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Chapter 498

The so-called ignorant are fearless . The four Kai’s have never seen the dreadful Janemba, so they were thinking about how to eliminate him . Once they knew Janemba’s true strength, perhaps they would be worried about whether the universe will get destroyed or not .

After finishing the conversation with Grand Kai, the four Kai’s each went into action respectively .

In addition to searching for the whereabouts of the evil creature, they also have to mobilize the experts in their respective domains to form an army that can destroy the evil creature .

“I wonder if the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan are willing to contribute…” This was the thought in East Kai’s mind . After seeing Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan take action and eliminate Metal-Bojack, East Kai has been tight-lipped about Planet Hongshan, even allowing them the freedom . In fact, they are already so powerful that it exceeds the Kai’s jurisdiction .

But when facing an evil creature stronger than Bojack, she could only go to their door for help with a thick skin .

Compared to East Kai, North Kai was much more relaxed . Even the evil Frieza was killed on Planet Namek . It is hard to think that there is someone else that Goku and the others can’t kill .

“Heh heh, if Goku and the others are willing to make a move…”

Thinking of this, North Kai began to shift his sight to Earth, but he immediately collapsed to the ground as a frighteningly evil aura came from Earth . North Kai’s whole body trembled as if he had fallen into an icy cave .

North Kai’s body twitched and he wailed: “What’s going on, why has such an evil guy appeared on Earth?”

But misfortune does not come singly, at that time, Grand Kai once again communicated . “North Kai, you should be careful . That evil creature has already appeared in the universe and is heading towards the North Area . ”

Cutting off the communication, North Kai dumbly stood there .

“I’m really unlucky…”

On the Lookout, after Vegeta left the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku and Gohan had entered for training . Xiaya and others were sitting in the Lookout’s plaza; Xiaya had taken out tables, chairs, benches, and a large amount of food from the dimension space, and then started to eat under everyone’s eyes .

People who didn’t know would have thought they were having a picnic here .

“Trunks, make your movements a little more coordinated, don’t be too stiff . And Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, don’t be so overcautious and attack with your everything . Trunks is not so weak . ” Xiaya held half of a watermelon as he scooped it out using a spoon and delivered it to his mouth .

“Yes!” Trunks, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu all answered, and then continued to fight fiercely . For a while, various colours of lightning and fire swept out . A fierce wind erupted and the tremendous pressure caused the trees on both sides of the Lookout to bend .

“Sigh, look, Tien Shinhan and the others are getting more and more powerful!” Krillin exclaimed in admiration from the side .

“You’re also not much weaker . Master Roshi taught you both Thunder Shock Surprise and Evil Containment Wave!” Yamcha was exercising as he spoke enviously .

“I’m thinking of a way to combine them with Destructo Disc, but I don’t have any ideas yet . ” Speaking of the unique skills taught by Master Roshi, ​​Krillin was full of smiles .

Suddenly, an evil and majestic aura spread over from the mortal world .

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A ripple appeared in the sky, even causing the Lookout to tremble slightly . Trunks and Tien Shinhan both gestured with their hands, their faces grave while looking around . Soon an icy, frightening aura spread out, the horrifying pressure assaulting their hearts heavily . Except for a few people like Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers, the others couldn’t help but show an aghast look .

“What powerful evil aura! Also this Ki is actually mixed with Goku’s Ki!”

“Not only that, there is also Piccolo’s Ki, my God, and even Frieza’s Ki is there…” Krillin’s countenance instantly turned dark . He couldn’t understand what could have happened below . So many different people’s Ki were mixed together . It is simply impossible .

“Cell, did he transform into his Perfect Form?”

Xiaya raised his head as a sharp radiance flashed in his eyes, and then with a calm look on his face, he continued to eat the watermelon .

“How could this happen? Piccolo and Vegeta have already gone over to stop it, how can Cell still achieve Perfect Form?” Trunks said in disbelief .

Chichi angrily said, “It’s because of that prideful Vegeta . In order to test his strength, he allowed Cell to absorb Android 18 and also blocked 16 and Piccolo from interfering . ”

“Vegeta…” Krillin gasped for breath, dripping with cold sweat .

Everyone was also dumbfounded, and suddenly remembered, Isn’t Vegeta just such a person? Doing things regardless of the consequences!

“How could it be? That Vegeta!” Trunks was particularly angry; he had come to this world to avert the crisis, but Vegeta… how dare he do this! Trunks suddenly felt powerlessness . Is this the legendary pig-like teammate? He is really unable to do anything right . A Saiyan’s pride should not be expressed in such an area!

“It’s not the time to hold someone accountable . ” Tien Shinhan couldn’t help but sigh as he said, “Semi-Perfect Cell was already stronger than Android 17 . Now that he has absorbed both 17 and 18, he has become more difficult to deal with . ”

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Hearing his words, everyone broke out in cold sweat .

“Humph, that idiot Vegeta, he allowed Cell to absorb 18! Hehe, this time he was too smart for his own good . How is he going to deal with Perfect Form Cell? Let’s see, he will soon be embarrassed . ” It was Myers who spoke . She had met 18 and had a good impression of that pretty little girl . Vegeta’s conceitedness had caused big trouble this time .

When everyone heard her, they couldn’t help nodding . Isn’t it right, the current Cell is frighteningly strong, and perhaps that Vegeta, the cause of all this, did not expect it at the beginning . Now, it seems he is going to lose again .

“Teacher Xiaya, please take action to stop Cell . Now, no one is his match . ” Trunks pleaded with an ashamed look on his face . After all, the cause of this situation was his “father” Vegeta .

Xiaya leaned against his chair, flicking his fingers constantly .

Suddenly, he said, “Xiling, you go get 17 and 18 out of Cell’s stomach and then bring the Androids here . Don’t interfere with the rest . It will teach Vegeta a lesson . ”

He spoke calmly, but this time he was a little angry . What is Vegeta doing? Excessive pride is conceit, and excessive conceitedness is foolishness . In the original work, many times Vegeta would be pushed to an impasse even in a good situation . Although this is required for the story line, at least he should have some IQ! Unexpectedly, he is still like this here .

Xiaya wanted to ask, are you actually an undercover agent sent by the enemy to infiltrate into the protagonist’s team?

It seems that when facing a powerful enemy in the future, I also have to worry about whether Vegeta will run to “aid the enemy”!

After receiving Xiaya’s instructions, Xiling gave a charming smile like a peach blossom in spring, bringing a refreshing fragrance, and immediately the pressure on everyone’s head disappeared .

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“Leave it to me!” Xiling smiled and immediately left Lookout with Instant Transmission .

In the chaotic battlefield of the mortal world, Vegeta’s body was covered with scars and the aura flickering on his body had dimmed . The high-spirited him had allowed Cell to swallow 18 and achieve Perfect Form as he felt that he was invincible . He thought he could easily defeat Cell, but to his surprise he wasn’t able to fight back at all in front of Perfect Form Cell .

Since the beginning of the battle, he was being suppressed .

“Bastard!” Vegeta gasped for breath, his body buried deep into the ground .

“That idiot Vegeta!” Piccolo roared angrily in his heart, his eyes spewing with cold light . If he could, he really wanted to kill him .

Just because of Vegeta’s conceit, the excellent opportunity was completely lost, not to mention, now they have to face a much more grave situation .

“Let’s retreat first, Perfect Form Cell is no longer someone we can deal with . ” 16 lowered his head and said . The swallowing of 17 and 18 has caused murderous intent to rise for the first time in his heart .

Piccolo glanced at 16, and nodded without saying a word .

The current situation was beyond their control . They had to hope Goku and the others could defeat Cell after they emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber .

Opposite them, Perfect Form Cell warmed up . The exchange just now didn’t even count as a warm-up, but it made him gradually understand his strength . He became addicted to his powerful strength .

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