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Chapter 462

“Damn it! Damn it! Super Saiyan, this king will definitely tear you into pieces!”

Frieza roared in anger, his face distorting from pain . Everywhere he had been struck felt sore and numb .

Due to only a moment of carelessness, Frieza, the mighty universe emperor, was ruthlessly trampled by someone — a scene reminiscent of that unforgettable scene that occurred more than ten years ago .

His opponent was the same Super Saiyan, and this encounter was almost the same as the past one .

Frieza was furious, and his silver-white body stood upright . He lowered his head, and a fierce glint flashed within his blood-red eyes . His silver tail swayed calmly .

Frieza surveyed his surroundings and calmed his anger . As long as he took the battle seriously, the Super Saiyan was only so-so . With that in mind, a shocking aura erupted from Frieza .

A few kilometers away, Xiaya was suddenly locked on by the powerful aura . He couldn’t help but feel a chill on his back .

Xiaya’s countenance changed, and he thought, ‘Frieza’s aura is still improving . Is this the full strength of Silver Frieza? It is making my soul tremble! Hehe, but this is fine, too . Let me see how powerful you are . ”

Facing Frieza, whose aura had increased yet again, Xiaya smiled, and a mighty fighting spirit surged within him .

Although the enemy had become even more terrifying, Xiaya didn’t cower . The previous Frieza, although powerful, was still lacking a little in maturity .

But, now — well, he had fully matured!

Xiaya’s body flashed as he rushed towards Frieza, the air around him emitting fierce whistling sounds . He turned into a beam of light, penetrating through the void, and reached Frieza in the blink of an eye .

Ding! Both fists moved at the same time, and a glistening Ki wall spread out along the plane, producing a bright beam of light .

In this bout, both sides were evenly matched . They were like artillery shells that had collided . The artillery shells were stopped forcibly without any deformation happening to them, but space exploded .

Xiaya had met a lot of powerful enemies, and he considered Frieza one of the strongest .

“Super Saiyan!” Frieza said softly .


Xiaya faintly smiled and greeted him like an old friend .

A brief moment of calm appeared between the two, and afterward, what transpired did not need to be detailed . Terrifying energies immediately surged out of their bodies, bringing an indescribable shock to the entire world .

The sky was being squeezed by the two gold and silver auras, making muffled bangs . The sky split into two halves, and the two chaotic auras continued to attack, forming a strange separate scene .

Suddenly, with a rumbling sound, the auras exploded forward .

They began fighting again, and the weather changed irregularly . As sounds of fighting were heard, a swift and fierce whirlwind blew by . The surrounding area, which spanned thousands of miles, was turned into an energy-dense stalemate zone . People with insufficient power that came close by would be pressed down to the ground by the powerful aura there .


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With a bright radiance, Tri-Beam surged out with a dazzling brilliance and rushed towards Frieza . Frieza laughed out loud arrogantly and pointed at the terrifying attack sweeping over . The corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile .

“Planet Destroying Ball!”

A tiny red light flickered a few times in front of him before instantly expanding to become a very large fireball, whose diameter was more than a kilometer .

Frieza indifferently glanced at it as he pointed a finger, and the big fireball swept out towards the Tri-Beam . Planet Destroying Ball was a specialty of  Frieza’s race . Its might was terrifying .

With a loud sound, a planetary level whirlwind blew up . Terrifying knife-like energies zipped past the planet’s crust, scrapping layer after layer .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Exercising sound judgment, Frieza seized the opportunity and appeared directly in front of Xiaya .

“Pff!” Xiaya was struck with a violent blow from Frieza, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood before flying backward . The swift and fierce wind pressing downward was like a sharp blade, splitting open a bottomless ravine on the ground .

Stopping on the ground, Xiaya’s face turned pale, and he, again, spat out a few mouthfuls of blood .

“Hehe . Super Saiyan, I’ll let you experience this king’s strength . ”

Frieza smiled evilly and launched a round of attacks at Xiaya .

Planet Namek had become extremely fragile . Even if it was not directly attacked, the aftermath of a battle could not be withstood by the planet’s tectonic plates . Kacha! Kacha! Numerous cracks continued to appear on the ground, and soon, it started to look frightening .

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Xiaya, who was in Full Power Super Saiyan 2 form, was locked in a fight with Frieza in Silver Form .

They were extremely fast, and they had fought back and forth hundreds of times in the blink of an eye . During the crazy battle, the sky was torn into pieces, forming a vacuum zone . The sky shattered as easily as a mirror did .

Xiaya was still not as powerful as Frieza . Full Power Super Saiyan 2 may be powerful, but in fact, it was only comparable to an ordinary Super Saiyan 3 . Silver Frieza’s strength has exceeded the standard of an ordinary Super Saiyan 3 . It was slightly more powerful compared to Goku in Super Saiyan 3 state . Besides, after Frieza’s strength once again increased, his Battle Power was not 25 billion, but 28 billion .

Fortunately, because of the experiences in Universe 6, which let Xiaya gain abundant combat experience that was more than Frieza’s, Xiaya had the slight advantage .

Thousands of kilometers away, the three kids were staring blankly at the sky . Everything that was happening on the battlefield in the distance had shaken their minds .

“Brother, Dad’s Ki is so terrifying! That evil Ki is too frightening . ” Xili shuddered, her face pale .

Xiang thought deeply and nodded . “Dad will definitely win . Let’s deal with this red-skinned alien first . ”

As he pointed at Shisami, who was lying on the ground and gasping for air, a vicious light flashed in Xiang’s eyes . This Shisami had encountered them; this really is an accumulation of bad luck from eight lifetimes . Who would have thought that three tiny children could beat Shisami so ruthlessly that he couldn’t even retaliate?

“Umm, this guy can really take beatings . ” Xili nodded seriously .

“Is this guy a cow? Should we eat it?”

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“Forget it; it looks disgusting . ”

When Xiang and Xili were discussing how to take care of Shisami, the youngest Meifei was looking at the distance, her eyes shining brightly . Looking at the earth-shattering battle on the other side of the planet, an indescribable excitement emerged in Meifei’s little heart . The berserk aura hidden deeply in her bloodline seemed to be slowly waking up…


“Over there; what a strong Ki . ” Goku raised his head excitedly .

Goku and Tien Shinhan were facing the Abo and Kado brothers . These two people were naturally not their match . However, Goku, who was easily distracted, gave Abo and Kado a great opportunity . They hurriedly moved closer to each other and then used their unique skill .

After knowing that they could not defeat their enemies, the brothers decisively chose to fuse .

Puchi! A dazzling light flashed, and both brothers disappeared . A taller guy was left standing in their place .

The fused Aka appeared .

Unlike the individual red and blue, after fusion, Aka had violet skin . He was still fat, and spikes were growing all over the body just like Dodoria . But, Aka was countless times more powerful than Dodoria .

The appearance of Aka shocked Goku, and he immediately realized that something was up .

“Damn it . This guy’s Ki has suddenly increased so much . 50 million Battle Power… this is troublesome!” Goku muttered, an ugly look appearing on his face .

Before Abo and Kado brothers merged, Goku had absolute confidence, but now, neither he nor Tien Shinhan was sure . Aka was too powerful and too troublesome . This change had caught them off guard

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