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Chapter 487: SO WEAK!
Sensing Piccolo’s aura erupting in the distance, Goku and the others knew that Piccolo had found Androids, so their bodies burst forth with a flash and rushed over at full speed.

“Are these two guys Androids? Are they really as powerful as described?” Krillin had also rushed over, but the Androids he saw were a fatty and an old man. With such a shabby image, it was really difficult to connect them with a expert.

Goku, Vegeta, and Chichi also looked at them with doubts. Although they didn’t know the specific strengths of the Androids, according to the description of the young man from the future, the strength of the Androids is above Super Saiyan. But looking at their appearance, they really don’t look like it!

No wonder they shouldn’t judge people by their appearance. If a real expert grows up like this, it would be like a perfect disguise.

“Be careful, pay attention to the palms of the two Androids. They can absorb our energy. I was sneak attacked by them just now,” Yamcha said with a solemn expression. He had already experienced the danger once.

Although the impression given by Android 19 and 20 was not particularly good, their strength however was quite frightening. That’s more their palms had a device that can absorb energy.

“Ha, then we just need to avoid their palms. It’s nothing to be worried about,” Vegeta said indifferently, his face showing disdain. He suddenly roared and his body burst into golden light, transforming into Super Saiyan just like that, and then he flashed and immediately rushed towards Android 19 and 20.

Under Android 19 and 20’s stunned expressions, he suddenly launched an attack.

“Oh, Vegeta became a Super Saiyan!” Krillin cried out in surprise when he saw Vegeta’s state.

“It’s not only that, Vegeta’s Ki is even stronger than Goku back then!” Tien Shinhan’s face flashed with surprise as he spoke seriously.

“Hahaha, good, it turns out that Vegeta is already so powerful.” Goku scratched his head and laughed loudly, not surprised at the strength shown by Vegeta.

Tien Shinhan looked solemn as he glanced at Goku thoughtfully, and then he turned his gaze back to Vegeta and the Androids’ fight.

On the island with towering mountains and odd rocks scattered everywhere.

As Vegeta and Androids fought, there were continuous sounds of explosions, and dazzling lights flickered amidst the smoke. Vegeta, who had already transformed into Super Saiyan, and Android 19 and 20 were fighting fiercely.

Vegeta laughed wildly, releasing the power of Super Saiyan to his heart’s content. He had been holding back for too long. Now that he has fulfilled his dream of transforming into Super Saiyan, he needs to use a cold attitude to vent it out and defend the dignity of the prince with the blood of his enemy. With fierce whistling sounds, Vegeta was not at all disadvantaged when fighting one against two.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sky trembled, the air surged. A large amount of violent energy dissipated everywhere and the ground rumbled.

“Hey, Vegeta has become stronger again, and he is actually suppressing the Androids!” Krillin stared, dumbfounded.

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Piccolo looked at the battle with a gloomy expression. “The two Androids are not powerful. What is troublesome is that their hands can absorb energy. Look, as long as you avoid their hands, it is not difficult to destroy the Androids.”

Hearing him, Krillin looked carefully. Sure enough, as long as one can find the weakness of the Androids, it is very easy to deal with them.

At this time, Goku couldn’t help but want to take action too. With a rumbling sound, he transformed into Super Saiyan form and immediately rushed up, squeezing between Vegeta and the Androids and forcibly snatched Android 20 from Vegeta.

“Kakarrot, get away from here.” Vegeta had a nasty look on his face as he roared with a livid expression.

“Don’t be like this. Anyway, you still have an opponent, so leave this one to me.”

“Bastard!” Vegeta cursed furiously, and stepped on the void. His body suddenly flashed and disappeared from sight, and when he appeared again, he was already by Android 19’s side.

Kacha! He grabbed Android 19’s arm and twisted it forcefully, removing it from below the elbow. After losing both hands, Android 19 became panicked, and it was not long before he was beaten till he had no strength to fight back by Vegeta.


There was a violent explosion before a huge pit appeared on the ground. Android 19’s body was smashed to pieces. A head flew out, forming a curved arc in the air.

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“Kakarrot, I have already finished off the Android on my side, but you are still dilly-dallying!” Vegeta laughed arrogantly, inwardly looking down on Goku for dealing with the enemy so slowly.

“Wow, you were quick, I haven’t even started yet!” Goku was surprised.

“Humph, because my current strength has surpassed yours, Kakarrot!”

Raising his middle finger to Goku, Vegeta felt very happy, a smile hanging on his face. This was the first time Vegeta had surpassed Goku directly. He is also a Super Saiyan. In his opinion, he is already stronger than Kakarrot.

“I’m in a dangerous situation. Both Goku and Vegeta are unexpectedly strong. Why do they look like this and why haven’t I seen it before?” Android 20, no, Dr. Gero, felt anxious.

Dr. Gero usually used miniature insect robots to seek enemies’ situations. Few things that happened on Earth could escape his detection. He knows that Goku and the others are very strong, so he did not hesitate to transform himself into an Android. But insect robots, after all, can only operate on Earth, and what happened on Planet Namek exceeded his predictions, so he did not recognize Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan transformation.

As for Xiaya occasionally appearing on Earth in Full Power state, because he basically didn’t take action himself, Dr. Gero instinctively thought that he just dyed his hair. Oh, right, there are also those two women, Xiling and Myers. People in this family like to dye their hair blond.

“What bad luck, I can’t deal with them by myself, do I have to wake them up?”
Dr. Gero was anxious as he kept hesitating. He glanced at Goku and Vegeta who were eyeing him covetously not far away and his scalp felt numb. He gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

“Hold on, Goku, Vegeta, why do you look like this and why did you become so much stronger?” Dr. Gero was inwardly anxious. When he investigated them before, the Battle Power shown by them was very insignificant. Why did their appearance change and they become stronger all at once? So he asked while stalling for time, and looked for opportunities to break out of here.

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“Heh Heh, this is the Super Saiyan transformation!” Goku replied with a smile.

“Super Saiyan?” Dr. Gero muttered to himself. He was certain that he had never heard of it before.

“Stop talking nonsense with him!” Vegeta stepped forward excitedly and forced Goku to the side. “Kakarrot, since you can’t deal with him, leave it to me!”

“Ah, Vegeta, that’s my opponent!” Goku opened his mouth to say while his body reacted quickly, he dodged and closely followed him.

Bang, Bang, Bang! Facing the combined assault of the two Super Saiyans Vegeta and Goku, Dr. Gero did not have even a little chance to fight back. He was quickly beaten black and blue and one of his arms was severed too.

“Damn it! I wasn’t able to get enough energy replenishment, my speed is gradually decreasing. Damn Saiyans!” Dr. Gero’s eyes turned red and he looked irritated.

The strength of a Super Saiyan is far beyond his expectations, and it caused his first glorious public appearance to become embarrassing.

“Damn it, damn it, do you think this can defeat me? No, 17 and 18 will come and kill you soon!” Dr. Gero shouted crazily and lashed out with all of his energy with his other hand.

Rumble! The island was immediately enveloped with thick smoke from the explosion, blurring the line of sight. Dr. Gero took the opportunity to dive into the ground and disappear.

The smoke gradually dispersed, and on the ruins covered with yellow sand, traces of the Android disappeared.
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