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The early morning of the next day, the sun has just risen on the horizon .

Trunks was awakened by the alarm clock he set . After breakfast, Trunks put on brand new clothes and a huge sword made of alloy on his back, preparing to go out .

“Mom, I’m going to go and eliminate the Androids . ”

“Pay attention to your safety,” Bulma, who knew her son’s current strength, stepped forward to tidy up his clothes, and warned Trunks .

“It is being broadcast on TV that the Androids have appeared in Parsley City at BBN point 49 . ”

“Okay, wait for my good news . ” Nodding, Trunks walked out of the house, jumped up and flew towards the place where the Androids have appeared .

Parsley City, located near South City, is about 3,000 kilometers away from West City .

The clear sky was spotless .

Along the way, the cities that appeared had been destroyed and only the ruins remained, like lonely watchmen quietly standing tall and upright in the cold wind . Overlooking the desolate scenes of city ruins below, Trunks’ brows bunched up, revealing mixed emotions .

“The Androids’ days will be over from now on . ” Trunks thought inwardly, and then proceeded at full speed . A white light flashed across the sky, like an arrow swiftly flying out, quickly disappearing into the horizon .

Deafening explosions rang out in Parsley City .

18’s cheeks were puffed up angrily as her hands kept throwing energy balls .

“Rumble… . ” The searing flames of the explosions rose into the air like a raging fire dragon and turned into a huge blazing fireball . The intense high temperature caused the steel materials to deform rapidly and the concrete structure of the amusement park was instantly destroyed .

“Ha ha ha! 18, you are really childish . You have just lost a game, but you are destroying the entire city . ” 17, who was standing on the side with his arms folded was watching calmly, his eyes flashing with a cold light .

“F*ck off!” 18 cursed and continued to vent her anger .

At this time, Trunks descended from the sky and stopped opposite 17 and 18 . He chopped out with his hand and the energy ball shot out by 18 was sent flying .

“Androids, today you are going to face your judgement . ”

“Oh, isn’t that Trunks? Didn’t the last fight teach you enough? You dared to come here alone . Since I am in a bad mood, I might as well kill you to vent my anger!”

18 brushed back her hair and chuckled .

Trunks looked at 18 grimly, and said, “The disparity in your personality is so big . You are much worse than her; you have an unruly and reckless temperament . ”

“Odd fellow! Trunks, when did you become so arrogant? It seems that I was too polite to you before . You, Saiyan, seem to be unaware of your current situation!” 18’s expression turned cold as she spoke indifferently .

With a chuckle, Trunks leaned forward, his body blurring before suddenly appearing in front of 18 . He bent down and punched with both of his hands .

“What!” As she was dazed for a moment, the fists fell on her abdomen and the severe pain made her dizzy . 18’s body flew out like a cannonball and hit a tall building in the distance .

“Rumble…” The building collapsed and 18 was buried in the rubble .

The next second, there was a big explosion in the rubble . The rubble and steel bars blew away along with the smoke . 18 stood up from the rubble and tore off the tattered clothes on her body . 18 was gloomy as water, her beautiful face becoming extremely angry as she sternly shouted, “Bastard, you dare to be arrogant in front of me . Today, I must kill you . ”

“You don’t have the ability to do it!” Mumbling softly to himself, Trunks’ face became cold . He turned into Super Saiyan and then suddenly disappeared .

A terrifying pressure suddenly descended .

“Not good!” At that moment, 17’s countenance changed and he anxiously shouted at 18, “18, quickly dodge, that kid is different from before!”

“What are you talking……”

Hearing her brother’s cry, her heart thumped, but it was too late .

Trunks suddenly appeared in front of 18, drew out the big sword from his back, and then he swung it several times swiftly as a sharp cold light crossed the sky . 18 looked at Trunks in astonishment and was shocked to realize that her line of sight was starting to divide, moving to both sides . Her body was chopped into several parts .

“He… . ” 18 wanted to know what happened very much, but her consciousness gradually fell into darkness .

“Your Battle Power is just a few hundred million, far worse than ‘you’ in the other world . ” Trunks extended two fingers, and with a hot energy wave, directly burned the remains of Android 18 into ashes .

“Damn it, you killed 18!”
After being dazed for a brief moment, 17 immediately turned furious, falling into insanity . Without thinking anything, he directly rushed towards Trunks .

“17, you also follow her to hell…”

With a cold light flashing in his eyes, Trunks expressionlessly raised his green eyes and casually swung his sword towards 17 . The cold and sharp blade suddenly swung out and it directly cut off one of 17’s arms .

“Ahhhh…” The pain from his severed arm made 17 regain his senses . He stepped back in panic, looking at Trunks in fear .

This guy, when did he become so powerful?

17 could not help but retreat and soon withdrew by more than ten meters .

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But Trunks wouldn’t allow him to get away . His cold eyes fell on 17 . Today, he will certainly eliminate Androids 17 and 18 .

“17, 18, today you will pay for the sins you have committed, and the disasters in the world will completely end,” Trunks muttered and a silver-white arc flashed, enveloping his entire body .

He put away his sword and aimed his cupped hands at 17 . A vast amount of energy shot out . The shock wave swept across the ground, leaving behind a deep ravine on the ground . The mountains and forests dozens of kilometers in front him were all razed to the ground!

The blazing energy blasted 17 into ashes and the powerful energy swept out, splitting the sky . The clouds in the sky were divided into two halves .


There was a brief moment of silence .

“So…the Androids have been wiped out . Now humans don’t have to fear them anymore!” Trunks silently looked at the ruins, his eyes shining brightly .

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye three years passed .

Trunks had been training diligently for the past three years . After Android 17 and 18 were eliminated, the world gradually recovered stability and the reconstruction work was in full swing in an orderly manner .

In an ordinary town, Trunks took out the time machine, set the time, and quietly waited for Cell to appear .

In the past few years, besides training, he has been looking for the traces of Cell . Recently, he found unusual events of disappearances in human society . Trunks knew that Cell had come out .

“Cell, come out!” Trunks shouted towards a corner .

A lifeform with a green cicadlike shell came out from behind the wall, and asked in confusion, “How did you know of my existence?”

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Trunks was silent and did not answer .

Next, he has to follow the established plan so that Cell can get the time machine by chance and then time travel to another world .

As for whether the time machine will reach Xiaya’s world or not, Trunks was not worried, because this time machine has already been to Xiaya’s world and the space-time coordinates have been recorded . It should be said that it can’t go anywhere except Xiaya’s world .

“Ho ho, Trunks, I didn’t expect you to kill 17 and 18 . It really surprised me . Reasonably you shouldn’t have such power… . You interrupted the possibility of my continued evolution . Say, how are you going to compensate me? By the way, is that thing behind you a time machine?”

Cell greedily glanced at the time machine before his two insect-like eyes stared at Trunks .

Snatch the time machine! Then go back in time and devour 17 and 18 .

Greedy ambitions brewed in Cell’s heart .

Trunks watched with a sneer, fully aware of what Cell was thinking about .

“The time machine can be given to you, but I can’t let you take it for no reason . ” Thinking in his heart, Trunks suddenly made a move, lowering his strength to only a little higher than Cell, and then cruelly gave Cell a beating, almost beating him to death .

“Ahhhh… I was wounded…” Cell looked at the wounds on his body in disbelief . He was dazed for a moment before an angry blaze gushed out from his chest .

He was not Trunks’ match! The intelligence collected by the micro-robots did not mention that Trunks is so powerful!

In the following battle, Cell couldn’t get any advantage . After leaving countless injuries on his body, Trunks deliberately made a “mistake” which allowed Cell to jump into the time machine according to his plan .

Seeing Trunks ‘panicked’ expression, Cell smiled happily, then pressed a button on the time machine, and left this world filled with anticipation .

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