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Chapter 469

When Xiaya teleported to where Goku and the others were, he was somewhat surprised to see the scene in front of him . In the sky, Goku, who had transformed into a Super Saiyan, was fighting Aka . Due to the disparity in strength, it was, naturally, more appropriate to call it a beatdown .

Xiaya was not surprised by Goku’s transformation . As the real protagonist of the Dragon Ball World, Goku could transform into a Super Saiyan when fighting against Frieza . What not now?

Regardless of the key factors driving his transformation, the result is obvious .

On the ground, both Tien Shinhan and Yajirobe were seriously injured and collapsed on the ground . Krillin and Yamcha were already on the verge of death . Although they were not dead yet, they were, more or less, close, especially Krillin . If Xiaya did not observe his aura carefully, he may thought him already dead .

Goku’s transformation may have had something to do with his companions getting struck down one after another .

“Why are they in such bad shape?” Xiaya frowned, after which he appeared in front of them . He took out a few Senzu Beans and divided it amongst them . Thinking of the disparity between them and Aka, it did not seem difficult to understand why this situation occurred .

After eating Senzu Beans, they all recovered quickly . Tien Shinhan, who was still afraid, said, “That alien is much stronger than we are . If it was not because of Goku’s breakthrough at the last moment, none of us would have survived . ”

“Yeah, that guy is too strong . He took us down in only a few moments!” Krillin sighed, thinking of the fight with Aka before . Calling what transpired a “fight” was pleasing to hear, but in reality, not only did he fail to land a hit on Aka, he was severely injured after taking just two or three hits .

“Thank you . Fortunately, you had Senzu Beans with you; otherwise, we would have met with misfortune!” Yamcha jumped twice . His healthy body made him feel full of vitality again, but when he looked at the two that were fighting in the distance, he patted his chest with lingering fear .

“Teacher, how did the battle on your side go?” Tien Shinhan asked hastily . He knew that his teacher’s opponent was Frieza, who was a rarely seen strong expert in the universe . After all, Aka, who they considered invincible, wasn’t even qualified to lift Frieza’s shoes .

“Don’t worry . I already killed Frieza,” Xiaya said, briefly explaining what had transpired . Then, he glanced at the person on the side who was wearing Battle Armor and lying on the ground without moving . From the distinct appearance of this person, this is no doubt Vegeta .

Xiaya frowned and asked, “Why did he come to Planet Namek?”

“Vegeta arrived after Piccolo’s did . When he arrived, he lost his mind and attacked Aka . If it weren’t for him, we might not have been able to keep up until Goku transformed,” Krillin whispered as he glanced at Vegeta, who was lying on the ground in the distance .

Slightly nodding, Xiaya walked to Vegeta’s side and fed him a Senzu Bean . When Vegeta woke up, Xiaya said, “How did you feel when you saw Kakarrot transform into a Super Saiyan?”

Vegeta’s face had on a gloomy expression as he coldly replied, “I will surpass him one day . ”

Regardless of whether Vegeta admitted it or not, Goku’s strength was above his . This fact had already been shown on earth . As a warrior with the best talent among the Saiyans, Vegeta had pride that ordinary people couldn’t fathom . Because of this, there is definitely a thorn in his heart, and a feeling of humiliation lingering in his chest .

Why would a trifling Low-level Warrior be more powerful than this prince? Now, he has even become a Super Saiyan! Vegeta could not accept this .

When Vegeta’s eyes shifted to the man before him, they brightened .

Perhaps, Kakarrot’s continuous breakthrough in strength and his Super Saiyan transformation had happened because he knew Planet Hongshan’s leader . This is the only explanation Vegeta could think of . He wouldn’t admit that he was inferior to a Low-level Warrior . Yes, the mysterious and powerful Xiaya must have made Kakarrot become so strong .

“You really killed Frieza?” Vegeta suddenly asked, somewhat nervously and somewhat expectant .

“Yes, there was not even a single cell left behind . ”

“He’s really dead…”

Vegeta muttered to himself as complex emotions swirled in his heart . Frieza was an opponent that Vegeta was determined to kill . Frieza had refreshed his understanding of strong experts over and over again, gradually making him a little flustered . Now, Frieza has been killed by Xiaya . Vegeta didn’t know whether he should be happy or disappointed . His heart suddenly felt empty .

Looking at Vegeta indifferently, Xiaya wasn’t concerned about his thoughts and said, “Planet Namek will not last long, so I will take you out of here now . ”

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“Hmm!” Looking at the fierce battle in the sky and at the desolate land, which lava was gushing out of, everyone nodded in understanding . Continuing to stay on Planet Namek was no different from waiting for death .

“Wait, I don’t want to leave,” Nail said . He still had injuries on his body .

Piccolo frowned . “What are you saying?”

“Planet Namek is my homeworld . My duty is to guard the Great Elder . Now that the Great Elder has passed away, there is no need for me to leave . ”


Piccolo stared blankly, wondering what his clansman was thinking .

After a while, he snorted . “Then, look out for yourself . ”

“Piccolo, before you leave, I have a gift for you,” Nail said, grabbing Piccolo’s hand and placing it on his chest . His whole body suddenly shone with a dazzling brilliance before it began to turn blurry as if it would disappear at any time .

“My duty has been completed . Let my life turn into your strength . ”

Smoke surged out, and Nail completely faded away . His entire life force entered Piccolo’s body and assimilated into Piccolo’s power . Piccolo stretched his palms in a daze, suddenly feeling that every muscle in his body was full of vitality, and his strength rose by more than ten times .

“15 million Battle Power . ” Xiaya thought as he watched silently .

“What happened? That Namekian has disappeared?” Yamcha shouted in surprise .

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“Look, Uncle Piccolo’s Ki has gotten a lot stronger,” Gohan said .

“That Namekian…” Vegeta’s face was pale . His clenched fist was trembling; he was extremely unwilling and angry . That Namekian, who was already stronger than me, has grown stronger again . How is their strength improving so easily?

Seeing everyone looking at the brand-new Piccolo in surprise, Xiaya explained, “This is the assimilation ability of Namekians . It can assimilate the potential and vitality of a Namekian into the body of their clansman, allowing the clansman to obtain immense power . ”

For example, Saonel of Universe 6 was the fusion of all the Namekians when Namekians encountered a race-extermination crisis . This was a way to become stronger at the expense of sacrificing life .

“Namekian is really a strange race . ”

Everyone was inwardly speechless . Although it was not clear how strong Piccolo had become, it was noticeable that his improvement was a huge one . When everyone thought about it, they could not help but look at Piccolo with envy .

Rumble! The ground suddenly shook . Planet Namek was about to be destroyed . Xiaya looked up at Goku and said, “Kakarrot, no more playing around . Quickly finish off your opponent . We are leaving Planet Namek . ”

“Ok . ”

When Goku heard that, he turned and calmly looked at Aka with his green eyes . Aka suddenly shuddered, and his countenance turned bitter . He was upset at himself . What was wrong with my brain that made me run over to Planet Namek?

However, Goku did not give the upset Aka a chance . A golden light swept by, and Goku blocked Aka’s path .

Although Goku, in his Super Saiyan state, did not have up to 150 million Battle Power like in the original work, Aka did not have Frieza’s strength . The disparity in strength between Goku and Aka was huge, and Aka was already covered all over with cuts and bruises like a stray dog, losing the ability to resist .

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Bang .

Aka was sent flying, shrinking to a small black dot high in the sky .

Below, Goku cupped his hands and was already preparing to launch his final attack .

“Ka Me Ha Me Ha!”

A sparkling blue blast wave shot out from between Goku’s palms, and like the rumbling roar of an angry wolf, it quickly rushed towards Aka .

Aka was frightened and frantically wanted to resist, but Goku’s Super Kamehameha was so powerful that it swept out like thousand catties power, and within a few seconds, the scorching energy penetrated through Aka’s body before rushing to the depths of the universe .

With a rumbling explosion, Aka was reduced to dust in the universe .

Planet Namek was also on the verge of destruction .

“Grab my hand!” Xiaya shouted as he grabbed Goku and hurried to stand beside Piccolo and the others . They all linked hands, and Instant Transmission was launched .

After that, in the dark universe, a dazzling light shone brightly as Planet Namek met its unavoidable destruction .

The lava spurted out like fireworks streaking across the starry sky, and the afterglow of the planet’s destruction spread in all directions at the speed of light . Perhaps, whenever this light group gets captured by any technological civilization, it might be possible to know of the final glory when a certain planet was destroyed .

But, Planet Namek had completely become history .

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