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Chapter 481: WHO IS GOKU’S WIFE?
This was certainly Kami’s divine costume, only the female-version of divine costume looked very beautiful.

Aunt Chichi in this space-time had actually become Kami. Trunks experienced a fierce shock in his heart.

“You’re calling me aunt? But I don’t remember seeing you before, and your appearance, how is it related to Bulma?” Chichi looked at the young man, who suddenly seemed to have received a shock, and asked once again.

Trunks was silent and after a long time, he lightly sighed.

This Aunt Chichi, who was a Kami, is stronger and younger than the Chichi in his world.

At this time, he realized that the world he was in might really be a different world and the course of history was completely different. So was there any meaning for him to come here? Maybe the Androids would not appear in this world.

No. Trunks suddenly shook his head. From what he learned from Korin before, there were more large-scale disasters in this world than he knew of, Maybe… the disasters here were even more terrifying.

“Aunt Chichi… can you contact Krillin and Vegeta? Frieza and his father will be coming soon. No, maybe they won’t come at all.”

After Trunks finished speaking his first thought, he retracted his own words.


Chichi stared at the young man with an odd expression and felt that his anxious expression didn’t look fake, but Frieza had obviously perished on Planet Namek. How could he come to Earth?

This young man in Hoi-Poi Capsule Corporation clothes was odd, giving Chichi a trace of doubt. Coupled with his unique appearance and traits, she didn’t believe that he had no relation to Bulma.

Just who is he? How was there such an expert on Earth?

If he is not an Earthling, then how can his relation with Bulma be explained?

“Frieza will not come to Earth. He already perished on Planet Namek,” Chichi said, shaking her head.

Trunks said anxiously, “Goku did not kill Frieza. His father, King Cold, rescued him. He is now heading towards Earth. Mr. Goku is not on Earth right now, so the situation is very critical.”

“Wait a minute, young man. You’ve made a lot of mistakes.”

“What?” Trunks was stunned.

Chichi said solemnly, “First, it was not Goku who killed Frieza, but someone else. Second, Senior Brother Goku is on Earth right now and hasn’t left.”

“Mr. Goku didn’t defeat Frieza?” Trunks was incredulous, and he asked anxiously, “Then did Mr. Goku become a Super Saiyan on Planet Namek?”

Chichi looked at Trunks in surprise. “You know a lot. Indeed, Senior Brother Goku became a Super Saiyan on Planet Namek, but at that time Planet Namek had too many powerful enemies. Senior Brother Goku did not kill Frieza, but instead his subordinates.”

“You just now called Mr. Goku… senior brother?”

Trunks suddenly felt that something was wrong. Aunt Chichi called Mr. Goku… senior brother. Aren’t they husband and wife?

Chichi’s following reply made Trunks a little desperate, and he even felt that the sky and earth were spinning. “Of course. Goku is my senior brother. I, Goku, and Krillin together became Master Roshi’s disciples.”

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“Then who is Mr. Goku’s current wife?”

“Of course it’s Bulma. Everyone on Earth knows it.”

Trunks turned pale and said dazedly, “You mean, Mr. Goku and Bulma are husband and wife?”

“Of course.”

Chichi looked at the young man strangely and felt that he seemed to have come from an isolated world. He didn’t know the current situation at all, but at the same time, the young man knew the secrets that many people on Earth did not know.

What is this young man’s identity?

Suddenly, as if drained of all strength, Trunks felt weak all over, and stood there dumbly. The thing he least wanted to see had happened. History had been changed beyond recognition, and his own existence was doubtful. Is this the punishment of time travel?

Trunks stood there in pain, as if he had been abandoned by the world. It was really not easy to change the past.

“Hey, young man!” Chichi called out to him softly.

“Ah!” Trunks came to himself and pulled himself together.

Looking at Chichi who was completely different from his memory, he said, “My name is Trunks, and I come from twenty years in the future, but now it seems that this world is completely different from my world.”
“Future… world?” Chichi was full of doubts, but looking at Trunks’ serious expression, her intuition was telling her that what he said was maybe true, so she nodded, and was about to ask what had happened in the future such that the he did not hesitate to travel through time and come into this world, when a deep voice rang out.

“Trunks, you are here!”

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Hearing this voice, Chichi knew that Xiaya had come.

But Trunks was different. As an outsider, suddenly hearing someone call his name, his entire body trembled. In this space-time, no one should know his name.

“You are?”

Seeing a powerful man appear in front of him, Trunks was surprised and perplexed, and then a superior aura pressed down on him, giving him a strong shock. From his mother’s descriptions, there didn’t seem to be such a mysterious person on Earth!

“This is the leader of Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans and the one who defeated Frieza on Planet Namek! Mr. Xiaya is a very powerful Super Saiyan. You can look for him if you have some difficult matters.” Chichi smiled and introduced Xiaya.

“The one who defeated Frieza?” Trunks was a little confused, facing the mysterious man. “You know my name? May I ask who you are…”

“My name is Xiaya.” Xiaya looked at the dumbfounded Trunks, and felt like laughing in his heart. “As for why I know you…”

“It’s actually very simple. Because I have the ability to travel through time.”

As soon as these words were uttered, both Trunks and Chichi were subdued. Trunks’ shock needed no explanation, because he had never heard of anyone who could travel through time with their own power. As for Chichi, although Xiaya had always been an extremely mysterious and powerful existence in her mind, the power of space-time sounded so unreal.

With trembling lips, Trunks asked excitedly, “Mr. Xiaya, what did you mean by travel through time?”

“It means literally to a parallel universe. To be honest, Trunks, you came here with the time machine developed by Bulma, right? Bulma is indeed a genius. If there was only one world, she would have probably succeeded. But it’s a pity that this world already exists, so it is very difficult for a time machine to travel through time…”

Crossing the timeline will produce a new multiverse, and the stability mechanism of the universe inhibited such a situation from happening, so after the time machine that Trunks rode left his own multiverse and entered the vastness of space, it was directly drawn into the nearby parallel universe.

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Perhaps there was a certain storyline inertia; the time machine that Trunks rode did not enter the world of the Golden Flame Warrior, but instead ran to his side.

After the explanation, Trunks, who was confused, finally understood.

He had not returned back to the past and changed history, but instead entered a parallel universe. Then, that could explain why there were so many events that are different from “history”.

“Mr. Xiaya, you are so strong, can you help me…”

Before he finished speaking, Xiaya interrupted him, “If you are talking about Android 17 and 18 in your world, then I’m sorry, this requires your own efforts.”

“Why?” Trunks’ voice was trembling. He found it difficult to accept Xiaya’s answer.

Xiaya’s black eyes looked at Trunks as he said, “I once went to a world without the Super Saiyan legend. Well, the Super Saiyan in that world was called the `Golden Flame Warrior`. Its essence is no different from the Super Saiyan. In that world, I helped Gohan with his training, then defeated the Androids in that world and restored the peace in that world.”

“You mean?” Trunks unconsciously spoke in a respectful tone.

Trunks was quite clever and could infer the other meaning from Xiaya’s words.

It turned out that there was a world similar to his own world, and the Androids were also doing harm to that world. Mr. Xiaya had trained big brother Gohan and restored the peace to that world.

“You have to destroy the Androids with your own effort, but I can bring you along for training.”

“Thank you!” Trunks didn’t know how to express his feelings.
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