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Earth, a small island surrounded by the sea.

Three years had passed in a flash. In these three years, because of Xiaya’s warning and the underlying pressure of the Androids, everyone focused on training. Their Battle Power had increased a lot compared to three years ago.

In a villa lush with greenery, Xiaya was training his children. In the distance, Xiling and Myers, wearing fashionable clothes, were sitting in a pavilion watching them.

Their children had made astonishing progress. At a very young age, they already had 3.5 million Battle Power, especially Meifei. Her Legendary Super Saiyan’s physique made her Battle Power much higher than her brother and sister, reaching a staggering 7.2 million.

“Meifei’s power is almost at a point where she can transform into a Super Saiyan.” As her mother, Myers looked at her daughter’s situation and her fair and smooth face was full of smiles.

Xiling nodded. “Their talents are much better than ours, but if they really want to become stronger, it’s not enough to just have talent. They also need to have a strong heart. Otherwise, no matter how talented they are, they will become wastes.”

The talent is good but was neglected. Gohan would have counted as one in the original work.

The name Nobifan* had been used to criticize him by many people.

[TL: Gohan’s nickname in China. Gohan in Dragon Ball Super looks like nobita and his Battle Power has become `low`. You can read more here:]

Xiling and Myers chatted lightly, but in the courtyard, the situation changed.

Meifei tightly closed her eyes, adjusted her strength with full concentration, and released her aura outward. The resulting whirlwind caused her hair to blow around as the bursts of aura bent the branches next to her.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” The sound of her heart beating seemed to reverberate in her ears as she flew upwards followed by golden light spreading out.

At the same time, the golden lightning flickered all over her body and the dense aura seemed to envelop Meifei’s petite and immature body like a layer of clouds, as if there was endless fuel replenishing the frenzied ignition. Her hair color changed between gold and black.

Suddenly, a booming sound rang out.

Meifei roared and her aura started to rise along with the sound waves. Her black hair suddenly turned into a golden colour, and her eyes were replaced by green pupils.

Super Saiyan!

Meifei’s body floated up, her messy golden hair lifted upwards by the Ki waves, and a fierce and majestic aura swept out in all directions.

“Finally!” A smile appeared at the corners of Xiaya’s mouth and he nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the majestic appearance of his little daughter.

“Wow, Meifei has become so powerful now.” Xili looked at Meifei in the sky with envy.

“This is terrible. The disparity between us is getting bigger and bigger.” Xiang couldn’t help wail mournfully.

Xiling and Myers jumped lightly and flew over. Looking at the small golden figure in the sky, Xiling couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. “I was just saying that Meifei will soon transform. I didn’t expect it to be so fast. She is just a few years old but she has become a Super Saiyan. Meifei is indeed a genius.”

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Myers was in a happy mood. As her mother, she felt proud. “That’s for sure. Meifei is the Legendary Super Saiyan.”

As soon as her voice fell, the state of Meifei in mid-air suddenly began to change. The surface of Meifei’s body began to produce a faint smoke-like green light, as if a flammable gas had encountered a fire. The green smoke gradually began to burn and quickly spread to the surface of her entire body.

The golden aura turned green.

Following that, Meifei’s aura continued to increase non-stop and a savage and destructive aura spread out. When her blonde hair gradually changed to green, Meifei’s pupils continued to enlarge, but the green eyes did not disappear. As if a natural suppression suddenly pressed down from the air, it made the people below feel uncomfortable.

“What’s going on? What is happening to Meifei?”

Xili and Xiang dumbfoundedly stared at their sister’s transformation that was different from normal one. Meifei’s Super Saiyan state was different from that of their parents.

Xiaya looked serious as he said in a sinking voice, “The Legendary Super Saiyan!”

The current transformation of Meifei… isn’t it the “Legendary Super Saiyan” form? It’s just that, unlike Broly’s transformation where he loses his rationality, Meifei’s physique hadn’t changed much. She didn’t become muscular and her pupils did not disappear. This made Xiaya breathe a sigh of relief. These signs at least show that his daughter has not lost her rationality.

It seems that the power of the Super Dragon Balls was still very strong and it had really allowed her to grasp the power of Legendary Super Saiyan.

“Mom, what is it?” Meifei asked in surprise after landing on the ground.

“Meifei, is there anything wrong with your body?”

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“I’m fine, there is nothing wrong.” Looking at herself curiously, Meifei asked, “Why is my aura green, but so powerful? I feel a lot more powerful.”

“See if you can turn back into a normal Super Saiyan state…” Xiaya urged her.

“OK.” Meifei closed her eyes, restraining her strength.
It didn’t take long before the green-coloured Legendary Super Saiyan’s power disappeared and Meifei’s body burned with golden flames.

Xiaya nodded to Xiling and the others. “It seems that Meifei can completely control the transformation of the Legendary Super Saiyan.”

This is a very advantageous thing. His daughter holds this weapon, which shows that she can exhibit a stronger strength when necessary. Moreover, the Legendary Super Saiyan is very terrifying. That is, in the Legendary Super Saiyan State, she doesn’t know fatigue or pain, and her heart and soul turns into a fighting machine, exerting a power that is a bit more powerful than an ordinary Super Saiyan.

“Yeah!” After confirming that Meifei can indeed freely control her transformation, both Xiling and Myers laughed.

“Dad, what happened to me just now?” Meifei changed back to Normal State and approached him.

Xiaya smiled and told her about her change. “It is the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, more powerful than an ordinary Super Saiyan…”

After hearing the explanation from Xiaya, Meifei smiled like a flower, which couldn’t help but make Xiang and Xili on the side look envious.

“Wow, the Legendary Super Saiyan!”

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“I am not even a Super Saiyan, but my sister is already so powerful.”


“Hmph, you both should work harder too. Umm, won’t the Androids show up in a few days? Why don’t you go and temper yourself…” Xiling rubbed her children’s head and suddenly said.

Xiaya nodded. “Yes, you are similar to Gohan now. Just accompany him.”

Xiang shrank his neck back. “Are the Androids very powerful? How do they compare with Aunt Zangya?”

If Earth’s Androids are as powerful as Aunt Zangya, then even if they succeeded in becoming a Super Saiyan, they will not be a match for the Androids. After all, Zangya has 2.5 billion Battle Power; dealing with an ordinary Super Saiyan was just like playing.

“Don’t worry, Androids on Earth are not very powerful,” Xiaya casually said. Android 17 and 18 were not very powerful, but Cell was not necessarily so. But he didn’t want to hurt his children’s self-confidence, so it was better to let them experience it for themselves, as long as they didn’t get bullied too badly.

The young eagles had to eventually spread their wings and soar. Since they were his children, Xiaya could not protect them in an ivory tower. The challenge of blood and sweat was essential.

Gohan in the original work had begun to face challenges at a young age. Although part of the reason was because he was forced, it also promoted Gohan’s growth very well. If it were not for the many years of peace later that made him neglect martial arts, his achievements would surely have been above Goku.

His three children were one year younger than Gohan and their outstanding talent was not much worse than Gohan. It should be said that as the children of Planet Hongshan’s leader, they are not allowed to be inferior to others.
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