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Chapter 502: FULL POWER GOKU
No one knows how strong Janemba is as no one has actually seen him before. Xiaya is also guessing based on the memories from his former life. It is useless to think more beforehand, so he stopped thinking about it and continued to guide Trunks during training.

A few minutes later, 17 also woke up. He jumped up in vigilance and adopted a defensive posture towards Xiaya and the rest. This is the advantage of being an Android, always full of physical strength and energy.

“Where is this place, where is 18?” 17 took two steps back in vigilance, his blue eyes watching everyone present closely.

Xiaya, Xiling, Myers, their whole family is here, and that baldy Krillin and the person named Yamcha too. 17 was shocked. Could it be that he was in their den?

“17, don’t worry, 18 is fine.” 16 said to 17 honestly.

“16, you are here too!” Seeing that 16 was also here, 17’s expression clearly relaxed a lot, then he asked in confusion, “Where is this place? Why are we here?”

“This is the Lookout, did you forget? Because of your carelessness, you were swallowed by another Android, Cell, and then 18 was also swallowed. Miss Xiling rushed over to rescue you both from Cell’s body.” 16 told him what had happened earlier.

Listening to that, 17 recalled what happened before he lost consciousness. At that time, they encountered that odd Android and were swallowed by him.

So to say, they indeed saved him. 17 put down his guard and nodded to Xiling and the others.

“Thank you!” 17 thought for a while before expressing his thanks.

Then, he felt the stickiness on his body. Disgusting! Saying that, he immediately flew off the Lookout to look for a lake and swam a few rounds inside. When he returned to the Lookout, he found his sister 18 there too. She had already changed into a clean dress.

“18, it’s great that you are fine.” 17 stepped forward and said happily. After experiencing being swallowed by Cell, 17 was not as arrogant as before, knowing that there are many more powerful people compared to him on Earth.

“Of course I’m fine.” 18 said coldly, with a hint of warmth on her delicate face.

18 suddenly walked over to where Xiaya was standing, looked at Xiaya, Xiling and Myers, and said seriously, “Hello, my name is Lazuli!”

Xiaya was dazed for a moment before saying, “A nice name. My name is Xiaya.”

“Umm.” 18 nodded in response.

Xiling looked at 18 attentively, vaguely feeling that she was a little familiar, and suddenly said, “18, have we met somewhere before?”

“Hey, now that you are saying that, it’s indeed true.” Myers also felt as if she had seen 18 somewhere.

“Maybe she looks like someone?” Xiaya looked at 18’s beautiful face, which reminded him of the 18 from the other world, but he couldn’t recall.

“…” 18 frowned slightly and did not respond.

17 walked over and asked 18 in a whisper, “18, you couldn’t really have gotten acquainted with them before, right? Just say if you know them.”

He and 18 are twins. Normally, the people that she knows, he knew too, but he was pretty sure he hadn’t seen the Xiaya family before.

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document.write(''); “Mind your own business!” 18 gave 17 a fierce look and then looked around with curiosity.

Time flew, the sun and moon reversed.

The next day, the first rays of morning sun traversed out of the sky with a warm light. The clear sky was bright red, bringing the significance of life.

At the exit of the main hall, Goku and Gohan walked out wearing tattered Battle Armor. They were maintaining the Super Saiyan state. Seeing that everyone was here, they walked over and said hello.

“Hey, everyone is here. How has Piccolo’s Ki gotten so strong?” Goku walked over with a smile. Suddenly sensing that Piccolo’s Ki had increased by several times, he asked curiously.

“Piccolo has merged with old Kami.” Chichi replied.

“Wow, Namekians are really amazing.” Goku shouted.

Seeing Goku come out, Xiaya, who was sitting on a chair, glanced back, frowning slightly. “As expected, Goku and Gohan have reached Full Power Super Saiyan. Especially Gohan. Just one year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and he has improved so much.”

Right now, Gohan is only nine years old. Tsk tsk, he is already a Full Power Super Saiyan? Xiaya glanced at Goku and Gohan, and then turned towards his children. Xiang, Xili, and Meifei are all one year younger than Gohan, but their potentials are not necessarily worse than Gohan.

“Kakarrot, you can maintain Super Saiyan form in your normal state!” Vegeta stared at Goku as an astonished look flashed in his eyes, his eyes sparkling. Goku’s current form was similar to the appearance that Xiling and others always maintain. Maintaining Super Saiyan form in the normal state, Vegeta knew its meaning too well.

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Once one has adapted to Super Saiyan form in the normal state, a more powerful transformation can be carried out during battle.

Before he knew it, Kakarrot had surpassed him again. Vegeta’s heart was seething with complex emotions, and he was eager to enter the Time House again to train. Moreover, what made Vegeta even more upset was that even that brat Gohan had surpassed him above the Super Saiyan level.
It’s unacceptable that a nine-year-old child is even more outstanding than him.

“Haha, this is what I trained after a long time of research and based on Xiling and others’ forms.” Goku put on new clothes, his face full of confidence.

“Humph!” Vegeta snorted coldly, his body emitting a cold Ki. Goku can be proud for now, but he will surpass him soon.

At this time, Goku discovered 17 and 18 on Lookout, and asked in confusion, “Why are 17 and 18 here? Hey, that monster’s Ki from before has disappeared. What happened?”

“Goku, you have come out late, Cell has already been killed…” Krillin laughed heartily, his tone very relaxed.

After that he explained everything in detail.

Hearing that, Goku couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. “Cell is already dead? I wanted to fight him as well… However, Xiling can easily squeeze Cell Perfect Form to death. She is really powerful.”

What Goku admires most are the strong experts. If it weren’t for knowing that the gap between him and Xiling, Myers, and Xiaya is too big, he would have long fought with them.

“Anyway, I wonder how powerful that evil creature that Kai talked about is? I am looking forward to it!”

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After Krillin and Yamcha entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, for the following day, the Lookout was calm and didn’t sense the strong crisis. However, on the surface, the officials of Central City were under pressure because even more cities had turned into ghost towns.


The king pounded his fist on the desk, causing the huge pile of documents on it to shake. The officials around him had grim looks on their faces because several more cities had been destroyed in just one day.

“Damn it, this is already the twenty-seventh city, and there is still no clue.”

“Your Majesty, these cities are far apart from each other, almost all over in the world, not concentrated in one place like before.”

“The opponent seems to be hiding from something?”

The king waved his hand and leaned weakly on the table. “No matter who the opponent is, their actions have seriously endangered the safety of humans.”

“Your Majesty, investigation via technology can’t produce results. How about we contact the Sacred Land of Korin. It is said that there is also the Kami above Immortal Korin. Maybe Kami knows something.”

“Then make arrangements as soon as possible.”

“Yes!” The official shouted solemnly.

When he was about to go out, the king said, “Wait, also mobilize martial artists from all over the world, and invite them to participate in the investigation together. Maybe they can provide help in the investigation with their skills.”
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