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Chapter 458

After Shisami received the order and flew away, Frieza leisurely snapped his finger and suddenly said to Balfe who was standing on the side, “Balfe, go and turn on the large energy detector in the spaceship; let me take a good look at Shisami, Abo and Kado’s wonderful fight . ”

As an expert whose Battle Power far exceeded theirs, Frieza also felt lonely at the top (TN: It also literally means one cannot stand the cold in high grounds) . Of course, as a Frost Demon, Frieza liked cold climates the most . He was fond of watching these small and insignificant living beings make their final struggle; it brought him great delight .

At this moment, Frieza suddenly had a whim—he wanted to see how Shisami would uphold his kingly majesty .

Balfe naturally agreed, and soon, the large ship-based detector in the disk-shaped spaceship was turned on .

With a buzzing sound, all the energy sources on the Planet Namek, without any exception, were detected and displayed on the large screen erected outside .

The detection capability of the ship-based detector was very powerful; even power sources above hundred million Battle Power could not escape its detection .

At this time, in the far west, there were two energy sources gathered together, and the energy intensity was about 500,000 .

Furthermore, a 550,000 Battle Power energy source was rushing towards them .

“Hehe, half a million Battle Power, it seems that they are indeed Abo and Kado brothers . It’s really sad . They will soon die in Shisami’s hands, but this is also the fate of betraying this king . ” Frieza observed with interest . To him, there was nothing more enjoyable than watching other people put up a last-ditch struggle .

Although he felt the lack of video footage was pitiful, Frieza was still full of delight .

Waving his hand, Frieza ordered his subordinates in the warship to hand him his favorite red wine . Taking it, he gently shook the glass .

“King Frieza, don’t you think the energy sources on Planet Namek are odd?”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” Frieza asked with a smile .

“Your Majesty, don’t you think that even if Planet Namek is desolate, it is unlikely for it to have only a dozen energy sources?” Balfe analyzed the situation of Planet Namek . He instinctively felt the oddness on Planet Namek, but he couldn’t explain why .

‘Not only are there just a dozen energy sources on the planet, their Battle Power is also so high . There is no stepped distribution of strong and weak forces, and each one is an expert . This is certainly something odd . ’

Dodoria yawned and attributed it to a Namekian’s mysteriousness without any care . “Balfe, you are thinking too much . Namekians are said to have magical power like in the legends . There shouldn’t be anything strange about it, right?”

“Maybe I am thinking too much . ” Balfe hesitated and nodded .

Frieza was—however—calm, and he waved his hands to interrupt the argument on this issue between the two . Whether there was something odd about Namekians, or if they were hiding something, Frieza did not care at all . As long as he could get the dragon balls, Frieza did not care about anything else . Moreover, with his current skills, Frieza was not afraid of any crafty plots and schemes .

Just as Shisami was nearing the Abo and Kado brothers, eleven energy sources on the screen which had been motionless, changed significantly . The blinking lights displayed the changes in those energy sources . Their strength, which previously displayed 5000 Battle Power, was slowly increasing .

“What’s going on?”

The changes in the screen attracted the attention of Balfe and the others . After glancing at the screen, they found that those scattered energy sources were becoming stronger and stronger, about to break through 10,000 Battle Power .

Frieza’s ice-cold face revealed a sneer, and he said with graceful bearing, “Ho ho, these Namekians are really interesting . They even know how to conceal their Battle Power . It is somewhat similar to that ancient warrior of the Feidaya people . Humph! Perhaps this is their real strength . Mr . Dodoria, take along a team to finish them off . Remember, don’t forget to interrogate them about the dragon balls . ”

“Leave it to me . ” Dodoria patted his chest and accepted .

After Dodoria brought away a team of aliens, the energy displayedon the screen changed once again . At this time, near the place where the Great Elder lived in the north, a 400,000 Battle Power energy source faintly appeared .

Namekians also knew the method for concealing aura, but because Nail’s strength had increased recently, his energy could not be concealed properly and was captured by the large energy detector .

“Hoh, interesting . It seems that this king will not feel bored . Mr . Balfe, I’ll trouble you to guard the spaceship . This king will be right back . ” Looking at the energy signal that suddenly appeared and disappeared, Frieza immediately became interested .

Frieza had no suitable candidates at the moment to deal with a powerhouse with more than 500,000 Battle Power, so he was intending to personally go into battle and do some warm up .

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“Please be assured, King Frieza . ”

Frieza chuckled, and the egg-shaped Hover Pod leisurely rose into the sky before accelerating rapidly, and as if a ray of lightning had broken through the sound barrier, it flew towards the frigid land in the north .

Balfe watched silently beside the spaceship and suddenly felt sorry for the Namekians in his heart . However, this little amount of regret left as quickly as it came, and then—in an icy voice—Balfe commanded the aliens nearby to attack the remaining Namekian signals .

In an open space not far from the place where the Great Elder resided, Xiaya was quietly sitting cross-legged . Sensing that Frieza’s Ki was coming towards the Great Elder’s residence, his face couldn’t help but show a cold smile .

“It seems that the Great Elder’s location has been found, but with me here, how can you find the Great Elder so easily?”

The corners of Xiaya’s mouth slightly curled up, and suddenly an earth-shaking aura rose up and rushed into the sky . An energy source around the level of an ordinary Super Saiyan’s strength spread out from his body .

To attract Frieza’s attention, this amount of Battle Power was enough .

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The detector on Frieza’s ear was connected to the ship-based detector . Soon, an unexpected energy fluctuation was transmitted through the ship-based detector .

Frieza glanced at it and gasped slightly in surprise, “100 million Battle Power? Planet Namek still has such a warrior?”

Then Frieza laughed heartily, and a rarely seen serious expression appeared on his face . A super warrior with 100 million Battle Power was extremely rare . There were very few of such warriors in the entire universe .  ‘I did not expect that such a powerhouse would be hidden on a planet in the remote region of ​North Area . ’ Frieza couldn’t help but think of the evil Namekian Slug that he had encountered in the past .

Compared to Slug, this existence that had appeared on Planet Namek was even more powerful .

“It seems that the Namekian are also a race that is not inferior to my Frost Demon race . Besides Slug, such a warrior still exists . If I stay in Normal State, I can have a serious fight . ”

“Of course, it’s only a little fun for me,” Frieza sneered, his blood-red eyes gleaming with a cold light . In his heart, he had immediately sentenced Namekians to death .

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Speeding up, the small Hover Pod approached Xiaya .

On the other side, Goku and others had successfully lured over some aliens . When they were killing these aliens, they suddenly sensed energy erupt from Xiaya and stopped in astonishment .

“So, this is the real strength of Xiaya . ” Goku was full of fighting spirit, as if he had found a goal to strive for .

“The battle on our side has just begun . ”

Tien Shinhan and others inwardly muttere and chose a powerful aura and flew over .


“Ho, the golden light is just ahead . ”

Frieza narrowed his eyes, the purple cortex on his head was like a gem as it reflected sparkling lights under the sunlight, and the two black horns emitted bright cold rays .

When he got closer, Frieza got a clear look at the golden figure in front and his countenance abruptly changed . His eyes widened, and he asked with an icy face, “You are not a Namekian! Ah, it’s you, hateful ancient warrior!”

Frieza’s heart was filled with hatred for the ancient warrior who had forced him into desperate straits .  ‘Should it be said that it was god’s arrangement, letting me meet my former enemy on Planet Namek?’

At this time, Xiaya raised his head and looked at Frieza, his handsome and bright face curving into a smile as he said, “Frieza, we met again . It’s a pity that I didn’t kill you at that time!”

Frieza regained his composure, just as elegant as in the beginning, but his hoarse voice was full of malevolence as he said, “Ho ho ho, yeah, what happened that year was really the biggest shame in this king’s whole lifetime . But it’s also because of you that this king stopped being arrogant and wholeheartedly trained for so many years . This king can now pinch you to death with one hand . ”

“Then you should thank me . I am curious . Previously, I blew you into pieces; thus, you shouldn’t have survived…”

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As if they were friends, Xiaya chatted with Frieza .

Both of their voices were genial and full of emotions, and it was as if they were talking about ordinary daily life . Well, they were discussing how to send the other to hell .

“This king is in a good mood, so let me tell you . This is the life-saving unique skill of my Frost Demon race . When encountering mortal danger, my Frost Demon race can temporarily freeze themselves with energy crystallization . Because it is energy crystallization, not even a little energy will leak . Of course, only very few geniuses like this king can use this unique skill . ” Sitting on a Hover Pod, Frieza’s tail was swaying, as he shook his finger in the air, looking very pleased .

“So, that’s the case, thank you for dispelling my doubts . Then I will also tell you something . ”

Xiaya smiled brightly . Looking at Frieza’s curious look, he said leisurely, “Actually I am not the ancient warrior that you imagined . ”

“Huh?” Frieza was listening attentively .

“The ancient warrior of the Feidaya people is actually someone else, and her Battle Power has reached a terrifying 2 . 5 billion . If you had encountered a real ancient warrior that year, even if you can temporarily freeze yourself, it will not be able to stop her energy attack . ” Xiaya mentioned Zangya, who was living on Planet Hongshan . At that time, the extremely powerful Cooler was trampled to death by Zangya .

“2 . 5 billion?” Frieza was dumbstruck, but then he shook his head disdainfully .

‘That Cooler really died like an idiot!’

“So can you tell me who you are?”

“Of course I can . ”

Xiaya showed his white teeth and faced Frieza with a bright smile, his leisurely voice echoing, “Actually, I am what your race has always been afraid of… I’m a Super Saiyan!”

As Xiaya finished speaking, golden waves rose with earth-shaking momentum, as if gigantic waves were seething . As the waves seethed, a golden aura raged, and Xiaya’s Ki rose to the peak of the ordinary Super Saiyan level, and a terrifying oppressive aura exploded into the sky, the whole atmosphere seemed to be boiling .

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