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Chapter 503: CELL GAMES
The martial artists on Earth are very strong, which is the result of practical tests. A fully armed hundred person squad’s battle ability may not be comparable to a martial artist who has trained with single-mindedness, let alone a legendary martial artist like Goku. It is precisely because of the existence of martial artists that Earth can repeatedly survive through the crises.

This is why Central City vigorously developed Earth’s Martial Arts.

Earth is too insignificant. Among the vast sea of ​​stars, it is only a small grain that can be ignored. There are too many powerful forces in the universe. As described in the novel, there are too many characters who can annihilate planets with just a flip of their hands. If Earth wants to survive in this cruel jungle, they can only improve their strength.

Today, the ghost towns phenomenon that has occurred on Earth is likely to be another crisis. The king prayed to the sky. “I hope Earth can survive safely as usual.”

Outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, after Krillin and Yamcha came out, Xiaya planned to enter with Trunks. Xiling, Myers, Xiang and others also followed them in.

“Teacher, doesn’t the Hyperbolic Time Chamber only allow two people to enter at a time?” Trunks asked Xiaya in surprise while standing outside the door.

“These rules are for people who are weak. The rules of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber are useless towards us,” Xiaya smiled and replied before heading into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

“Hurry up and enter. The gate will close in a moment.”

“Oh!” Trunks was dazed for a moment and then quickly followed, after which Xiling and Myers smiled and followed in too.

After the seven people walked into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, the space at the gate distorted before it closed. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber was in another space. The inside was hot and dry, empty, and had a stifling atmosphere which eroded everyone’s mind.

Xiaya had entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber many times and Xiling and his children had also trained in the Time Chamber. Only Myers and Trunks were entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the first time. They looked around curiously for a while, but only white empty space without any signs of life in it entered their eyes.

“So this is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The gravity is ten times that of Earth and the atmosphere is very hot and dry.” Trunks inwardly thought. Before long, sweat was dripping down from his face.

Training in such an environment will increase his strength significantly.

“Maybe before long, I can defeat Androids and save my world.” Trunks was full of confidence at this moment, becoming excited.

“Teacher, since you can ignore the rules of the Time House, why not let everyone come in and train together?”

“They are too weak. If there are too many people, it is likely for there to be accidental injuries.” Xiaya replied. The space in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber seems to be very large, but it is not infinite. If there are too many people, it will be difficult to spar.

He then has Trunks transform into Super Saiyan.

Trunks nodded, transforming into Super Saiyan.

Xiaya spoke to Xiling for a while and told her to lead Xiang, Xili, and Meifei with Myers to the side and train.

He then said to Trunks, “Before I help you with your training, I want to tell you about the levels of Super Saiyan, so that you can have a clear understanding.”

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document.write(''); “Super Saiyan’s levels?” Trunks felt puzzled. Does Super Saiyan also have levels? Anyway, it’s obvious that Teacher is going to teach him something very advanced, so he listened carefully.

Xiaya glanced at Trunks and nodded in satisfaction before transforming into Super Saiyan in front of him. The raging flames burned and then his aura became stronger and stronger, gradually exceeding the limits of Super Saiyan.

Trunks watched the changes to Xiaya’s body in shock. The vast and mighty aura raised up a fierce whirlwind, making him unable to open his eyes. He thought in amazement, “So this is the strength of Teacher Xiaya. He is also a Super Saiyan, but his aura alone makes people unable to pluck up the courage to fight.”

This strength makes people feel awe!

The golden light dispersed and Xiaya’s mighty and shocking figure appeared, the blond hair on his forehead spiking upwards. The vigorous aura and light golden Ki blaze continued to soar.

“Such formidable strength!” Trunks swallowed his saliva, looking shocked.

Seeing him in daze, Xiaya calmly said, “Super Saiyan has several transformations, and my current state is Super Saiyan 1.”

“Of course, Super Saiyan 1 is also divided into several levels. The most common is the ordinary Super Saiyan form, which occupies the majority of the intervals of the entire Super Saiyan transformation. Before it, there is False Super Saiyan, which is the low-level Super Saiyan at the threshold of Super Saiyan, followed by the ordinary Super Saiyan, Ascended Super Saiyan realm. At present, Vegeta is in the Ascended Super Saiyan realm. Then, there is Full Power Super Saiyan. Full Power state is the peak of the Super Saiyan 1 and is also the level Kakarrot has just reached.

Each Super Saiyan level corresponds to a different transformation intensity. The normal Super Saiyan has a 50-times increase, Ascended Super Saiyan realm is 65-times increase, while Full Power Super Saiyan is an 80-times increase…”

“Who would have thought that Super Saiyan transformation has so many different levels.” Trunks was inwardly shocked, but he also felt that what Xiaya said sounds reasonable.

Progress step by step, and continuously increase the intensity of Super Saiyan transformation. If no one taught these principles and Trunks had to research them by himself, although he could have thought of them in the future, it would have taken a lot of time. Now that he has heard detailed explanations from Xiaya, Trunks gradually gained a clear understanding of his future path.

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“Android 17 and 18 in my world are not as good as 17 and 18 in this world. As long as I can reach the Ascended Super Saiyan level similar to “Father”, it will be enough to save everyone.” Trunks quickly deduced. He was surprised to discover that he was still in the range of an ordinary Super Saiyan. If he wants to save his world, he has to reach the Ascended Super Saiyan realm.

Of course, with the guidance of a teacher like Xiaya, Trunks has no intention to just stop at this level.

Looking at Trunks, Xiaya continued, “What I just talked about is only the Super Saiyan 1 transformation. As for after that…”
Xiaya’s eyes flashed with a light, and he shouted loudly, doing an even more powerful transformation. With a muffled rumbling sound, a golden beam of light suddenly rose into the sky, and a mighty aura spread out. The white space inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber trembled.

Trunks was standing very close, so he was overwhelmed by the suddenly rising aura. He looked at Xiaya, whose whole body was surrounded with silver electric arcs, with a shocked look in his eyes.

“This is…what’s this state? Teacher’s strength is so terrifying!” Trunks watched with a dumbfounded look. His throat felt dry as he looked at what was happening before him in disbelief.

Teacher’s Ki from before was already enough to shock him, but now, after transforming again, it has become even more majestic.

“This is Super Saiyan 2, a higher intensity transformation above Super Saiyan 1.” Xiaya was standing tall proudly, his blonde hair soaring upwards into the sky.

Super Saiyan 2 was very domineering, but compared to his Ultimate state, his current strength was vastly inferior.

“Super Saiyan 2 is completely different from the previous transformation.” Trunks said incredulously. Of course, the transformation a moment ago was Super Saiyan, but now it is Super Saiyan 2, which is fundamentally a different level.

The activity on Xiaya’s side caught the attention of Xiang and the others.

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“Wow, Dad looks so handsome as Super Saiyan 2.”

“I can definitely also transform.”

“You should transform into Super Saiyan first!” Myers knocked all of them on their head.

Xiaya heaved a sigh and withdrew from the Super Saiyan 2 transformation.

“Super Saiyan 2 is not the end, after that there is Super Saiyan 3 and even more powerful transformations, but those are still too early for the current you. In one year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, you must first achieve the several transformations of Super Saiyan 1. If after that you are capable, then go and charge to Super Saiyan 2!”

Hearing that, Trunks’ expression turned stern and he shouted loudly, “Teacher, I understand!”

Xiaya nodded slightly. What he previously did was only to let Trunks understand his future path. With this guidance plus his pointers, there would be no more incorrect transformations like muscle form.

Trunks has exceptional talent. Before, there was no one who could give him pointers, but now there is Xiaya, an expert in all kinds of martial arts, to give him pointers. His speed of improvement was like flying.

Time flew, and soon one year had passed in the Time House while outside, a commotion was stirring on Earth. After his rebirth, Cell finally once again transformed into Perfect Form. The curtain on the game betting for the fate of Earth had been pulled open – the Cell Games!
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