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Chapter 496

“What is this monster?” Staring at the sudden appearance of Cell, 17’s countenance turned ugly . The other’s insect-like vertical pupils were looking at him as if looking at food .

“Haha, 17, 18, I finally found you . Let us merge into one!” Cell narrowed his eyes and said with a loud laugh as his hideous body resembling a cicada quickly rushed over to 17 and 18 .

Seeing the hideous looking guy suddenly appear in front of him and say that he wants to merge with him, 17’s heart thumped and he immediately erupted into an indescribable rage, shouting angrily . “Where did this reptile come from? It dared to spy on me? It must be tired of living!”

“Be careful, this guy is not simple . ” 18 stood side by side with 17 .

“Heh heh, today is a memorable day, I will soon transform into Perfect Form!” Cell ignored 17’s shout, and was still muttering to himself .

Seeing that he was ignored, 17 was gloomy like water, and was about to step forward and teach him a lesson when a thin energy blade flew over from the sky . Suddenly, an icy aura suddenly pressed over them, causing both 17 and Cell to be startled .

“Who is it?” Cell shouted angrily and raised his head to look at the person who had arrived . His pupils suddenly shrank into a vertical line . “So, it’s you, the Namekian named Piccolo . You want to stop me from absorbing 17 and 18?”

“My name is Ma Junior!” Piccolo took off his hat and cloak and loosened up .

“Aren’t you called Piccolo? When did you change your name? Anyway it’s not important . Since you want to stop me from transforming into Perfect Form, then you are my enemy,” Cell said in a hoarse voice .

“Piccolo is my former name, I’m just a Namekian who is living outside!” He said in a profound voice . The current Piccolo has merged with the old Kami and recovered the real appearance of a Namekian .

Smart, powerful, and mysterious, Piccolo feels completely different .

“Die!” Cell roared .

Swish! After they both spoke, Cell and Piccolo moved at the same time . For a while, lightning-like afterimages were everywhere, and sounds of sonic booms came from everywhere . Bang, bang… bang! The mountain shook, and under the assault of the enormous energy, it began to cause widespread ​​collapse . The air waves were surging, and yellow sand filled the sky . The surging currents spread out, and as if it was the end of the world, it soon drowned the line of sight .

As the people involved, 17 and 18 were floating in the air, looking at Piccolo and Cell in battle, their faces revealing shocked expressions .

“Hey, is there a mistake? When did Piccolo become so powerful? And that strange creature, it’s too dangerous . ” 17 found it hard to believe . The strength that Piccolo was displaying was completely inconsistent with the information!

At this time, he started to complain about Dr . Gero . How did he collect the information? Goku and Vegeta were much more powerful than said and even Piccolo is so powerful . Fortunately, they didn’t fight Piccolo as soon as they woke up . Otherwise they would never have the chance to escape unscathed .

“17, 18, pay attention, the energy of both of them is above you two . Hide far away when you come across them . ” 16 turned on the detector, and his wooden and dull expression became serious .

“Got it!” 17 shouted, not in a good mood .

It’s really embarrassing . The dignified Androids will have such difficult times . This was completely different from the high-spirited and energetic look from when he had just woken up .

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18’s beautiful eyes stared at the green insect-like creature and Xiaya’s warning sounded in her mind, she bit her lip and said: “That insect is the Android who wants to swallow us to complete his evolution . Let’s stay far away from him . ”

“But where can we run away to?”

“Why don’t we go look for Xiaya…” 18 said in a cold voice .

17 stared at his elder sister in a daze, and suddenly realized that 18 had become different ever since she had woken up . He curled his lips and said: “You can go if you want to . I won’t go ask for help even if I’m swallowed . ”

“Why…are you…” 18 was angry . Why is he so headstrong when it’s a life and death matter .

“Be careful!” 17 suddenly shouted and pushed 18 away . At this time, Cell suddenly rushed over as the thick tail behind his back extended into a trumpet-shape, and he placed one hand on 17’s head, trying to absorb him .

18 was stunned, and hurriedly went to rescue him, but was sent flying out by an Energy bomb from Cell and knocked against a far away mountain ridge .

“He he he, 17, let me absorb you first!”

Cell laughed crazily, and the tail behind him accelerated its swallowing speed, but at this time 16 attacked . A pair of thick and strong arms directly grabbed the root of the tail, and then pulled hard, causing a large section of the tail to snap .

“Cough, cough!” 17 struggled out of the cut off section of the tail and coughed violently .

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“Who are you?” Cell looked at 16 cautiously, and searched through all the information but he found no record of 16 .

16 ignored Cell and turned to 17 and 18 and said, “This guy is very dangerous . You should leave at once . It is best to go look for that Saiyan named Xiaya . ”

17 opened his mouth and wanted to say something but stopped . The experience just now made him experience the taste of death, and in the end he stopped trying to be brave . He silently stood together with 18, ready to leave .

“Damn it, don’t even think about leaving! Obediently become my nourishment . ” Cell angrily roared, and a vast and mighty aura rose, forming waves and spreading out in all directions . The ground cracked, the stones flew up, and winding cracks appeared .

“With me here, you can forget about swallowing them!”

The large body of 16 appeared in front of Cell, completely ignoring Cell’s aura .

“No, no, I came to this era with great difficulty, 17 and 18 are right in front of me, how could I give up easily . ” Cell was frantic as dark killing aura spread out . It was like more than ten coolers operating at the same time . The blistering hot temperature suddenly dropped to around ten degrees .

“16, this Android is the source of every disaster, let us join hands to kill him!” Piccolo flew over and stopped next to 16 .

After fusing with old Kami, Piccolo’s strength greatly increased . However, facing Cell, who had absorbed countless living being’s essence, and had a lot of bloodlines, he was still at a disadvantage . In order to wipe out Cell, he proposed to join forces with Android 16 .

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“He he he, joining forces to kill me? Today, I must absorb 17 and 18, and anyone trying to stop me is going to die!” Cell said .

“Solar Flare!”

Suddenly, Cell put both his hands on his forehead and shouted loudly . A bright and dazzling light suddenly appeared, like a rising blazing white sun, pricking everyone’s eyes .

“Not good!”

“I won’t let you have your way . ”

“17, let’s merge!” Cell laughed arrogantly . When everyone was temporarily blinded, he jumped in front of 17 and the tail behind his back squirmed and a new slimy tail grew out, and then it opened into a trumpet- shape before sucking 17 in .

“17!” Seeing 17 getting absorbed, 18 who was standing next to 17, turned pale with fright and shouted angrily before attacking Cell again and again .

In a dark red fireball emitting blue electric arcs, a figure could be vaguely seen . Cell was hiding intact in the fireball!

“Energy Shield!” Surprise flashed through 18’s mind, and she said in astonishment .

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