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Chapter 51 Encounter

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Inside the desolate city ruins in the western part of Planet Feidaya; there were traces of collapsed buildings everywhere; the green trees on both sides of the road were severed from the middle, and the broken branches and leaves were scattered on the ground, the leaves and waste paper swayed in the blowing wind; the air was filled with a pungent smell.

A large group of people was unsteadily walking on a public road filled with cracks and breaking points. The originally beautiful, mechanized and smooth road had been split into sections. There were cracks densely spread out like spider webs, continuously giving sparks from inside, and occasionally violent exploding sounds and a ball of fire were gradually rising too.

Looking at the former bustling city which has changed beyond recognition, every Feidaya person’s eyes were full of sadness, the emotion of being weak unwillingly lingering on their chests.

“Duokela, is your people’s spaceship somewhere around here?” Xiaya flatly asks the Feidaya leader.

“Yes, Sir, we will soon reach it. It was originally a reserve spaceship for emergency use which was docked beforehand in an underground spaceport !” The Feidaya leader Duokela, who was walking behind heard Xiaya’s question and quickly answered.

As the Aliens attack came too suddenly, Feidaya people were not even able to react, and disaster had arrived at them.

Hence, immediately after which the spacecrafts docked in Spaceport and large garrison were destroyed, and now the only spaceship available on Planet Feidaya is that reserve spaceship which is used in special circumstances.

“Well, you should hurry up, those Alien have energy detectors and if you slow down they’ll discover you!” Xiaya looked at them with a frown.

“Yes! Yes!”

Startled, Duokela hurriedly nodded, then shouted towards everyone to speed up.

After struggling on the edge of life and death, these Feidaya people were full of dread towards Frieza’s Alien subordinates. Hearing that the Aliens may be chasing after them, everyone exerted their utmost strength and quickened up their pace.

Soon after, Duokela led everyone to the outskirts far away from the city.

The scenery of this place was completely different from the ruins of the city. It was a forest surrounded by row upon row of trees everywhere. The more than ten meters tall trees were densely arranged in an orderly manner. It was unexpectedly not affected by the rupturing of continent’s tectonic plates.

“Sir Xiaya, an underground basement constructed from alloy is underneath this forest, and that reserve spaceship is docked inside!” Duokela said, pointing to the neat and orderly forest in front of him.

Eyes narrowing, Xiaya gently nodded, understanding.

It turned out that this entire forest is built on top of a huge base made of alloy, no wonder it was not affected by the movements of the continent’s tectonic plates.

“Hurry up and enter the base. If you are late, then I am afraid something unexpected may come up.”

“Yes, Sir!”

All the Feidaya people suddenly became busy. Following the directions of several young and strong people, they hurried to the entrance of the base.

Within a few moments, the more than 10,000 Feidaya people had all entered inside the base.

Next, they started the examination and maintenance of the reserve spaceship. It was not a small amount of work, but fortunately, Feidaya people were almost all scientists and maintenance of equipment was as simple as drinking water for them.

Xiaya lingered inside the base for a while and saw the spaceship which was the last hope of Feidaya people.

It was actually a gigantic spaceship which was more than ten kilometers

in length. Its whole body exuded a silver-gray luster, and ten plus alloy-built robotic arms were extending out of the bottom in the surroundings. It was looking like a huge white monster from distance.

Seeing it for the first time, he was shocked by the advanced technology of Feidaya people. These people seem to especially love the silver gray color, their planet and space corridors all were of such color, and even the spaceship was of similar color.

“These people have such advanced technology, but their physical strength is so weak. It’s a miracle that they were not conquered by other forces yet.” Xiaya inwardly thought.

Planet Feidaya was located at the junction of the east and south region of the North Area of Milky Way. Clearly, it was not swallowed by other forces because it was located at the junction of the two regions. But in the end, Planet Feidaya couldn’t escape the fate of being conquered.

“Strange, with Feidaya people’s wisdom it’s impossible for them to not be on alert about dangers even a little bit!” Xiaya shook his head feeling puzzled. Logically, Feidaya people had been living in the universe for so many years that it was impossible for them to not know about the darkness of the universe, then why hadn’t they responded even a little bit?

“Duokela, what is the ancient warrior mentioned earlier by that Alien?” Xiaya immediately asked Duokela.

Duokela revealed a confused look and shook his head: “I’m not too sure about this. It seems like the Super Warrior that my race’s elder generation researched in ancient times. No one knows the specific details because it was too long ago.”

“The elder generation created the Super-Warrior to protect the race but it actually became the root cause of near-destruction of the Feidaya race, it’s simply ironic!”

Xiaya faintly sighed and didn’t say anything. Thinking of ancient warriors, it could be that they are similar to ‘Bio-Androids’ warrior.

Similar to Saiyan’s, perhaps Feidaya people had already forgotten the legends of ancient times because of race’s migration.

However, it is also good. Because Feidaya people are facing life and death situation, he was able to easily subdue them.

Suddenly, Xiaya’s face changed, he sensed that dozens of powerful Aura’s were flying straight toward them. And among them, one of the Aura was exceptionally icy and powerful. It was majestic and grand similar to a huge mountain compared to the other dozens of Auras.

It was Zarbon’s Aura!

Xiaya’s face turned grave. He frowned and said: “I didn’t expected Zarbon to actually come in person with a squad!”

“Duokela, immediately make everyone hide inside the spacecraft and then start all the protection functions of the base!” Xiaya didn’t hesitate and decisively ordered Duokela.

“What happened, Sir?”

Duokela discerned that something bad had happened while looking at Xiaya’s face. He then thought of the thing that Xiaya had mentioned earlier before looking at the energy detector in Xiaya’s hand. “Have the Aliens come to attack?”

Duokela’s face suddenly turned pale.

Xiaya nodded. “Zarbon is bringing along his Alien subordinates and rushing over here. He is expected to arrive in three minutes. Don’t ask much, execute my orders now!”

A cold voice sounded beside Duokela’s ears. When he heard that the enemy would arrive in just 3 minutes, his whole body felt weak.

“Yes, Sir, I’ll arrange it right away,” he replied with trembling voice.

After seeing Duokela trotting off, Xiaya leisurely looked towards the sky, and with an Instant Transmission arrived more than 300 kilometers away from the underground base to a place which was the only way to go to the base.

Xiaya intends to intercept Zarbon here.

“Zarbon, let me take a look at how much strong you are as Frieza’s right-hand man!” Without any ‘fear of the strong’ uneasiness, Xiaya only felt the blood in his whole body boiling, extremely excited.

In an instant, three minutes passed.

There were dozens of shadows flying over from the faraway horizon, lead by a handsome man with dark green hairs — Zarbon!

When he saw the black-haired boy blocking the road in front, Zarbon waved his hand, stopping all his subordinates and then watched the boy full of interest.

This boy, what is his background?

Floating in the air, Zarbon revealed a cold and ruthless smile on his lips while both of his hands were hugging his chest.

There were many kinds of human races in the universe and the differences among those different races were also very small. The Battle Armor worn by Xiaya was the most widely used armor in the North Area of Milky Way. Therefore, Zarbon could not immediately guess which race Xiaya belongs to.

“Tut tut, I hope this boy will bring me a little bit of fun.” Fully interested, Zarbon looked at Xiaya with a faint smile hanging on his handsome face.

Chapter 52 Fighting Zarbon

Translator- DM

“Sir Zarbon, this is the energy response detected when Jeeta vanished. But don’t know why the other’s energy level only showing 540 Battle Power!”On the side, an Alien pressed on the energy detector and reported the detected data.

“Boy, you should not be someone from Planet Feidaya….right? Could you tell me how you killed that Jeeta with your abilities?” Zarbon’s movements were graceful and his voice was peaceful and honest just like a well-educated aristocrat gentleman.

If you didn’t know his true colors, then it was easy to get deceived by his acting skills.

“You mean that lizard person? If you want to know then you can come and test it yourself!”

Xiaya had a faint smile on his face, but he was already completely on guard in his heart as he knew there was still a big disparity between him and Zarbon.

Xiaya clearly knows that he is disadvantaged, but even then he chose to directly confront Zarbon, he actually has his own purpose for it. First is to test how far is his personal strength compared to the mainstream experts of the universe; While second is to delay Zarbon and his squad, and gain additional time for Feidaya race’s people.

After all, Feidaya race is the first group of subordinates that he subdued. If they were annihilated here, it would be too much of a pity.

Of course, the more important reason is that he has teleportation ability, which, at critical times can become a life-saving ability!

If possible, he is very much willing to have a good fight with Zarbon. Saiyans can only improve after experiencing real fights.

“Ha ha ha, You really are fearless! Boy, you have to know … … not everyone is good-natured like me!” Zarbon gently smiled, his tone was very calm seemingly not angry at all, but hidden under his golden pupils an evil radiance began to stir.

“Heh heh!” Xiaya sneered, his entire body on guard and then secretly started to maneuver the Aura inside his body.

Xiu! A rapid sound of tearing of air appeared.

Xiaya decided to strike first. His figure suddenly disappeared from the front, and with bang bang bang fighting sounds, the Aliens around Zarbon gave painful cries in quick succession, and then directly fell down from the high altitude.

At this moment, the Energy detector beeped with rapid alarm sounds, the data on the glass monocle rapidly flashed a few times and again quickly restored to the original state.

As Xiaya’s movements were extremely fast, an average person definitely wouldn’t be able to see them. So this scene may have been appeared somewhat baffling to others, but Zarbon could clearly see.

“Clap Clap Clap!” Applause sounded.

Gently smiling, Zarbon lightly applauded while loudly shouting. Among everyone present only he was able to clearly see all of Xiaya’s movements, so Zarbon knew it would have been impossible for his Alien subordinates to win against Xiaya, it seems like he would have to intervene personally.

“Ha ha ha, good skills. Boy, you are much more powerful than my subordinate soldiers. Do you have any interest in joining Frieza Corps? I can personally recommend you to King Frieza,” Zarbon calmly said to Xiaya.

“Heh heh, I have no interest in becoming Frieza’s hunting dog!”

“That’s too bad!”

Neither happy nor angry, Zarbon covered his mouth while regretfully shaking his head, and casually walked to the front of Xiaya: “Since you are not willing to work for King Frieza, then you can go die!

Looking grave, Xiaya felt a huge sense of oppression just by looking at the Zarbon.

Boom! !

Not concealing his strength anymore, Xiaya’s body crazily erupted out with force, immediately forming a thick indistinct aura around him producing “Zi Zi” sounds in the air causing the atmosphere to partially distort.

The energy detector on Zarbon’s ear beeped and the data continuously increased finally stopping at ———-14500!

“Oh! it’s unexpectedly 14500!” Zarbon said in surprise. “What race are you from, is it Saiyan? No, Saiyans cannot possibly have such high Battle Power!”

Zarbon guessed Xiaya’s race, though Xiaya looks exactly like a Saiyan, a Saiyan couldn’t have such Battle Power at a young age.

Moreover, he also doesn’t have the characteristic feature of a Saiyan behind him – a tail!

Whoosh! Suddenly Zarbon’s figure disappeared from the front.

Xiaya warily sensed his surroundings, his eyes followed Zarbon’s figure and quickly determining Zarbon’s position, extended a fist to attack, but Xiaya felt something wrong when he attacked, his fist had missed.

“Afterimage!” Xiaya’s complexion severe, he turns around and retreated, his moves smooth and consistent and then carefully looked to determine.

Suddenly, he felt something wrong towards one side and quickly dodged.

“Bang!” Zarbon’s fists passed from his side, and a fierce storm smashed on the ground. The ground violently shook, and a huge crater of a kilometer area was smashed on the ground and a deep ravine appeared changing beyond recognition.

As for the Aliens that Zarbon brought with him, they were long ago fling to the side to who knows where due to the intense explosion of the fight.

“So close!”

Xiaya soared to a high altitude, and looked at the ground turned crater, thinking with a lingering fear.

“Hehe, you actually dodged my attack. So outstanding at such a young age, it seems you cannot be allowed to leave ah!” Seemingly out of nowhere, Zarbon had appeared above Xiaya.


Xiaya was shocked, then his body’s pores tightened and made a defensive posture. Zarbon smiled gracefully, and suddenly clenched both of his hands, violently slamming at Xiaya’s head. Suddenly, Xiaya felt his brain turning dizzy, and his body rapidly fell down.

When he was very close to the ground, Xiaya used his Ki to attack towards the ground, stabilizing his body with the rebound. At this moment, Zarbon once again arrived and continuously launched fierce attacks at him while he passively defended, his body had quickly filled with wounds.

Boom! boom! boom!

Xiaya and Zarbon mutually attacked each other with fists and punches. As they were moving at high speeds, you can only see two phantom shadows flickering.

Fighting scenes continued to expand, mountains, lakes, forests, grasslands, and a large area of land was destroyed.

Xiaya stopped his body and gasped. After the short fight, he had exhausted a lot of physical strength. In contrast, Zarbon only had some damage to the Battle Armor on his body with almost no injuries on his body and his breathing remained the same.

One in difficult situation, and other graceful, it could obviously be seen who is strong and who is weak! The disparity is really not small!

Bang! A heavy blow connected.

Xiaya’s body quickly fell.


A huge mushroom cloud instantly rose from the originally cracked land, and thick dust blocked the sunlight suddenly filling the entire land with darkness.

A deep pit appeared on the ground. Xiaya, with one hand supporting the ground, was half-kneeling in the middle of the pit.

“Haha, your ability to withstand attacks is good, not bad!”

Zarbon twirled his neck, his bones making creaking sounds.

Xiu…. his figure again disappeared, his foot kicking towards Xiaya’s abdomen. With a solemn expression, Xiaya’s both hands caught the foot, but in an instant, his body was kicked flying far away, and if not because his body was sufficiently strong, this kick would have snapped both of his hands.

“The disparity is too big!” The whole hand feeling numb, Xiaya’s mind instantly flashed with a thought, bitterly laughing.


Xiaya wiped the bloodstains at the corners of his mouth, and teleported far away from the battlefield, observing Zarbon from an extremely far away place.

Just now, the first confrontation has given him a clear picture of the huge disparity between Zarbon and him. Without using superpowers, he is absolutely not a match for Zarbon.

“Zarbon’s current Battle Power is close to 20,000 which is more than 5,000 compared to mine. It is difficult to make up for this disparity and, until now, Zarbon is still in a playful mood and has not become ruthless!”

If he still had his tail, then maybe he can transform into Great Ape to do battle, but these were just random thoughts, nothing more. Because even though Great Ape transformation can upgrade his Battle Power, but it has too many uncertainties and most importantly, will expose his Saiyan identity.

He knows that Great Ape transformation has a very serious problem, that is, large size which can cause the body’s movement speed to slow down.

Just like Super Saiyan’s transformation into a muscular body, although the energy increases and the strength of a single attack rise sharply, the speed does not increase.

This may not be a problem in low-level battles, but it can be fatal in high-speed battles!

As long as your opponent’s speed is fast enough, there are countless methods to kill the Saiyan in Great Ape transformation, severing the tail is just one of the simplest and direct method.

In the world of martial arts, speed defines the winner!

Rather than say that Great Ape transformation is used for attacking, it’s more of a brute-force based defense! Encountering a real expert, this kind of defense is full of loopholes!

Throwing these useless thoughts to the back of his mind, Xiaya began to concentrate on preparing for the fight.

Zarbon’s figure quickly appeared in front of him with a confused look: “Strange, what method did you use to come here, I couldn’t even catch your movements!”

“Heh heh, guess!” Xiaya smiled heartily, exposing two rows of white teeth.

Zarbon licked his lips with disdain, his handsome face finally became impatient. He had played enough cat and mouse game, its time to use all of his strength. Don’t know how much of his attacks the other can withstand.

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