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“Damn it, human!” The angered Janemba gradually lost his mind, but his will to survive was still strong .

Janemba put his palms together and a black energy beam whistled out before turning into an enormous ferocious dragon and heading towards Xiaya and others . At the same time, dozens of large wormholes appeared in the space . Stamping his foot, Janemba flew away in the other direction .

Raising his head, Xiaya looked at the enormous black dragon gradually approach . The dragon’s eyes were full of malevolence and it’s dark black scales were emitting a shining lustre, as if it was real . Xiaya didn’t understand Janemba’s intentions .

“Let’s see where you can run!” Seeing Janemba trying to confuse him, Xiaya couldn’t help but shake his head and sneer .

In the field of space-time, he is an expert .

Thus, he raised his hand and gently poked his finger, and an invisible ripple quickly spread out . When it encountered the wormholes in the space opened by Janemba, they shook slightly, and as if a huge armored car had rolled over it, the space was forcibly flattened .

“Meiling, use your strongest technique and eliminate Janemba in one go . ” The longer this kind of high-intensity battle is dragged on, the more damage a planet will sustain .

Speaking cold-blooded words in a soft voice, Xiaya mobilized all his power . Following the sparking and bright energy rising within his body, a vast and majestic aura soared into the sky . Zigzag ice-colored lightning flashed, suddenly dispersing the black clouds in the sky, causing the clear blue sky to appear .

“Haha, I’ve long been wanting to use my full strength . ” Meiling responded as the corners of her mouth curved . She raised her hand, and suddenly numerous small snowflake-like bright spots appeared in the sky, floating beside her, then they turned into blue-coloured crescent moon-shaped blades as terrifying cold energy spread out .

Looking at the blades as thin as cicada’s wings, Janemba’s heart pounded . Janemba twisted his body uneasily, but the power of space kept him firmly confined in the air like an iron chain .

Janemba kept yelling, his sinister face becoming distorted .

“Space-time Breaking Punch!” Xiaya burst into a loud shout, and raised his arm, causing the time and space to freeze . Then it shattered like glass, as small pieces of glittering and translucent space-time fragments scattered, and at the same time, the ice blue lightning rays domineeringly rushed toward Janemba .

“Whole Sky Star Map Myth!” Meiling also used her strongest technique .

The Whole Sky Star Map Myth is much more beautiful than Space-time Breaking Punch . This technique is the most powerful technique of Meiling’s current state . Even if Xiaya was the one facing it, he would have to dodge it . Space-time Breaking Punch is a restraining attack, while Whole Sky Star Map Myth is a wide area attack . Such an attack’s destructive power is much bigger .

In an instant, the ice blue lightning rays, like like a phoenix spreading out its wings and soaring into the sky, directly crushed all the dark energy in Janemba’s body, while Whole Sky Star Map Myth silently turned into countless crescents, filling the sky tiny rays of light, as many as stars, bright and gorgeous .

Janemba’s expression was of astonishment and unwillingness . The severe pain pounding his brain spread out everywhere in his body, and the energy emitting from his entire body was gradually destroyed .

“Impossible, I have an immortal body . ” Janemba shouted frantically in a panicked voice .

Xiaya sneered, his eyes flickering with a cold light . Janemba’s strength was not comparable to his and Meiling’s . Even if he has stronger regeneration power, after suffering from their two big techniques, he cannot survive .

“I…can’t die…you can’t kill me…” Janemba groaned with unwillingness . The blazing and tyrannical energy tortured his body, and Janemba’s consciousness became more and more blurred .

Suddenly, something unexpected happened .

There were some changes on Janemba’s body . As he was gradually losing consciousness, a blood-red crystal was revealed at the center of his brain . Suddenly, a red electric beam flashed and Janemba’s body expanded uncontrollably and quickly turned into a meatball .

A stifling atmosphere descended .

“Not good! It looks like Janemba is about to explode . If the explosion occurred so near to Earth, it will definitely not be able to withstand it . ” Seeing an unexpected situation occur, Xiaya’s countenance abruptly changed and his pupils contracted . There was no time to think too much . Xiaya strode forward just in front of Janemba and started to mobilize an energy wave; he wanted to use the energy wave to push Janemba’s body out of Earth .

Within a millisecond, the huge energy congregated into a sphere as the surging energy completely evaporated the surface layer of air . The energy overflowing from both of them rushed down and the ground began to collapse .

Such a short period of time is simply not enough for him to use Instant Transmission and bring along Janemba, who is only a little weaker than him . He spread out his hands . Success or failure hinges on this one move .

The Ki of Xiaya’s entire body erupted out suddenly . “Get out of Earth! Shatter, space-time!!”

Fierce and dazzling lights flickered and a huge bright white beam of light quickly soared into the sky . Janemba’s body was pushed out hundreds of thousands of kilometers before it could explode . At this moment—


The huge ball of light erupted, brightly illuminating Earth, as if a star had exploded in near-earth orbit . The impact of it was severe . Earth’s crust cracked and the aftermath of the explosion penetrated the atmosphere and directly hit the surface of the earth .

“Not good!” Everyone turned pale with fright and they all used their ultimate techniques to resist .

“Thunder Shock Surprise!”



But the impacted area of the explosion was too large and the half of the planet facing the explosion was shrouded by the detonated energy .

Soon, the fiery energy balls descended . Fortunately, they were still some distance away . Xiaya took a deep breath and used the space-time ability to confine the energy . On the other hand, Meiling began to save the people below .
Following the launch of Instant Transmission, everyone in the energy shield immediately disappeared from Earth .

Far away on the other side of the universe, two planets, one big and one small, were revolving around each other .

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Meiling led everyone as she teleported to the bigger ice-blue planet . It is called Planet Meishan . Although its size is big, its gravity is only slightly higher than that of Earth . Considering that the gravity of Planet Hongshan is too high to be suitable for Earthlings to enter, at the critical moment, Meiling sent everyone directly to Planet Meishan .

“Heavens, my body is falling apart!” When he recovered from the brief moment of absent-mindedness, Satan suddenly realized that the scenery before him had completely changed .

The surrounding vegetation was very lush, but there was a layer of icy blue fluorescence on the surface, and the color of the unending mountain ranges and ocean leaned towards an icy colour .

“Where are we? How did we arrive here?” Looking up, what he saw was another reddish-black planet hanging in the sky . This is no longer Earth .

“This place… it seems to be Planet Meishan?” Xiang muttered in a low voice .

Planet Meishan is the companion star of Planet Hongshan . Everything on it is ice blue in colour . There are Meishan people with hair and pupils coloured emerald green living on it . Xiaya had once taken him and his sisters to Planet Meishan for sightseeing .

“Planet Meishan? Have we already left Earth?” Krillin was shocked . After all, he was a martial artist who had left Earth before and quickly calmed down .

But Satan and the other ordinary Earthlings were different . They became absent-minded for a while as if they had turned dumb .

Dozens of people dumbly stood there in a daze .

“It’s really not Earth . Gravity is slightly different . ” Vegeta shook his head disdainfully .

“It seems we have arrived on a alien planet . ” 18 brushed back her blonde-hair, her expression was neither sad nor happy . She was surprised by the exquisite and beautiful ice-coloured scenery around her .

“The planet we are on is called Planet Meishan . Because it was too urgent just now, I directly used Instant Transmission to take you away from Earth . ” Meiling walked over and said .

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“So what about Earth? How are things on Earth?” Chichi looked anxious .

“It will not be destroyed, right?” Yajirobe mentioned .

At this time Xiaya appeared, and he shook his head and said . “Earth still exists, but it is almost destroyed, because the place where Janemba exploded is too close to the surface . Even though I used space-time power to protect it, some of the energy still reached the surface of the earth . ” The core of the small planet Earth is very fragile and easily destroyed .

“Earth hasn’t been destroyed, but the side facing the explosion has been completely razed to the ground . ”

In other words, earth’s civilization has been half-destroyed .

“It’s… disastrous!” Satan shivered, his face turning pale .

The Cell Games were held in Central City, which is the most brilliant place in Earth’s civilization . Half of Earth is destroyed . So, Central City must have become history and the four major cities in east, south, west and north will surely be greatly affected because of it . This is really a big disaster .

“Damn it, it still caused such a big casualty in the end!” Piccolo said mournfully while punching the ground .

“In the end, the Earth of this world will also not be spared from disaster?” Trunks’ head was hung low, as he was feeling very sad .

“Oh, that’s right, dragon balls! We can use the dragon balls to restore Earth . ” Krillin suddenly raised his head and said .

“Dragon ball?” Hearing this word, Trunks was absent minded for a while, and then he quickly remembered the legend of dragon ball that his mother had told him about before .

“Is the dragon ball you are mentioning the divine object that appeared before which can save the world?” The host and Satan came closer . When the lizardmen invaded Earth, the green Shenron had once appeared in the sky, reviving the dead .

“Yes, as long as seven dragon balls are gathered, Shenron can be summoned, but right now, there are no dragon balls on Earth,” Krillin said .

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