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Androids do not have aura like humans. If they hide, there is no way to find them unless they show up.

Seeing the meat from his mouth fly away like this, the veins on Vegeta’s head moved and he loudly shouted at Goku. “Kakarrot, if it weren’t for your carelessness, that Android wouldn’t have escaped!”

“How can you blame me. It’s obviously because that Android is cunning!” Goku shook his head innocently.

“Humph!” Angrily snorting, Vegeta moved to the side and said nothing.

“What to do, that Android doesn’t have aura. If he runs amok, we won’t be able to find him!” Krillin exclaimed anxiously. That Dr. Gero seems to be weak, but his escaping skills were definitely not weak. It is harder than climbing to heaven if they want to find him!

“He he, that old man is not strong at all; he is much inferior to Aunt Zangya,” Xiang said tactlessly.

“Idiot, that Android is so ugly, how can he be compared to Aunt Zangya,” Xili retorted.

Meifei stood expressionlessly on the side. She had wanted to attack just now, but she didn’t have any opportunity.

Just then, Trunks from the other world appeared in front of everyone. He looked at Goku and the others with a questioning gaze, and glanced at the island which was destroyed beyond recognition, saying, “What happened just now? Who were you fighting with?”

“Weren’t they the Androids you spoke about?”

“Androids? You met them so soon?” Trunks looked nervous.

“Yes, Vegeta killed one of them, but unfortunately the other old man ran away.”

“Fatty? Old man? Did you make a mistake?” Trunks frowned.

“What’s wrong, they are not the Androids you were talking about?” Krillin looked at Trunks oddly.

“No, in my world, the Androids who plunged my world into depths of suffering are 17 and 18. 17 is a black-haired young man with a scarf around his neck, and 18 is a girl with blond hair and clothes similar to mine. They both look cold and wear golden earrings, so it’s easy to recognize them!”

“A female Android?” Krillin was surprised. The Androids they just fought against were either an old man or a fatty. Where was the girl?!

“Well, and their energy is almost limitless, never exhausted! In short, very scary!”

“It’s different. Is it because the world is different?” Piccolo muttered to himself after listening to Trunks’ description.

“So we just fought wrong people?” Vegeta’s face was full of displeasure.

“Wait, I seemed to have heard the old man shout 17 and 18 just now, saying that they would not let us off,” Gohan raised his hand and said.

Trunks blankly stared at purple-haired Gohan. So, big brother Gohan in this world looks like this, completely different from Gohan in his own world.

Thinking of Gohan who died at the hands of the Androids in order to protect him, Trunks looked sad, but he soon came back to his senses. “Then, even if the people who fought with you just now are not 17 and 18, they must be Androids! 17 and 18 must be somewhere else; we have to find them.”

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“Trunks is right, but Androids don’t have aura, so it’s not easy to find them!” Chichi said frustratedly, divulging Trunks name by mistake.

“Trunks? It’s the same name as Tights’ son.”

Everyone reacted, and looked at Trunks with an odd look on their face before their eyes moved from Trunks and Vegeta, and finally stopped on Gohan. Looking at them, the two really look alike.

Vegeta was also taken aback, looking straight at Trunks before he turned around his with a cold snort.

“Ahem, ahem,” Trunks coughed, feeling awkward. At this time, he just wanted to be an unfamiliar outsider.

“By the way, I know the identity of that Android just now. Listening to your description, that guy must be Dr. Gero himself. As long as we find Dr. Gero’s lab, we will definitely know the whereabouts of the Androids.”

“The question is where is Dr. Gero’s lab?”

“Maybe Bulma will know something.”

In the end, they surmised that the Android that ran away might be Dr. Gero himself, and then went to look for Bulma to ask her about the location of Dr. Gero’s lab.

A few hundred kilometers away, they found Bulma. She and Tights were on their way back to where they came from on the aircraft.

Looking at Bulma, who was dozens of years younger, Trunks didn’t know how to call her for a while, and the Tights next to her. On the basis of blood relationship, he was supposed to call her Auntie, but now, looking at the blonde-haired baby in Tights’ arms, the words “Auntie” were stuck in his throat.

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“You are also called Trunks?” Bulma’s purple eyes gleamed as she looked at Trunks with a smile on her face.

Trunks nodded silently and looked at the young-version of his mother. She should be very happy right now, right?
Thinking of the other world and his mother’s exhausted look, and looking at the present, they are almost like two different people.

“It seems that in the other world, I should be very close to you. It has really been hard for you.” Bulma sighed. Facing the youth who appeared suddenly and was possibly blood-related with her, Bulma could only try and relax and draw a distinction between the two worlds. In any case, the relationships of the other world cannot affect this side.

Trunks shook his head and asked, “Excuse me, may I ask where Dr Gero’s lab is?”

“Dr. Gero? I have heard that his lab seems to be in the Arctic region.”

After getting the approximate location of the Dr. Gero’s lab, they split up to find his lab in the polar glacier area.


In the cold Northern Mountains, the white snow covered the mountains. Looking from the distance, it looked like a vast expanse of whiteness covered in heavy makeup and dressed in white. Icy winds blew, causing the snow on the green cedar trees to fall down.

Dr. Gero’s lab.

Hesitating again and again, Dr. Gero opened the hibernation chamber marked with “17” and “18”, preparing to wake up Android 17 and 18.

With two “click” sounds, the hibernation chamber opened and a man and a woman got up from the hibernation chamber. The man had black hair, his expression was cold, and he was wearing a scarf around his neck. The woman was cold like frost and her blue eyes were flickering with cold light.

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“17, 18, take action quickly! Goku and his friends will arrive soon. I want you to wipe them all out, and leave no one alive!” Seeing that there were no abnormalities with the two Androids, Dr. Gero began to give orders.

“Yes!” 17 said coldly, and then suddenly, his body flashed and like a lightning strike, he snatched the Shut Down Remote from Dr. Gero’s hand.

“What!” Dr. Gero’s heart was shaken by the sudden change, and a bad premonition immediately appeared in his heart. He roared in horror, “17, what are you doing!”

Does it even need to be asked what he is doing? 17 sneered and immediately attacked him. It was too late for Dr. Gero to ponder deeply about it as he felt dizzy before his head went spinning in the sky. It flew far away, and then it was crushed under 17’s foot.

“Die, old man. We don’t want to be controlled by you anymore!”

“Hee hee, 17, you attacked so fast. We will be more at ease without this old guy!” With a faint smile, 18’s beautiful face shone with a soft light, her blue eyes looking around everywhere. She quickly saw a large hibernation chamber placed in the center of the Lab.

“Hey, what about this number 16 here. It looks different from us! Dr. Gero has created so many Androids. I wonder how powerful this guy is. Should we open it to take a look?” 18 asked while tilting her head.

17 shrugged, indicating to let her decide on her own.

18 smiled excitedly, and she bent down and pressed the button on 16’s hibernation chamber.

Click! The hibernation chamber of 16 opened, and tall and sturdy 16 with brown hair awakened.

But before 18 could step forward to say a few words to 16, the steel gate of the lab was blown open. The smoke cleared and Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Xiang and Xili appeared outside the lab.
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