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“Space Shackles!” Xiaya used the space-time ability to confine the surrounding space, stopping the chubby Janemba in the air . With an ominous glint in his round eyes, Janemba struggled for a while, but found that he could not get rid of the space shackles, and couldn’t help but scream .

Sneering, Xiaya said to Xiling and the others, “Now that Janemba has been trapped by me, attack with your everything . ”

“Okay . ” Happy smiles climbed onto their delicate faces . Xiling and Myers had stern looks on their faces as they waved their hands and attacked together using all their power .

“Whole Sky Star Map Cannon!”

“Stars Rampage!”

“Chop Beam!”

Three attacks were shot at the same time . Xiling, Myers, and Xiling’s clone were shining brightly . The saintly energy was like a god descending to the human world . Like tigers roaring and wolves howling, the three bright beams of light shrouded the sky and whistled towards Janemba as the leaking wanton energy distorted the light .

“Rumble…” There was the sound of thunder as Ki waves seethed in the surrounding, with sparkling blue light dots all over the sky .

“Did Janemba die?” Xiling asked with a serious look as she carefully sensed for a reaction, and her face turned gloomy .

“What’s going on? Not only has Janemba’s Ki not disappeared, it has even become stronger . ” Myers shouted loudly . Just now, they used their full strength . Even if it was a Super Saiyan 3 who had faced that attack, they would have lost their life . But Janemba is not only okay, but has become even stronger .

Xiaya was calm as water, staring into the void with a grave look in his eyes, saying, “The attack just now didn’t hit Janemba . Instead, he tore through space and escaped . Be careful, Janemba may have transformed into his second form . ”

The second form of Janemba was extremely terrifying, and Xiling and Myers are not his match .

After about four to five seconds, the air solidified and then an icy and frightening aura descended . The cracked ground seemed to be suddenly hit by a meteorite and trembled . The layers of soil were overturned, exposing piles of cracked rocks .

In the distance, the sky was dark as a bright red figure slowly descended .

The figure had blood-red skin, two horns on his head, a purple protective shell on his shoulders and legs, and a wagging blood-red coloured tail .

That being with enormous Ki and world-destroying power was the second form of Janemba .

Compared with the first form, Janemba in the second form is less foolish, his body was much thinner, and the expression in his eyes was more cruel . This is the Final form of Janemba . The first form of Janemba is just the disguise of a newborn .

“So frightening!” This was Xiaya’s first feeling after seeing Janemba .

As expected of a guy who can fight against Gogeta . Xiaya’s heart, which had been tranquil for a long time, began to stir . When people’s strength has reached his and Janemba’s level, every move was extremely important .

Hulala! After a flash, Janemba’s figure suddenly disappeared and again appeared . He was silently standing in front of Xiaya .

“You… are the scariest person I have ever seen, so… you must die!” A growl came out of Janemba’s throat .

The boundless killing intent seemed to have caused the air to solidify as the surrounding temperature dropped by more than ten degrees . Just when everyone was feeling the cold, Janemba’s body flashed and the move that was supposed to be an attack on Xiaya suddenly turned sideways before aiming at Xiling and Myers . Frightening energies slashed across the ground, leaving numerous deep and terrifying ravines .

“Janemba, you’ve got some nerve . ” Xiaya’s expression drastically changed suddenly, and he rushed over with an angry roar . Xiaya was already using his full-strength, and the power of time was acting on his body, making his speed extremely fast .

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

Xiaya and Janemba fought a round, and the angry Xiaya was suppressing Janemba . With the non-stop collision and explosion of the two’s powers, the surging remnant energy exploded from time to time . The surrounding space was twisted as if it was fried dough, and the Earth seemingly stopped rotating .

At the moment of each big collision, fully distorted curved-shape depressions appeared around it, which was the constriction of space from their powers .

“So fast, my eyes can’t keep up with their movements . ” Standing on the side, Vegeta bit his teeth, his body trembling . His eyes were filled with a yearning .

“Janemba’s strength exceeds our imagination . It is a completely different level . ” Goku smiled bitterly . When the disparity is not big, he can still work hard to catch up, but when the disparity is so big that even the shadow couldn’t be seen, it will only make people feel despair .

“I wonder when I will reach their level!” Goku thought inwardly .

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Trunks’ face was dripping cold sweat as he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say anything .

What Androids? What Cell? In front of such an expert, they can be killed with a single finger . Goku and Trunks looked at the battle with difficulty, their eyes somewhat prickling with pain as they made comparisons between the Androids and Cell as compared to Xiaya and Janemba .

“Dad can definitely beat him!” Meifei’s eyes flashed with a bright light .

“Myers, use the Fusion Technique with me . ” Arriving at the periphery of the battle, Xiling could feel the intensity at the center . She knew that they can’t help Xiaya by relying on just their current state .

“OK!” Myers nodded, and went to a hidden place together with Xiling, and then used Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique .

Suddenly, a vast and mighty aura rose into the sky, and it collided with Xiaya and Janemba’s energy . The energy squeezed in, dividing the sky into three portions .
Soon, a beautiful woman wearing a small double layered jacket of Metamoran and a pair of white trousers appeared .

As soon as she arrived in front of Xiaya, Meiling’s fair and smooth face frowned slightly, and then she directly transformed into Super Saiyan 2 . Electric arcs flashed and a domineering aura leaked out .

“Xiaya, it seems you can’t do anything to him alone, let’s cooperate . ” Meiling said proudly, and before Xiaya could answer, she had rushed ahead and taken on Janemba .

Xiaya looked at her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry . He can defeat Janemba who is in his Final Form, but it would take a little time . Meiling, however, is better and snatched his opponent directly from him .

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Similarly being in the Super Saiyan 2 state, Meiling was much stronger than Xiling or Myers individually, and her strength was about the same as Gogeta in the movie .

She could deal with Janemba almost by herself .

But Xiaya was a little reluctant to give such a powerful opponent to others, so without saying anything, he joined the battle . Xiaya and Meiling joined hands, and completely suppressed Janemba .

“Hey hey, who is this woman that popped out suddenly?” 18 glared, nibbling her lips .

Everyone looked at each other, and none of them knew Meiling’s identity . But this woman is so powerful, her strength is comparable to Xiaya and her terrifying aura almost pressed them down to the ground .

“Where did this Super Saiyan come from?” Vegeta muttered to himself, extremely surprised .

Strong experts are popping out one after another . In comparison, he as the Saiyan Prince has almost been buried in the background . How could he tolerate this?

“Brother, do you feel that person looks familiar?” Xili asked her twin brother Xiang .

Xiang observed Meiling carefully before his eyes widened . Meiling’s figure gave him a familiar feeling, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen her .

“You know who she is?” Meifei asked suddenly .

“Didn’t mom say before that they have a fusion technique? The person who is fighting together with dad must be the fusion of both moms . ”

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