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Chapter 500

After 17 and 18 were rescued, Cell was directly knocked down to his initial Imperfect Form . After she waved her hand and punched him till he was half-dead . Xiling stopped attacking, picked up 18, and said to Piccolo and 16, “You take 17 and Vegeta . We are leaving . ”

“Xiling, why are we not taking care of Cell? It’s better to kill him completely . ” A cold light flashed in Piccolo’s eyes .

“It’s not my concern . Leave him for Kakarrot . Aren’t they training so hard to defeat Cell? I intervened in order to rescue 17 and 18 . It can considered as paying for Vegeta’s stupid behavior . ”


Piccolo sighed, revealing unwillingness on his face . If Cell is left on Earth, then who knows how many innocent Earthlings would die at his hands . As a Namekian who fused with old Kami, Piccolo couldn’t bear it .

“For those who have died, they can be resurrected with dragon balls . ”

Xiling doesn’t much care about the life and death of the people on Earth . Anyway, dragon balls can be used to resurrect them . If they can make use of Cell to train some strong experts, it will be beneficial to Earth .

“The dragon balls have disappeared . ”

“No, Earth’s dragon balls are gone, but they can be created again . ”

“It’s not good to just let the enemy go like this,” 16 suddenly said .

16 is gentle and rarely talks about killing, but the action of leaving Cell is not suitable in his opinion . It will only harm more people . Kill one to save thousands, regardless of whether such values ​​are correct or not . At this time, 16 had to exercise such a value judgment .

Xiling looked straight at 16 and thought about it for a while . She suddenly feels that what 16 said was right .

On one hand, she and Xiaya are not afraid of Cell transforming into his Perfect Form as they can obviously kill him, but on the other hand, they only were letting Cell live because they at first just wanted to be spectators and enjoy the interesting game from the start . But letting Cell live as someone who may pose a threat, she shouldn’t make mistakes like Vegeta .

Looking at the Cell crawling on the ground, Xiling nodded . “You are right . As Cell has run into me, he shouldn’t be kept alive . Then I will kill Cell . When Kakarrot asks, you explain it yourself!”

“Of course . ”


Piccolo and 16 were overjoyed and both of them nodded . As long as they can kill Cell, they are willing to pay any price .

Xiling nodded at them and gathered a sparkling energy ball in her palm before slapping it at Cell . There was a muffled rumbling as the ground suddenly sank . The mountain couldn’t stand it and collapsed, spreading a cloud of dust . A huge ring-shaped pit of a hundred meters square appeared at that place . A large amount of energy swept across ​​several kilometers of area, which caused an area of criss-crossed fissures and full of cracks to appear .

She retracted her palms away . Cell was slapped into meat paste by Xiling . His core was shattered and he couldn’t be more dead .

“Let’s go!”

Saying that in a soft voice, Xiling brought along 18 and teleported away . Piccolo and 16 blankly stared at Cell, who had turned into meat paste, and shook their heads . Not sensing Cell’s Ki anymore, they were relieved and carried 17 and Vegeta and flew away towards the Lookout .

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Soon after they disappeared, a red figure emerged from the void, her icy blood-red eyes looking at the well-cooked meat paste on the ground that was emitting black smoke, and said softly, “Another odd Android . Well, unlike Janemba, he has integrated many bloodlines . He may give me some inspiration for my future plans . ”

She stretched out her finger and pointed at the meat paste . A piece of the charred remains of tissue was collected into her hand . Then, thinking for a bit, she threw out a blood-red crystal . Immediately, as if having smelled food, the soft flesh on the ground squirmed around the crystal as the core and quickly converged into a fist-sized meatball .

“One Janemba is not enough . So, Android Cell, let me see if there is any value in producing a lifeform which is the amalgamation of bloodlines . ” Saying that in a deep voice, Mira looked at the meatball Cell like looking at an ant .

“Master!” The meatball grew bigger and turned into an Imperfect Form Cell, which called out to Mira respectfully . The current Cell looked similar to that of Imperfect Form, but his entire body was surrounded by black gas and his eyes had turned red .

“Grow to your heart’s content . Let me see to what heights a fusion lifeform can ultimately reach . ” Mira ordered Cell .

“Yes, Master, the cells in my body have already recorded the state of Perfect Form . As long as I am given enough living beings, I will soon be able to revert to Perfect Form and even make a more powerful breakthrough . ” Cell looked respectfully at Mira, as if brainwashed . His eyes were filled with zealotry for Mira .

Nodding slightly, Mira looked at Cell calmly, waved at him, and gradually disappeared into the void .

After Mira left, Cell stood up straight, his entire body exuding an evil demonic Ki . “I need to swallow and kill even more lifeforms and then become stronger . When I achieve Perfect Form again, that Saiyan woman, 17, 18, and Trunks . All of them will die in my hands . ”

“But for now, before I become stronger, I need to hide . ”

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Cell rolled his eyes and concealed the Ki on his body, then his body flashed and quickly rushed into a forest, disappearing .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

At midnight, the palace in Central City was brightly lit . A guard hurriedly barged into the king’s resting room .

“What’s the matter, why are you so panicked?” The king put on his glasses and asked the guard who had barged in .

“Your Majesty, this is urgent information that was just transmitted over . ” The guard handed over the document containing the information .

“What? This all happened in one day?” After reading the document, the king hurriedly spoke .

“Yes, within one day, 15 cities in the southern region encountered a devastating crisis and all the 1 . 2 million residents have completely disappeared . This is an unprecedented event . ” The guard reported truthfully .

What happened in the southern region was too sensational . Fifteen cities were turned into ghost towns within one day . All the people who lived there were missing . When investigators entered, they only saw clothes and stuff resembling human skin strewn all over the ground, which told them that this was another catastrophe .

“1 . 2 million lives!” The king’s eyes were dull as he clenched his hands into fists and slammed them down angrily . “Investigate it with all your efforts . We must find the truth of this matter . ”

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The guard saluted seriously . If it is related to the lives of so many people, then the cause must be investigated . Has a monster that eats humans appeared on Earth? Or some evil organization has committed an unscrupulous massacre? It needs to be investigated in detail .

…… .

At the Lookout, Xiling teleported back with 18 and handed the unconscious 18 to Chichi . “Bring her for a bath . Piccolo and the others will be back soon . ”

“Okay . ” Chichi looked at 18, who was entirely covered in slimy liquid, nodded softly and went down with her .

“Did you kill Cell?” Seeing Xiling return, Xiaya asked . Just now Cell’s aura had completely disappeared . When he thought about it, he knew it was Xiling’s work .

“Yes, you won’t blame me, right?” Xiling said charmingly .

Xiaya smiled and shook his head . “Of course not . It’s fine if he is dead . We just missed a good show . ”

“Hehe, it’s okay . ” Xiling said .

However, the people on Trunks’ side were excited . The death of Cell made them perk up . The death of such a monster that threatens Earth is really good news for them

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