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Chapter 466

Vegeta didn’t know how to describe the strength of those Ki’s . “Vast” and “Mighty” weren’t good enough to describe the Ki’s with . They were like monstrous waves hammering down the entire ocean . In front of these auras, Vegeta was like a small drop in the sea .

Vegeta had never been so shocked, but at the same time, he felt uneasy . .

I can’t get close . I can’t get any closer .

His consciousness kept warning him . Vegeta’s expression became distorted .

He saw huge flares rising in the distance all over Planet Namek . When Vegeta got closer, he could sense huge whirlpools form when the atmosphere surged . Suddenly, the two enormous eyes of the typhoon appeared above Planet Namek with a dozen smaller storm circles next to them .

The Ki that emerged from each storm circle was more powerful than Vegeta’s .

“Impossible! How could there be such a strong Ki on Planet Namek?” Vegeta’s eyes widened . He clenched his trembling hands into fists .

Vegeta didn’t dare get any closer . It seemed that as long as he went further in, he would step into hell .

But, in another corner of his heart, his pride as a Saiyan kept urging him to not cower, even a little . Finally, Vegeta clenched his teeth and drove his spaceship towards the mainland of Planet Namek .


At the center of the battlefield, after using the mysterious crystal, Frieza became stronger once again . His entire body was covered with blood-red lines, and an evil and chaotic aura exuded from his body . Xiaya was physically and mentally exhausted, and a strong pressure gushed out of his heart . He quietly swallowed a Senzu Bean that he had prepared beforehand and adjusted himself to his peak state .

Senzu Beans were specially prepared for guarding against unexpected circumstances . Facts had proved that this approach was indeed necessary .

Across from him, Frieza was still enjoying the feeling of his entire body brimming with explosive power . He ignored what Xiaya was doing . “Amazing . This feeling of squandering power whenever I want . Although it looks a little ugly, this king feels unprecedentedly powerful as if the whole planet can be destroyed with just a breath of mine!”

Then, he narrowed his eyes and gave a low shout as the energy in his body rose to the peak .

Frieza’s body emitted a gloomy light, and a majestic force penetrated through the surface of his body and rushed out . A vast and icy aura instantly covered the entire planet . In the blink of an eye, lightning flashed and thunder rolled, and a crack split open in the sky, forming a black region . A vacuum appeared in the atmosphere .

“The sky has split open!”

The dark sky suddenly became even more overcast and colder . Zigzagging arcs of lightning shuttled between the dark clouds, and above Frieza’s head, a strange void zone appeared because of the vacuum . The energy permeating everywhere transformed into water mist and wrapped around Frieza .

Seeing that Frieza had fully released his power, Xiaya’s expression sank . After using “Spirit Eye” secret skill, he was silent and inwardly muttered, “Frieza’s energy has nearly reached 30 billion, which is higher than me by a lot . The battle is now going to be dangerous . ”

Xiaya’s current Battle Power was around 25 billion . At their levels, Battle Power was, naturally, just a rough estimate . It could no longer be accurate and efficient . Moreover, the difference in techniques and reaction capabilities between the two also made Battle Power no longer the only criteria with which to judge the strength .

In fact, the universal Battle Power description method was a kind of detection of energy intensity . For example, the earthling is detected to have only 2 Battle Power, which is estimated after the body structure and the leaked aura are probed by the equipment . And, by assessing the weapon in his hand, and then summing it up, it is concluded that “Battle Power is only 5” .

Battle Power was not the only indicator used to measure strength, but if the difference in Battle Power is great, it becomes clear who has the advantage .

Xiaya knew that if the disparity of Battle Power between the two sides was very large, it would be difficult to win unless a miracle occurred .

After a while, he shouted loudly, and Full Power Super Saiyan 2’s energy burned wildly . At the same time, all the Space-time power within his body stirred together, forming a seemingly real and unreal outline on the surface of his body .

Super Saiyan’s power plus space-time ability’s support . This was all the power that Xiaya can currently exert! !

In an instant, the sky cracked, and two fierce auras pressed against each other, forming two distinct atmospheric pressures .

However, Frieza’s aura was too massive, suppressing Xiaya’s aura .

Frieza looked on with interest, and suddenly, the corners of his lips curled into a smile . He disappeared, penetrating the water mist surrounding him . Frieza continued to rush forward, and suddenly, he appeared beside Xiaya . With a cruel smile and cold scarlet eyes, Frieza stretched out his silvery-white arm, which was covered in veins, to grab Xiaya’s arm .

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But, it only grabbed air . Only an afterimage remained in the vicinity — no, this phantom could not be considered an afterimage because it was capable of attacking! Bang! The afterimage sent a strike backward, hitting Frieza’s body, before turning illusory . On the other side, Xiaya’s real body appeared beside Frieza, and a brutal force erupted from his raised legs .

The real and unreal transformation of Planet Metamor was originally a technique that is more effective when facing a low-end fighting force . After Xiaya improved it, it became an indiscriminate wide-area move .

Suddenly hit by the attack, Frieza was a little surprised, and his mind felt a little dizzy; however, his body was strong . After a brief moment of absent-mindedness, he quickly dodged in a weird manner while the tail behind him swung violently .

“Not good!” Muttering inwardly, Xiaya immediately retreated .

But, Frieza was faster . His hard tail, which contained explosive force, wrapped around Xiaya’s waist and smashed him on the ground .

“Void Blade!”

Suddenly, a spatial blade as thin as a cicada’s wing flickered with a glittering and translucent light, and then, from top to bottom, a bright white arc was drawn . Puchi! Although Frieza’s tail was not severed, it still hurt a lot, and the tail loosened .

Xiaya took the opportunity to quickly dodge and escape Frieza’s attack range .

“What a strange attack! It can make this king feel pain . ” Frieza’s lips curled into a smile, but his gloomy face was covered with iciness, showing that he was not happy in his heart .

Then, he suddenly disappeared, and a loud “thump” rang out .

Frieza’s fist ruthlessly slammed into Xiaya’s abdomen, and a violent energy surged into Xiaya . Instantly, an enormous force took effect, and his internal organs were greatly injured!

After a loud Kacha rang out, Xiaya spat out two mouthfuls of blood, and his entire body arched . His abdomen sunk in, and then he flew out backward like an artillery shell .

“Ah!” Xiaya roared as blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth .

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“Hehe . Super Saiyan is just so-so,” Frieza said in amusement, the tail behind him swaying continuously .

“After I’ve killed you, I’ll kill everyone else on this planet . Ho ho ho, the dragon balls will eventually belong to me, King Frieza…”

Xiaya looked at Frieza angrily, but he felt powerless . If it goes on like this, I’ll lose the fight!

Xiaya suddenly remembered that Meifei and others were still on Planet Namek . His heart paused, and soon, unwillingness rushed into his brain .

“I can’t lose . The strength of a Super Saiyan is more than this, as long as I can breakthrough…” Xiaya, whose expression was unpleasant, muttered to himself . It was unclear whether he was speaking out of pain or unwillingness .

For all these years, Xiaya had been trying to break through the shackles of Super Saiyan 2 and reach Super Saiyan 3 state . It was a pity that Super Saiyan 3 was not so easy to achieve . Moreover, after embarking on the path of dimension breakthrough, he also clearly felt that while his dimension rose, his breakthrough purely in his strength had somewhat slowed down .

Full Power Super Saiyan 2, which originally didn’t exist, was something he had attained, and his strength was already comparable to Super Saiyan 3 . However, he still had not broken through to Super Saiyan 3 state .

He… had been stuck for too long .

Although it was intentional, listening to Frieza’s words that attracted hate inevitably made him angry .

With a “crack” sound, as though some kind of shackle had been broken, a powerful aura began to rise . Suddenly, a golden splendor burst into a gorgeous dazzling light . Xiaya’s aura changed, becoming more powerful . A deep and boundless golden flash, dazzling like the sun, rose . The silver-white lightning that had calmed down once again appeared, and wrapped around Xiaya .

Xiaya’s muscles were trembling violently, and at every moment, his cells were invigorated as though they were absorbing ample nutrients .

Bang! Bang! Bang! Golden light illuminated the continent, and the entire Planet Namek trembled . The ground, on which numerous cracks had appeared, finally collapsed, and cracks appeared in the sky . His power kept rising, and it became even stronger than Frieza’s demonic transformation . Not only Planet Namek, but the entire starry sky and the entire North Area was affected .

Bang! Space trembled!

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Strange ripples spread out, just like when he broke through to Super Saiyan 2 . The vast and mighty aura swept through the entire Universe 7 .

Frieza’s face turned white, and he stared at the Super Saiyan in front of him with wide eyes . He didn’t know what was happening, but an ominous feeling emerged around his heart . He was a little dumbfounded by the scene before him .

‘What’s going on? What happened to this Super Saiyan? The golden flame had become so powerful . Could it be…’ an ominous guess appeared in his heart…

He can still breakthrough?

Frieza was not willing to believe it . The relaxed and playful smile on his face had long since disappeared .

Gritting his teeth, Frieza shouted furiously, “I cannot let you successfully breakthrough!”

Frieza flew up, and enormous energy bombs in his hand, which he flung recklessly at Xiaya . However, times had changed, and Frieza’s attacks seemed to be useless and couldn’t affect Xiaya .

Illusory ripples appeared, blocking all of the energy bombs . After several ripples, everything returned to nothingness .

Clank clank!! The vast golden light enveloped the land, and the sacred aura became even more strong . Xiaya’s breakthrough was about to be completed . His blond hair grew crazily, and soon reached to his waist and with the lightning wrapped all around him, it waa Super Saiyan 3 form .

The only difference from other Super Saiyan 3 is that his eyebrows had not disappeared .

“Frieza, I’ve kept you waiting . ” Xiaya lowered his head, and his aura immediately spread out . A frightening storm quickly spread out with him as the center .

“This is Super Saiyan 3!”

Chapter 466 Super Saiyan 3

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