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Chapter 468

God of Destruction’s Planet .

Whis was watching with a faint smile . After Xiaya wiped out Frieza, Whis waved the scepter, closing the screen on the crystal ball . After that, he stood up and walked towards the temple at the top of the divine tree .

“Beerus-sama has been sleeping for so long . I wonder how many more years he is going to sleep for . When he wakes up and sees Xiaya, he will definitely be surprised . ”

As Whis walked down the stone-paved path while smiling happily, he was in a good mood .

Kai’s Planet .

North Kai looked in Planet Namek’s direction with a dumbstruck expression . His two antennae shook, showing the excitement in his heart .

“That Frieza… was actually eliminated?”

North Kai was in disbelief . It was as though he was dreaming . He really could not believe that this was real .

Then, with exhilaration, he couldn’t help but jump around and dance with joy .

The death of Frieza meant the collapse of Frieza Force . The entire North Area was now free from the devil’s claws, and free order would once again be established . Regardless of what order that would be, it would still be better than Frieza’s rule .

“As long as Aka is eliminated too, all the disturbing elements will disappear . ” North Kai was wild with joy, his heart beating wildly .

He never thought that the extremely bad situation would completely turn around in just a few hours . The North Area could be peaceful and prosperous in the future? He couldn’t help but look forward to it .

At a much higher dimension,  Sacred World of the Kai, Supreme Kai  was also paying attention to the events in the mortal world .

“Supreme Kai-sama, that aura just now?”

East Supreme Kai nodded and said, “That’s a very powerful Ki . It may have almost reached Majin Buu’s level . ”

In East Supreme Kai’s mind, Majin Buu was the strongest and the most terrifying . For East Supreme Kai to compare that Ki in the mortal world to that of Majin Buu showed how high his evaluation was of the Ki . If East Supreme Kai knew that Xiaya’s strength was greater than that of Majin Buu, it was unknown what expression he would make .

“Among the mortals in the mortal world, such powerful experts actually exist . Even with so many dimensions in between, their Ki could still be transmitted to the Sacred World of the Kai . ” Despite obtaining East Supreme Kai’s affirmation, Kibito still had an expression of disbelief on his face . Since when have mortals been able to surpass gods?

“Kibito, we should pay attention to the mortal world . Maybe these forces can provide some help in defeating Majin Buu . ”

“But, Supreme Kai-sama, excuse me for speaking bluntly: no matter how strong the mortals in the mortal world are, they cannot be compared with the gods, let alone Supreme Kai-sama . I feel that we should not pin our hopes on those mortals, who do not live for long,”

Kibito shook his head and said stubbornly .

How long was the lifespan of a mortal? The ones that lived longer like the Namekians and Frost Demons only had lifespans of several hundred and over a thousand years . How powerful could they get? For universe emperors and universe rulers whose Battle Power does not exceed 100 million, there was no need for Supreme Kai-sama to take action; he could pinch them to death with one hand .

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Kibito really looked down on mortals .

East Supreme Kai glanced at him . This Kibito really had a kind of blind worship towards the status of gods . He shook his head quietly . Still not feeling relieved, his gaze penetrated to the mortal world, reaching Planet Namek, which was about to crumble .

There are still dozens of powerful qi on it . Quite a few of them were several dozen million Battle Power, and surprisingly, there was a Ki of 50 million Battle Power and another nearing 100 million Battle Power .

Shaking his head, East Supreme Kai sighed . “It’s really strange . Only two Ki’s on Planet Namek are slightly eye-catching . The powerful aura that penetrated through the dimension just now has disappeared . Has it been converged? ”

East Supreme Kai muttered, unable to figure it out .

Kibito also cast his sight downward . He creased his eyebrows and coldly said, “It really has disappeared . Could there really be someone who can escape the detection of a god?”

“Then, forget it . Let’s pay attention to the situation of Majin Buu . ” Since they couldn’t find that aura, then they chose to forget it . East Supreme Kai didn’t pin his hopes on mortals as well .

With their attention back on Majin Buu, the expressions on the faces of East Supreme Kai and Kibito turned solemn .

Planet Namek . After eliminating the Silver demonized Frieza, Xiaya reigned in his aura with satisfaction . The depletion of Super Saiyan 3 was very severe, and the transformation lasted only a few minutes . Xiaya felt as though he had run a very long distance . Every muscle in his body was sore and swelling, and it made him uncomfortable .

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“This may be the residual effects of overdrawing too much power . ” Generally, Super Saiyan transformation is actually a kind of overwhelming . Although one would gain immense strength with it, they would also have to pay a great price .

After a short rest, Xiaya raised his head and sensed the aura of the others on Planet Namek . His children were safe and sound . Around them, dozens of Ki’s with Battle Power over ten thousand were continuously disappearing .

“It seems they are having a great time,” Xiaya thought with a smile, and then he sensed the changes on Goku’s side again .

“Interesting . The Ki with a Battle Power nearing 100 million is actually Goku’s . Has he transformed into a Super Saiyan?” The corners of Xiaya’s lips curled into a smile .

Even though Goku had lost Frieza as an opponent, he had still transformed on Planet Namek just like in the original work, and Bardock’s prediction once again came true . However, compared to the Super Saiyan Goku in the original work, the current Goku’s Ki was a little weaker . Perhaps, it is because his normal Battle Power is low .

In the main storyline, before Goku broke through to Super Saiyan, his Normal State Battle Power was 3 million, which is close to a cheat . When Goku arrived on Planet Namek, his Battle Power was only 90,000, but once he sustained injuries during the fight with Captain Ginyu, his Battle Power, after recovery, soared to 3 million . It looked as if the aura of the protagonist was shining .

But now, Goku’s original Battle Power is nearly 200,000, which has increased to 1 . 7 million after Great Elder unlocked his potential . It is a nearly ten-fold increase and was much more reasonable .

“Goku in Super Saiyan state should be able to end the battle there soon . ” Sweeping his eyes over the vast land that had become brown because of the battle, Xiaya sighed with emotion . “Planet Namek is on the verge of destruction . There’s not much time . I should take them and leave as soon as possible . ”

With that thought in mind, Xiaya closed his eyes and launched Instant Transmission, and in an instant, he appeared on a vast continent that was thousands of miles away .

The tectonic plates on Planet Namek had cracked, and burning lava spurted out from the ground . The thick dark smoke was mixed with stinking sulfide . The entire atmosphere was suffused with a pungent smell .

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Thousands of miles away, three petite children were waving their fists while giggling and having fun, unaware that the planet they were on had entered its doomsday .

“Dad!” Xili’s eyes lit up, and she pounced over .

When Xiang and Meifei saw Xiaya, they also stopped what they were doing and flew over .

After catching his daughter, who had swooped over, Xiaya put her down and said, “This planet will soon be destroyed . I will take you all out of here . ”

“The battle is over?” Meifei’s large bright eyes blinked .

“Umm . Frieza has been killed by me . ”

“Wow, Dad is so awesome . That Ki just now almost scared to death,” Meifei shouted excitedly, patting her chest with her small hand as though she was really scared .

“Dad, don’t believe Meifei . She was the only one that was super excited . She was not afraid at all . ” Meifei, whose lies were exposed, glared at Xiang, and he quickly closed his mouth .

Xiaya laughed out loud, waved his arm, and picked up his children . Then, he sent them to earth and teleported back to Planet Namek . He then took Goku and the others away before the Planet Namek was destroyed .

As for Frieza’s subordinates, Xiaya let them perish with the planet .

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