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Chapter 47
Chapter 47 Choosing a New Mission

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Late night.

At dinner time, Xiaya took out the food purchased on Earth from his dimensional space.

Facing the small mountain of food, the whole family heartily ate the food. The whole high pile of food rapidly disappeared little by little, and soon only several empty plates and scattered piles of bones remained, all the food disappearing in the four Saiyan’s stomach.

“Hu, it’s so good. Little Ya, the food you brought was very delicious.” Rebecca inelegantly leaned against the chair, after eating the food brought over by Xiaya, she was not interested in the food of Planet Vegeta anymore.

“Aunt Rebecca, I don’t have too much food, you may want to save some.” Xiaya made a wry smile, the food that he originally brought from earth could have eaten for three or four years, but one-tenth of it was consumed in just the past few days.

An Adult Saiyan’s appetite is much large compared to them. He is somewhat regretting taking out so much food.

In this way, my food will soon be completely consumed. Do I again have to go to earth for some food? Xiaya inwardly pondered, but going to earth for such a trivial matter, isn’t it making a mountain out of a molehill?

After supper, Adri walked over with a pile of records which has the information related to the missions nearby Planet Feidaya and the race on Planet Feidaya.

“Little Ya, this is the coordinates of Planet Feidaya, the nearest mission point to it is only about seven days away! Moreover, these are the few missions that are also comparatively much closer.” Adri spoke and handed over the mission’s detailed list provided by the Mission Administration Office.

Xiaya roughly glanced through the detailed list of the missions, and after a little comparison thought for a moment and said: “Ah, then I will choose Planet Longju’s mission, this mission’s level is just appropriate for my Squad.”

Adri nodded and handed over the information of Planet Longju.

“This is also good, after forming a Squad if the Saiyan does not carry out missions for a long time, then they would be attracting suspicions. While, in this way, you can also test your Squad members, as they may be your team in future!”

Adri knew that Xiaya will become the leader of the group of evacuated Saiyan in future.

First, as only he has the Instant Transmission ability, so it can be said that he is saving the life of all those Saiyan. Second, Xiaya’s Battle Power is the highest among all Saiyan’s, and Saiyans only obeys the strong, so it is fitting for Xiaya to be the new leader.

And at that time, he wouldn’t be able to do everything by himself. So he should form his personal team, and as all the members of his current squad are Mid-level Warriors, if their performance is good, then they would be the best choice.

In fact, Adri is so resolute in helping Xiaya, besides the nephew and adoptive son relationship, he is considering his daughter Xiling even more. Currently, the two of them were not only the most outstanding fighters among Saiyan’s but luckily were also male and female.

In Adri’s heart, if Xiaya can be together with Xiling in future, then they would really be a perfect couple.

Of course, the final result will still depend on their own interests.

Xiaya nodded slightly.

He was prepared to do so. They were the first group of Saiyan’s he came in contact with, and he also felt that their character was not bad. Although they had a bad habit of being arrogant, these were all insignificant small problems.

As long as they finish all of his required objectives, he is prepared to go all out in training them.

Next day, the sky was hazy.

The thin fog like a layer of fine gauze covered the sky above the residential area, like an imaginary dream.

Early in the morning, Xiaya sent the information of the new mission to all the members of the Squad through the communication device and asked them to gather as soon as possible to a specified place.

Soon afterwards, Anastasia was the first to arrive at the meeting place and after seeing Xiaya and Xiling, greeted them and then began to happily chat with Xiling. Since, it was girls topic, Xiaya was not interested in listening and found a rock to sit down, leisurely waiting for the other members to arrive.

The second to arrive was Shaque. Dressed in the latest shoulder-free Battle Armor, he arrived beside Xiaya and politely greeted.

“Captain, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No problem, we’ve just arrived!”

Xiaya responded with a smile. Shaque was a cold and proud Saiyan, his character was very similar to Brook from Adri Squad, proud and stubborn. They were similar to the type of Saiyan’s who if once acknowledges someone, then they will serve them with their utmost, without any complaints.

“Ha ha ha, I have waited for a long time to again go out to perform mission, this time will surely perform with my full capabilities and let you see Uncle Bailey’s awesomeness!

Coming over while yelling was the burly boy Bailey, his strength was weak but mannerism not small, and was usually always bickering with Lydia.

“Heh heh, then at that time don’t complain that you are feeling tired.”

Anastasia ended her conversation with Xiling and walked over, and hearing Bailey’s arrogant words couldn’t help but ridicule.

“Uhhhh, Anastasia, how can you say that, I am a man and in future will definitely be very strong!” Bailey’s face suddenly fell, and he didn’t dare to refute Anastasia.

Soon afterward, they waited for a short period of time, and Angeline, Lydia arrived one by one and gave short greetings to each other. Then under Xiaya’s leadership, the few people set off towards Space Port’s direction.

Afterwards, they took the spaceship towards the target planet “Longju”.

Located in the southeastern part of the North Area, Planet Longjun was located very close to the eastern region of the North Area and needs more than two months to fly there in a spaceship. Because it is located at the intersection of the two regions, Planet Feidaya was clearly not swallowed up by other forces.

Time passed by in a flash on the long journey. Xiaya and others woke up from the hibernation when the dark brown target planet was almost within reach.

Seven hot fireballs passed through the atmosphere and descended, crashing on the ground. The huge shockwaves covered the sky and land in dust and smoke. When the smoke and dust gradually subsided, seven small figures appeared in the vicinity of the impact point.

After arriving at the Planet Longju, Xiaya looked at Xiling and ordered: “Xiling, next, the mission will be handed over to you.”

After getting a response from Xiling, he entered the rainforest by himself and soon disappeared.

Looking at Xiaya’s disappearing direction, Xiling came to her senses and looked at everyone else: “The difficulty level of this mission is not high. So, this mission is mainly to test you, so I and Xiaya will not act, you can fully use your skills as much as you like! ”

Unperturbed, Xiling gave a plausible lie for Xiaya and made the completing of mission a test for Shaque and others, which is certainly one of the main reasons why Xiaya chose to target Planet Longju among many other alternative missions.

The overall strength of the Planet Longju is not high, and is suitable for Shaque and others to train.

“I mean how could captain disappeared on his own, and it turned out to be a test for us, then we will certainly not be polite.” Bailey suddenly realized and clapped his palms, he guessed that at this time Xiaya was probably hiding somewhere and will observe their performance!

“Hahahah, that’s better, I’m going to enjoy the fight to my heart’s content!” Lydia laughed and spoke while simultaneously raised his eyebrows towards Bailey, the latter naturally became furious, and the pair started fighting.

“You two, ah, when can you be more serious!” Anastasia helplessly looked at them, “but since the captain chose this planet to test us, then we can not let the captain down.”

“Indeed, the gap between us and captain is very large, so we must work harder.” Shaque thought in his heart, his eyes glowing with fighting spirit.

Angeline also made up her mind.

Shaque and other were not suspicious even a little bit. Because Xiaya and Xiling’s Battle Power does exceed them by a huge number. Since they were members of the same battle squad, arranging special training for them is very possible.

If their Battle Power does not increase, then in future their mission arranged will not be good.

Xiling watched everyone brimming with fighting spirit, and faintly smiled. Then she found a comfortable place to build a hammock by herself and lied down.

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