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Chapter 520: Android 18 and Zangya

After staying at Goku’s house for a while and enjoying lunch, Xiaya stood up and said goodbye to everyone, and then was about to leave with Xiang and others. Gohan was also leaving with them.

“Xiaya, I’ll trouble you with Gohan,” Goku stroked Gohan’s head and said to Xiaya.

Xiaya shook his head and said with a smile, “It’s okay. It just happens that Xiang and others lack a training partner. After arriving on Planet Hongshan, I’ll let them go outside to gain experience.”

The road to training lies in tempering oneself. For Gohan and the others, it is difficult for them to make breakthroughs on Earth. If they want to make further achievements, they need to gain experience on a larger stage. Besides Gohan, Xiang and Xili are also in this situation.

Whereas for Meifei, due to her constitution, she only needs to do daily training.

This is the advantage of the Legendary Super Saiyan. Basically, it is difficult to encounter bottlenecks before Super Saiyan God.

Bulma stepped forward and placed a box of Hoi-Poi Capsules into Gohan’s hand, saying reluctantly, “I have put all the daily-use items into the capsules. When you go outside, take care of yourself.”


Piccolo crossed his arms over his chest. “When training, if you encounter something that you don’t understand, just remember what I said to you. Training has no limits. Only by constantly surpassing yourself can you can reach higher places.”

“Umm!” Gohan nodded vigorously, keeping in mind Piccolo’s warnings.

Then he waved at Goku and the others. Bulma looked at Gohan with tears in her eyes. Xiaya nodded, a sparkling white light flashed, and the several people teleported to the villa on Earth.

Then they packed up their stuff and left.

“Xiaya, I also want to go to Planet Hongshan to take a look,” 18’s body was half leaning against the wooden pillar as she spoke in a cool voice.

Xiaya looked at her for a while before agreeing to her request. “Okay, is there anything you want to bring along?”

“No, I’m all packed.”

Xiaya can’t help but laugh. Her preparations were quite complete. She packed all her things early in the morning. It seems that she had planned it a long time ago.

Xiaya didn’t think much about her request, and agreed.

After packing up, Xiling and the others put their things in the Hoi-Poi Capsule, locked the door, and walked out of the villa. Regarding the villa and 18’s small western-style house, they entrusted the Capsule Corporation’s staff to look after them.

When everything was ready, Xiaya activated the space-time ability. The bright and colorful space-time ability surrounded the entire group and then suddenly shone. In a blink of an eye, the place was empty.

In the serene and vast starry sky, the stars were shining.

East Area, Planet Hongshan.

Xiaya and others returned to their headquarters. A familiar feeling assaulted their senses, and then immediately the gravity far exceeding Earth’s was felt. Lifting their heads, an enormous ice blue planet seemed to be hanging high in the sky like a bright moon, shining with dense enchanting light.

“So this is Planet Hongshan. The air here is much better than Earth.” The newcomer 18 just frowned slightly and the discomfort from gravity abruptly changing quickly disappeared. Looking around, she was surprised by the natural environment of Planet Hongshan, her delicate face showing a satisfied smile.

Most of the places on Planet Hongshan still had a primitive forest environment, retaining the ecosphere and vegetation distribution that a primitive planet should have.

It is a beautiful red-black planet.

As their new mother planet, Planet Hongshan’s importance to Saiyans goes without saying, so from the very beginning, they have thought from the perspective of protecting the planet’s ecology. There are certain rules to what all the Saiyans can do on the planet. In addition, Planet Hongshan, which has been transformed by the dragon balls, has strong restoration and purification capabilities, hence Planet Hongshan has always maintained an extremely beautiful ecological environment.

“Let’s go back to the house first. I have already notified Bardock, so Gohan will live at his place,” Xiaya said to everyone while flying.

“Umm,” Gohan nodded.

“What about me?” 18 opened her deep blue eyes, her golden hair blowing near her face because of the fierce wind.

“If you want, you can live with Launch. She has a floating island with a very good environment.” Of course, Xiaya can arrange a villa for 18, but the environment on the floating island is more beautiful, so he is having her follow Launch as her companion.

18 nodded silently. As everyone flew together, they soon entered the city where Saiyan were active.

This is a completely different place from the cities of Earth. A Saiyan’s lifestyle is completely different from Earthlings. For Saiyans, fighting and eating are essential things in life, so the most lively places on Planet Hongshan are the training area and the living area.

After returning home, Gohan was sent to Bardock’s place and Launch began to enthusiastically introduce the situation on Planet Hongshan to 18, and then she took her to the floating island high in the sky.

Seeing them leave, Xiaya returned to the office and began to handle the various reports of Planet Hongshan.

After decades of development, the number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan has recovered to 100,000, of which around 90,000 are Ordinary Warriors, around 5,000 are Elite Warriors, and nearly 100 are Super Warriors. The overall strength has risen to a very high level. Similarly, the Feidaya people also made great breakthroughs in the research of Bio-warriors.

In addition to the first and second generation of Bio-warriors, the Feidaya people are researching the third generation of Bio-warriors with a Battle Power of more than 10,000. It is obvious that once the third generation of Bio-warriors are successfully researched, the strength of Planet Hongshan will leap by another level.

Nowadays, Planet Hongshan’s influence in the East Area was getting bigger and bigger. Only relying on the number of Saiyans itself, they can’t guarantee being able to deal with anything, but the emergence of Bio-warriors who also have Battle Power has solved the urgent needs.

Floating island, beside the mountain spring.

The orange-haired Zangya glared with her blue eyes and the 18 opposite her was also not willing to show weakness, staring at her expressionlessly. The scene fell into silence for a while, and a faintly discernible aura continued to lash out.

Ever since they met, the two of them have been looking at each other.

There seemed to be sparks flickering between their eyes.

As both of them were Bio-warriors, neither Zangya nor 18 were willing to easily admit defeat, as if whoever lowered their head first would be inferior to the other.

“Hey, this is Zangya, the ancient warrior created by the Feidaya people and this is 18, the Android born on Earth,” Blue-haired Launch blinked her eyes and introduced them to each other with a smile.

“Androids of Earth are nothing great. They are not as powerful as I am!” Zangya curled her mouth and said happily with her chest sticking out. The golden pendant hanging on the white corset was swinging in the wind, producing a ding ding sound.

18 smiled insincerely, her indifferent face was as cold as ice, staring at Zangya from the corner of her eyes. “The current me is not as strong as you, but as long as I am willing to train, I will continue to become stronger. Anyway, I am better than you, shorty, whose strength can’t get stronger.”

Android 17 and 18 are based on the human body as source, adding miniature nano-robots to the cells. Not only are their physical strength and energy infinite, but being a human, the aspect of their body becoming strong has also not disappeared.

Zangya was dejected for a while and pouted, retorting, “Anyway, you can’t defeat me for now.” Zangya was very upset at 18 calling her a shorty.

“Who knows……!” 18 brushed back her hair and giggled.

“Launch, prepare accommodations for me. I have to train hard to convince this shorty.” 18, who was originally not much keen on pursuing strength, suddenly changed her mind after meeting Zangya, who is also a Bio-warrior like her.

“Oh okay, please follow me.”

“Umm.” With both her hands in the pockets, 18 followed Launch and walked past Zangya.

Zangya’s eyes flashed with a fierce glint, dissatisfied with what 18 said, “Hey 18, tell me who are you calling shorty…” Zangya knows that she is short, but she still feels unhappy to be called a shorty by someone. .

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