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Published at 15th of January 2021 06:17:36 PM

In a desolate mountain forest, Goku had found Cell, who had recovered his Perfect Form, and fought with him. After absorbing countless living beings’ essence in dozens of cities, Cell’s strength had recovered and he had become much stronger.

The body that had been stripped of 17 and 18 was replenished and surrounded with black Ki. He was equally matched to Goku, who had reached Full Power Super Saiyan.

“You’re so strong now, I’m so excited!” After a round of fighting, Goku couldn’t contain his excitement and confronted Cell.

“Ho ho ho, because I once attained Perfect Form state, every cell in my body has recorded the strength of Perfect Form. Therefore, as long as energy is enough, even if there is no 17 and 18, I can still continue to grow stronger.”

Cell pointed towards his dark green body, indifferent and full of confidence. “Did you know? In order to reach my current strength, I absorbed the essence of millions of living beings. It was a very tiring but enjoyable experience!”

Hearing that, Goku’s countenance turned cold. He solemnly stared at Cell and said with a frown, “In order to achieve the goal of becoming stronger, you have unscrupulously killed so many people. I don’t approve of such a thing.”

Cell sneered wickedly. “Hahaha, they should be honored to become a part of the energy in my body. In the time period where I lived, you have already passed away due to illness, but my body has your Saiyan genes. It was really regrettable that I wasn’t able to fight against an expert like you.”

Saying that, Cell glanced at Goku and chuckled. “When I woke up, 17 and 18 had already been wiped out by Trunks, and even I had no choice but to avoid him, but luckily, it allowed me to find the time machine and come here. He he he, Trunks should also be in this time period, right? As long as I kill him, the world will be mine.”

Hearing that, Goku frowned. Cell’s views are completely his opposite. “Evil bastard, you shouldn’t exist in the world.”

“No, you can’t stop me.”

Cell’s eyes glowed with a faint reddish light, looking full of evil intentions. Suddenly, a majestic aura surged out like a mighty army and everything within a few hundred meters trembled under this aura.

Facing Cell who had suddenly erupted, Goku’s expression changed. The golden light on his body was being suppressed.

After a brief round of fighting, Goku thought he had figured out Cell’s strength, but it seems now… he is not so sure.

“I may not be able to stop you, but Xiaya and others definitely can.” Goku withdrew from Super Saiyan state and regained his black hair.


Cell’s handsome face turned gloomy, and a cold light appeared in his pupils. “Goku, do you think this is all my strength? It’s really regrettable! I’ll let you experience that no one in this world is my match.”

After he finished speaking, an earth-shattering aura suddenly erupted out and tyrannical power instantly spread throughout the world. Everyone on Earth was shocked by the frightening energy. The sky rumbled and the white clouds were dispersed by this power, revealing a serene blue sky.

It would have been a very beautiful scene if there were no wave-shaped ripples, but because of the ripples, lightning fell from the sky from time to time.

“Such frightening power.”

“Oh my God, has God appeared?”

“If the owner of this power wants to harm Earth, who can stop him?”

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document.write(''); Sensing Cell’s Ki for the first time, the faces of martial artists all around the world turned pale. In the face of this Ki, they didn’t even have the courage to move and a frustrated feeling of powerlessness instantly shrouded their hearts.

“You…” Goku was taken aback, staring at Cell, whose whole body was surrounded with lightning, in shock.

“This is my full strength! Even Trunks and that woman are no longer my match,” Super Perfect Cell said arrogantly, his body surrounded with demonic Ki.

At this moment, Goku couldn’t help but be silent. Although he, who came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, had reached Full Power Super Saiyan in one go, he could clearly feel that Cell’s aura was above his and the gap between them was very large. There is almost no possibility of victory.

Cell disdainfully looked at the silent Goku, and sneered indifferently. “After seven days, I am going to host the Cell Games here and all of you can participate.”

“I’ll show you arrogant and conceited people what true despair is.”

“From now on, this world will enter the Cell era. Lowly humans can only crawl under the feet of the strong. The weaklings should have the awareness of the weak and kneel down and lick my shoes.”

Cell has a Saiyan’s pride and arrogance and Frieza’s cold-heartedness; the words spoken by him were evil and extremely domineering.

“Seven days later, you will definitely be defeated.”

Goku raised his head to stare at him and returned to Lookout with Instant Transmission.

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“Damn it, I didn’t expect that Cell didn’t die. At that time, his Ki had clearly disappeared completely.” Piccolo had a somewhat astonished look on his face, but after witnessing Cell’s strength, it showed restlessness. He found it difficult to understand how Cell survived. It was really the first time that he had seen an Android with such strong vitality.

“In order to attain his current strength, he has absorbed millions of living beings.” Goku appeared on Lookout and told them about the information he had obtained from Cell.

“Dad!” Gohan shouted and ran over.
“What’s even more frightening is that the current Cell has become extremely powerful. Even Goku is not his match. I wonder if Xiaya and others can defeat him.” Krillin looked terrified and felt that the end of the world had arrived.

“I don’t know, but I should be able to defeat him.” Goku shook his head with a solemn expression. He doesn’t know how strong Xiaya is, but facing a frightening enemy like Cell, he felt pressure but at the same time, the blood in his veins boiled. There was a strong belief of becoming stronger in his heart.

“Chichi, after a while, enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with me and give me the method to use Kaio-ken.” Piccolo suddenly said to Chichi. Before Piccolo was more of a demon, so he did not want to learn Kaio-ken from North Kai, but Piccolo’s physique had changed after he merged into Ma Jr. Namekian.

“Yeah, your strength before could contend against 17. If you learn Kaio-ken, and as long as you use 4-5x Kaio-ken, you can definitely defeat Cell.”

Hearing Piccolo’s words, Yamcha punched his palm. Even though Super Perfect Cell was powerful, Piccolo was already stronger than 17 and the others. After learning Kaio-ken, defeating Cell is not impossible.

After thinking about it, everyone felt a lot relieved.

“No, I’ll enter the Time House next! Don’t even try to snatch it from me.” Vegeta yelled angrily.

“It’s okay, seven days is enough for us all to train.” Piccolo shrugged; he didn’t plan to fight Vegeta for this.

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At this time, Mr. Popo came out carrying a satellite TV. He pointed at the TV screen and said in panic, “Quickly look, everyone, Cell is not dead! Moreover, he has issued a challenge to the whole world!”

“That Cell really moved fast.”

“Earth is going to be in turmoil once again.”

On the TV, Cell first destroyed half of the city in front of the camera, and then announced that the “Cell Games” would be held in seven days. At that time he would accept challenges from the world’s strongest experts. If they lose the challenge, he will kill all of mankind and let everyone die one by one in terror, until he alone is left in the end.

“Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Trunks… I’ll be waiting for you in the arena! After defeating you, I will kill all the human beings.” Cell arrogantly declared war on the whole world.

Immediately, martial artists all over the world took action, gearing up to save Earth. Of course, many more people were aware of their own limitations and had no plans to participate in the Cell Games. Didn’t you see that green guy declare war on Goku and the others on TV? These ordinary martial artists haven’t yet achieved the qualifications to compete on the same stage with Goku and others.

“He is too arrogant; this hateful guy really wants to kill everyone.” Tien Shinhan said in astonishment.

“He has Frieza’s cells in his body. You all know what kind of person Frieza was!” Chichi sighed, her pretty face a bit pale. There is turmoil on Earth once again.

“Humph, I will kill him with my own hands.” Vegeta coldly looked at Cell on the TV, his fists clenched tightly.

At this time, a muffled rumbling came from inside the Lookout, and the main hall suddenly trembled, causing everyone to stumble. Then a powerful aura swept out from Lookout like a flood.
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