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Chapter 464

With a violent explosion, the solid ground became soft like flour . In an instant, cracks appeared on the plain, and mountains fell .

Xiaya was pounded one kilometre below the ground . He shouted loudly, and the golden light turned brighter . A mighty aura burst out from under the ground . Bang! A golden figure emerged from the crater .

Looking at Frieza, whose body was entwined with dark energy, Xiaya’s eyelids were somewhat heavy . He spread open his arms and stopped in midair . Xiaya’s aura had weakened a lot . He was panting heavily and was visibly fatigued .

His body underwent greater consumption during the Super Saiyan 2 transformation . Although the pressure on his body because of Full Power state was not as fierce as he had expected, the depletion of energy could not be denied .

The only thing that pleased Xiaya was that Frieza did not fare any better than him . His transformation had also exhausted him greatly . Silver Frieza certainly did not have a good grasp of the berserk power in his body .

“Haha! Super Saiyan, you really have impressed this king, but because of this, this king can no longer wait to tear you into pieces . ”

Although Frieza was panting heavily, like an ox, he had an evil smile on his face, pretending to be calm . He folded his hands behind him and slowly floated over . He came to a place only a dozen meters away from Xiaya and looked at him while maintaining an elegant demeanor .

“Pretending to be elegant… In fact, you are also trying to look strong when, in reality, he is weak, too . ”

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Xiaya narrowed his eyes . He could not understand what Frieza was thinking . The Frost Demon was obviously tired and didn’t have much strength, but he wanted to look as though he had won .

At this moment, the energy on both sides should have been nearly consumed .

Frieza was the best talent in the Frost Demon race . Because he was born with powerful energy, he never trained well . He especially liked to see other living beings struggle on their deathbed, but when the struggling person was himself, he wasn’t so happy!

Eighteen years ago, Xiaya gave him a good slap in the face . This made him train to his Silver Form — which was enough to sweep away the shadows of the past .

In today’s battle on Planet Namek, Frieza had made up his mind to exterminate Xiaya —  the obstacle preventing him from ruling the universe .

Frieza swung his tail and —  from who knows where —  took out a blood-red crystal . “Hoho! At first, this king wasn’t planning on using this crystal, as even this king doesn’t trust them, after all, but in order to kill you, this king doesn’t care anymore . ”

Looking at the blood-red crystal in Frieza’s hands, which looked like an irregular diamond, Xiaya’s expression abruptly changed . He has seen this crystal several times: once in the Demon Realm and at the time when Broly attacked Planet Hongshan .

“Space-time crystal —  no, it seems a little different . ”

The expression on Xiaya’s face kept changing, and he looked up at Frieza . With gritted teeth, Xiaya asked, “Who gave you this crystal?”

Narrowing his blood-red eyes, a smile formed on Frieza’s face . “Hoho . I am not allowed to tell you . This is my agreement with them . ”

Facing the tight-lipped Frieza, Xiaya made a guess: a woman with silver-gray hair and a crimson skin tight clothes emerged in his mind . “The person that gave you the crystal is a woman named Towa from Demon Realm?”

Only sorcerer Towa possessed this kind of crystal .

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“Towa? Woman? No, no . He is not the person you speak about . ” Frieza shook his head sideways . He had stared blankly for a moment when Xiaya mentioned Towa, but he had shaken his head after .

“If it is not Towa, then who could it be?” Xiaya couldn’t help but wonder . Although Frieza was an evil person, Xiaya, who understood Frieza’s nature, knew that he disdained lies .

Since Frieza said it was not Towa, the person who gave him the crystal could not be Towa .

But, if it’s not Towa, then who is it? Is it Mira?

Not caring anymore about the doubts in Xiaya’s heart, Frieza stuffed the red crystal into his mouth in front of Xiaya . With a loud crunch, he bit the red crystal into pieces and swallowed it .

After eating the crystal, Frieza’s body shuddered and began to tremble violently . His muscles began to expand, and blood-red lines appeared all over his body . His petite body suddenly grew a lot taller, and even his Ki increased .

“Oh no!” Xiaya’s eyes narrowed, and an ominous feeling appeared in his heart .

Just then, Frieza disappeared once . With a step, he had arrived before Xiaya and kicked . Xiaya instinctively protected his chest .


Xiaya’s face turned white, and he spurted out a blood sword as his body blocked Frieza’s attack .

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But, with a kacha sound, a huge force penetrated his arm . Xiaya’s body felt numb, and the powerful explosive force sent him flying into the distance .

The bizarre energy injured his internal organs, and he was suppressed instantly . Like an artillery shell flying rapidly, it made whistling noises when violent friction occurred with the surrounding air .

At the same time, Xiaya’s arm, which he had used to block, had become seriously deformed .

“What frightening strength!” Feeling the pain traveling through his entire arm, Xiaya’s expression was ugly, and big beads of sweat dripped down from the tip of his nose . Looking at Frieza, who had obtained new power, he wryly smiled inwardly .

On the other side, Frieza raised his hand and casually moved it a few times, causing illusory afterimages to appear everywhere .

“New power and super high speed; my strength has improved a lot . It seems that that person’s words are somewhat credible, but the red veins are too ugly . ” Frieza grinned in satisfaction . He extended and opened his palm a few times, grinning wildly .

At that moment, he felt as though the entire universe was within his grasp .

North Kai’s Planet .

North Kai was pacing around anxiously, holding sunglasses in his hand, looking deathly pale .

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“Aiya, where did it go wrong? Why did Frieza become so powerful, and what is that crystal? I feel an ominous aura from it . Could it be Demon Race … Oh no, it’s bad . That small fry Aka, who I hadn’t paid attention to before is actually so powerful . ”

North Kai stomped his foot with annoyance . He was feeling helpless because of the matters happening on Planet Namek .

In the beginning, he had not paid attention to happenings around Goku and the others . He knew that with their increased strength, even though they could not deal with Frieza, they could, at least, protect themselves . But now, they were in a dangerous situation .

“No, even 20x Kaio-ken is useless; Goku and the others are in danger . ”

Blankly watching the events unfolding on Planet Namek, North Kai sat down on the ground, feeling powerless . He suddenly had an insignificant feeling . In front of the powerful experts that could destroy the world, he, North Kai, was useless .

Frieza’s and Xiaya’s levels were too high; he had no way . Now, on Goku’s side, he could still think of a way .

“If Goku could seize the opportunity to use ‘Spirit Bomb’, there may be a little chance . But, is there time to gather a ‘Spirit Bomb’?”

Thinking of this, North Kai immediately transmitted his voice to Goku and others on Planet Namek, hurriedly saying, “Goku, you all should immediately withdraw from the battlefield . You all are not Aka’s match . After leaving, hide your qi and spend some time preparing a ‘Spirit Bomb’ . This is the only method now . ”

“But, is there a chance to get away?” Goku said with uncertainty, as his position was firmly locked on to by Aka .

“Think of a way; you guys can do it . ”

“Okay!” Goku responded with a frown and beckoned to everyone . He then restrained his Ki… The chances of success were very little, but he had no other choice but to try .

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