of peace. If you can provide help, Frost will certainly not be able to get away with it.”

“Um… I don’t know any Planet Sadala. You said there are Saiyans there too. Let’s go and check it out, and then look for that Frost or something?”

Aoki was dazed for a while before saying powerlessly, “It’s useless, Planet Sadala is too far away from here. It will take more than a year for my spaceship to travel there. Now that the news has leaked, until we come over with reinforcements from Planet Sadala, who knows how the angered Frost will deal with my people on Sigma Star.”

Hearing his words, Xiang patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, I have a better spaceship here. It will only take seven days to travel through the entire galaxy. As long as Planet Sadala is in this galaxy, we can quickly reach it.”

“Really?” Aoki paused for a moment and then responded, “Then let’s quickly go to Planet Sadala!”

Just when Xiang and the Doron Aoki went to Planet Sadala to look for Saiyans. Xiang’s sister Meifei was lying bored on a grassland on the God of Destruction’s Planet, rolling around.

“So hungry, so hungry, you don’t have anything delicious here.” Meifei pouted unhappily, grabbed a handful of grass and threw it into the sky.

Then she got angry, and her hair turned golden yellow, the light gold Ki flame “buzzed” and flickered, and Meifei transformed into the Super Saiyan state. Soon, a green colour appeared in the golden light rays.

God of Destruction Champa watched speechlessly, protecting the hard-boiled egg the size of a basketball in his hand while licking the eggshell with his tongue. “Baron Bird’s eggs are a rare delicacy in the world. Although they are not as good as the food your father gave me last time… no matter how you beg me, I won’t give it to you.

“……” Meifei looked at God of Destruction Champa, who was protecting his hard-boiled egg like a nurse protecting a baby, and was dumbfounded.

She angrily said, “Who wants your ostrich egg, it tastes terrible!”

“Impossible, it is the most delicious food!” Champa retorted with his stomach sticking out and suddenly thought, “This kid must have never eaten it before, that’s why she doesn’t know.” The eyes that looked at Meifei couldn’t help but become sympathetic. “This poor child, Xiaya must have not told her how delicious Baron Bird’s eggs are!”

“Baron Bird’s egg is a delicacy only available in Universe 6.”

Not good, thinking of the sticky and smooth texture of Baron Bird’s egg and the powdery taste of the egg yolk, saliva flowed out from Champa’s mouth.

“Sister Vados, is there anything delicious in your place?” Meifei touched her belly, the power of a Legendary Super Saiyan making the air sizzle.

Vados was calmly sitting on a tree stump. She gently shook the scepter in her hand. “Meifei, I really don’t have anything delicious here. Why don’t you endure it! Champsama, why don’t you quickly put your Baron Bird eggs away. Be careful, the kid might break them.”

Champa also thought that it was right. In case Meifei isn’t able to eat good things and stir up trouble.

Seeing Champa carefully put away the large eggs, Vados wiped her sweat and said to Meifei, “How about I send you to the mortal world? Your brother is there too and it will have a lot of delicious food.”

“No, the distance between the planets in the universe below is too far, and I don’t like being governed.”

“How about I send you to Universe 10? Little Kusu is a lively child just like you, you may be able to become good friends!” Vados said with a smile.

“Is there delicious food in that place?”

“It’s definitely better than Champsama’s food.” There shouldn’t be any God of Destruction in all the universes who has lived a miserable life like Champa. Towards Vados’s proposal, Meifei was very excited, a thoughtful expression on her cute little face.

Just then, a bright ray flashed and Xiaya’s figure appeared on Universe 6’s God of Destruction’s Planet.

Seeing her father appear, Meifei burst into joy and immediately flew over, hanging on to his body like a tree kangaroo.

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