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Chapter 461

“How is it? Does my current strength scare you, or are you too scared to speak?” Frieza, whose entire body was exuding a silver light, pursued his lips and burst into loud laughter .

How strong was Frieza after transforming into Silver Form?

Xiaya did not know how to discern it, but he could feel a stifling aura in the air that was goosebumps-inducing . If Frieza in the previous form was a drizzle, which was silent to people, then his current form was a heavy downpour capable of hurting the body .

As Frieza himself had said, he really didn’t use 20% of his strength before .

“25 billion Battle Power . He is much more powerful than Broly was!” Xiaya thought with a slight frown . If 20 billion Battle Power was the required strength to achieve Super Saiyan 3 stage, then 25 billion Battle Power would put one at a relatively advanced level of the stage .

It seemed Frieza really did spend the past several decades training properly; he was no longer the universe emperor that only knew how to drink red wine .

Xiaya was silent as he looked at Frieza, who was wearing a smug expression . A moment later, Xiaya said in an icy voice,  “Frieza, your power really has surprised me . I didn’t expect you to grow this strong after the last several decades . However, if you think that will scare me, then you think too highly of yourself . ”

“Humph! There is no need for you to show off,” Frieza said, snorting .

Xiaya chuckled and shook his head . “I am not showing off . You can transform, but do you think we, Super Saiyans, have only one stage?”

“You mean Super Saiyan can still continue to transform?” Frieza shook his head disdainfully . He considered Xiaya’s word a bluff intended to scare the enemy with .

Super Saiyans were very strong — something Frieza himself knew to be the truth — but it was too early for Xiaya to think himself strong enough to incite fear in Frieza . In the entire universe, other than the mysterious powerful God of Destruction Beerus, who else could scare Frieza?

No one . There was no one . He did not even put Majin Buu in his eyes .

“Haha; too much confidence is overly arrogant . ”

Xiaya shook his head and laughed, and then his expression turned solemn . With a light shout, an earth-shattering aura burst forth . The surroundings began to quake violently, and Frieza’s overwhelming Ki was suddenly cut by something akin to a sharp blade and moved aside .

Several thunderous bangs resounded in the sky above .

Frieza looked up and saw over a hundred bright arcs of lightning streak through the black clouds, descending from a hight of tens of thousands of meters . Huge silvery-white snakes twisted and wriggled, vigorously showing the charm of peak-level energy .

Thin, crackling arcs of electricity twisted around Xiaya .

Xiaya’s golden hair fluttered even high, and two tufts of gold hair had clumped together in front of his forehead . Xiaya’s Ki became stronger, and his aura gradually began to stabilize . The bright lightning soon vanished, and Xiaya’s aura was reigned in . Other than his hairstyle, which was more erect, Xiaya looked no different than he had as a Full Power Super Saiyan .

This form was Full Power Super Saiyan 2 — a most difficult super level to achieve .

Xiaya flexed his arms and twisted his body, causing muscles filled with power to protrude from every part of his body . At that moment, all 40 trillion cells in Xiaya’s body was filled with energy . His aura was calm, but it had an overwhelmingly terrifying strength within .

“Hahaha, so this is your so-called transformation? This king admits that your appearance changed a bit, but that is limited to the hairstyle . Did you think that you could deceive this king with just that? Foolish Super Saiyan!”

Frieza sneered and folded his arms across his chest, unable to sense Xiaya’s Ki . Other than the change in Xiaya’s hair, he could not discern any difference in him after the transformation . It was only natural that Frieza could not understand how explosive Xiaya’s current strength was . This was a disadvantage that Frieza suffered .

Xiaya flexed his limbs and smiled .

“My previous transformation was Super Saiyan 1, and now, it has become Super Saiyan 2 . How much stronger have I become? You can experience that for yourself . ”

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Although Xiaya spoke casually, he was completely focused . Frieza’s current strength required that he stay focused and be extremely cautious .

Xiaya had faced many experts in Universe 6, but only a few of them were very powerful, like Frieza . Other than Hit, whose strength exceeds the standard, Frieza was the strongest expert that Xiaya had encountered .

Xiaya stared at Frieza with a serious expression, secretly looking for an opportunity to attack . Experts like them could control the rhythm of battle with only a slight pre-emptive opportunity, as the rhythm of a battle played a very important role in a high-speed battle .

Violent winds swirled up the sand and stones, and the air froze at this moment .

A few branches were carried by the sandstorm and tossed about violently, after which they were torn to pieces .

Suddenly, the two men moved at the same time, stepping forward, and two shiny figures tore through the air and engaged in battle in the blink of an eye . Punches caused waves to form all over the sky, and every attack seemed to tear open the space . Bzzzzz! Like the ear-piercing sound made when water boils — or like the cry of a child — all kinds of weird sounds converged together, forming an even more ear-splitting sound .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xiaya and Frieza were locked into battle, and the whole sky trembled rhythmically .

Xiaya’s fists were very tough, emitting a bright light . When the fists made contact with Frieza’s body, the collision caused electricity to flash and sounded as though two pieces of steel had collided . Their bodies shook, and similar glints of shock flashed in their eyes . A millisecond later, their fists had separated .

Bang! The fists had collided again .

They had begun to fight again .

An icy Ki explosion suddenly shook the land, with the shockwave spreading out from both men at the center . The planet’s tectonic plate broke apart . A terrifying whirlwind swept through the atmosphere . At that moment, words were unnecessary . The frightening power had covered the whole Planet Namek .

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“Hahaha! Interesting!”

Frieza snorted and flew backward . After spitting a mouthful of blood, he suddenly burst into laughter . Then, his complexion turned pale, and his face which has silvery-white luster turned sinister .

Ever since Frieza finished his training, he had not met an opponent that was an even match for him, but this Super Saiyan could actually hurt him .

Should I say that he really is worthy of being the nemesis of the Frost Demon race?

Frieza reigned in his disdain and inwardly acknowledged Xiaya’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation .

As for Xiaya, he was, of course, not feeling well after his short bout with Frieza . His hands were a little numb as he coldly stared at Frieza . Xiaya roared, and his muscles began to squirm . A stronger aura erupted out of him .

“Space Shackles!” He shouted .

Although his current form was a Full Power Super Saiyan 2, Xiaya’s strength had already reached the peak state of Super Saiyan 2; his entire body was filled with an indescribable majesty .

It was like an epee . It was not sharp, but every time it attacked, it was bold and unconstrained .

And with the emergence of the aura, it had become a giant ax!

Frieza, who was preparing to teach the Super Saiyan in front of him a good lesson, suddenly felt his entire body freeze . His vision blurred, and he realized that the man in front of him had disappeared with a flash .

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Bang! Steel-like claws suddenly appeared in front of Frieza . His blood-red pupils narrowed, and he instantly felt as if sky and earth were spinning, after which he was sent flying . A white flash broke through the air, drawing a straight white line .

For Xiaya, this was an extremely rare opportunity . How could he easily let him off?

Xiaya’s foot stepped onto the void, and a cyclone passed through the soles of his feet . Xiaya chased after Frieza, keeping a flight path parallel to the careening Frost Demon, and waved his fist, hitting Frieza’s abdomen .

Bang! Rumble!!

As the chaotic and destructive energy swirled, Xiaya’s fist struck Frieza’s body . Frieza spat a mouthful of blood, his body bent over, and his eyes protruded . They were covered with wisps of blood . The beam of light suddenly turned; the white light had stopped . It turned at an acute angle and rushed back from whence it came .

If Frieza had hit the ground, it is not impossible for his body to tear through the entire planet .

Naturally, Xiaya did not intend to let such a thing happen, so he had appeared on the ground in advance and raised his leg, making to kick upward .

Unsurprisingly, when Frieza crashed over, Xiaya struck Frieza’s back and sent him flying again, albeit in the opposite direction .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He bombarded Frieza with several strikes consecutively .

In the span of a few seconds, Xiaya had crazily struck Frieza countless times; each attack seemed able to break space .

“Ahhhh!!” Frieza roared with grief and indignation .

The anger in his heart exploded, and he extended three paws and struck the void hard, hastily counterattacking but with little success . In a battle between experts, one only needed a slight opportunity to turn the tides, and Xiaya happened to grab that opportunity .

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