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“18, what did you talk about with Xiaya?” 17 asked his sister .

“Nothing,” 18 replied nonchalantly, speaking indifferently as usual, and even a little angrily .

17 narrowed his eyes . He circled around 18 and knocked on his palm, “I know, so the necklace you’ve always been wearing was given by Xiaya . ”

18 immediately covered 17’s mouth . “Lower your voice . If you let others hear, don’t blame me for not showing mercy to you . ”

“What the hell is going on, tell me…” Breaking free of 18’s little hand, 17 looked at his sister seriously .

“When I was young, he saved me and then gave me this necklace . ”

“Then including this time, Xiaya has saved you twice . 18, I think you can only devote yourself to him… . . ” 17 put his hand on 18’s shoulder .

“But he forgot about it . ” 18 did not refute, but instead frowned dejectedly .

17 gaped and suddenly realized that his sister seemed to really plan to be someone else’s concubine . Is she still the confident and overbearing 18 he knew? But… someone with a status like Xiaya is really worthy of his sister .

Heaving a sigh, 17 decided to ignore this annoying matter .

18, you should pray for more good luck .

A few minutes later, the time of Metamoran’s Fusion Technique ended and Meiling once again split into Xiling and Myers . At this time, Earth also began to change .

First of all, the places destroyed by the battle slowly recovered under the effect of a magical power and then all the people who died because of the Androids and Janemba were resurrected .

“Haha, look, everyone is alive . ” Yamcha laughed out loudly as he saw the people on Earth resurrected one by one .

“They have really come alive . ”

“It’s a miracle!” Excited, Satan kept muttering .

At this time, space distorted, and Goku, wearing his usual orange martial arts uniform, returned along with a young Namekian . This Namekian looked very similar to Piccolo when he was a child . He was called Dende and he is a member of the dragon clan with a very high talent .

“Goku, you’re back! Who is this kid?” Seeing that he brought a Namekian with him, Piccolo walked over and looked at Dende in surprise .

“Hello, my name is Dende,” Dende said politely .

Nodding towards Dende, Piccolo asked Goku, “Tell me what happened?”

“Umm!” Goku had a serious look on his face as he slowly told him the story .

It turns out that when Goku arrived on New Namek, the new Great Elder Moori, who was notified by Kai, had already asked his clansman to collect the dragon balls . After meeting Goku, Moori gave him the seven large dragon balls .

New Namek’s dragon balls had been modified to resurrect many people at once .

Goku’s first wish was to restore the destroyed Earth . The second wish was to revive the innocent people who died in the Androids and Janemba incident, and the third wish was to eliminate the negative effects on people because of Earth’s catastrophe .

Everyone recalled that Earth had experienced a crisis where it was destroyed, but all negative emotions have been wiped out by the dragon balls .

Piccolo together with everyone couldn’t help but nod after listening to this . After experiencing annihilation, everyone knew the harmful effects brought about by negative emotions .

“Then, what about this kid?”

“Dende wanted to see the outside world, so he came to Earth voluntarily . Great Elder Moori also agreed . Moreover, Dende also has the ability to create dragon balls . ” Goku whispered . Somehow, looking at Dende, it seemed he was deceived into coming here, but an honest person like Goku wouldn’t do something like that .

Hearing that Dende has the ability to create dragon balls, Piccolo’s expression turned serious . “Mr . Popo, go and get Shenron’s model . ”

“Yes!” Mr Popo glanced at the young Namekian who looked very similar to Piccolo and then he entered a room and took out the glass casing containing Shenron’s model .

“What are they going to do?” Satan and Upa moved closer .

“It seems they are going to recreate the dragon balls . ”

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“Shenron is inside that glass cover? It’s so small . ”

“It seems so . ”

Soon afterwards, everyone gathered in a circle on the Lookout’s square . Mr . Popo had placed Shenron’s model in the center of the square . Because they already have Shenron’s model, it will save a lot of time . Shenron only needs to be once again bestowed life .

“Wait, how many wishes will the resurrected dragon balls be able to fulfill?” Krillin walked over to Dende’s side and asked .

“Of course, three!” Dende looked at him and replied in surprise .

“That’s the same as Planet Namek’s dragon balls . ” Krillin said in astonishment . Then, after the dragon balls are restored, their ability will immediately increase .

“As expected of Planet Namek’s excellent dragon balls . ” He thought to himself .

Piccolo thought of another question and asked, “Then, can we resurrect multiple people like in the past? For example, ‘Resurrect everyone who meets a certain condition . ’”

“Yes, but this has to be adjusted at the beginning . Then, it would only be enough to fulfill two wishes . ” Dende extended two fingers and told everyone to make a choice .

“Two wishes are good . ”

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In the past, only one could be fulfilled, but now one more wish is allowed . No matter how you look at it, it is a profit .

At this time, Dende saw the Shenron model in the casing, and said in amazement, “Wow, so the Shenron on Earth looks like this . I will immediately revive it!”

After he finished speaking, Dende put his palms on the glass casing and then chanted an incantation silently . A magical force acted on the glass casing and the Shenron inside began to come alive and it was filled with aura . Then a beam of light rose into the air from the glass casing before it divided into seven and dispersed out .

Earth’s Shenron had been resurrected and became dragon balls again .

“It’s over? I thought something earth-shattering would happen . ” Satan rubbed his eyes and waited for something to happen, but he discovered that the whole thing was over so quickly .

It was not exciting at all!

“You are really an excellent dragon clan member . ” Piccolo patted Dende’s head . He is really worthy of being a genius of the dragon clan with great talent . The whole process seemed very easy .

Dende scratched his head in embarrassment . Everyone laughed out loud . Earth’s dragon balls have been upgraded; not only can they fulfill two wishes, but they have also become more powerful .

When everyone was excited from joy, Xiaya said, “I suggest you gather the dragon balls . It’s better to keep them on the Lookout in the future!”

Earth will be in precarious situations many times in the future and if the dragon balls are released outside, then they would have to be searched for when they are needed . It is better to place them on the Lookout, just like the crystal dragon balls of Planet Hongshan .

Speaking of dragon balls, Xiaya glanced towards 17 and 18 on the side .

It seems that their bodies still have the device that Dr . Gero used to stop their body functions . Shouldn’t it be taken out with the dragon balls like in the original work?

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