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Chapter 455

Goku and the others walked to the first floor of the Great Elder’s home and found a place in the spacious hall to sit down cross-legged like old monks in meditation .

Time gradually passed, and Goku rapidly grasped his power .

Half an hour later, everyone stood up and reigned in their auras . The immense and profound energy instantly turned bland, making them seem like ordinary people, but it did not achieve complete energy convergence . There was still a portion of the Ki that leaked out — about six or seven thousand Battle Power .

After a while, Nail returned with the seven dragon balls, and a middle-aged Namekian also came with him . Under the Great Elder, this Namekian was the person with the highest prestige .

Bang! Bang! Bang! Seven orange football-sized dragon balls landed on the ground, forming seven big craters .

“Unbelievable . Planet Namek’s dragon balls are so big,” Krillin exclaimed after seeing Planet Namek’s dragon balls for the first time . Chichi and others were also dazzled .

“Except for their size, they completely resemble the dragon balls on Earth,” Bulma, who had studied the dragon balls deeply, said in surprise . It’s no wonder they can fulfill three wishes at once . Just looking at their size, the tiny dragon balls of Earth cannot be compared to them .

Bulma didn’t know that one year on Planet Namek was only 130 days — one-third of Earth’s year . When Planet Namek’s dragon balls were created by the Great Elder, Planet Namek’s “year” was used as the standard .

In this way, if Planet Namek’s dragon balls were placed on earth, nine wishes can actually be fulfilled in one earth year . They were not a ‘little’ stronger than earth’s dragon balls .

Xiaya remembered that in the main storyline of the original work, after Namekians had temporarily migrated to earth, they waited 260 days as they used six wishes in a row to resurrect Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha, and transferred Namekians to the new Planet Namek . Furthermore, a year later, Future Trunks came to earth .

Oh, that’s right, there are less than two years before the Future Trunks comes over .

In fact, at this point, a bug — neither too big or too small — should exist in the original work: that is, Gohan’s age problem .

When Gohan appeared, he was 4 years old, and now is 5 years old . If the interval is less than two years, Gohan should be 7 years old when Trunks comes, and 10 years old during Androids’ Saga . Then, he should be 17 years old when Majin Buu appeared, and not the 16 years old as in the original work .

Naturally, if one was to resolutely explain it, the problem lied in the period between the end of the Planet Namek’s Saga and when Future Trunks appears . This is infinitely close to two years . In the end, is it regarded as one year or two years? Gohan could be considered more than 16 years old, and infinitely close to 17 years old .

Flinging these useless thoughts to the back of his head, the first thing he had to face was Frieza, who would arrive soon .

“Moori, from today on, you are the new Great Elder of Namekians,” On the second floor, the Great Elder weakly told the middle-aged Namekian .

Moori was a short and stout Namekian . In the original work, he took over the job of the great elder after the Great Elder Guru’s death . He is also a very outstanding member of the Dragon Clan .

“Great Elder, what are you talking about?” Moori shouted in surprise .

Nail’s eyes flickered, looking at the Great Elder silently .

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The Great Elder said, “I can sense my lifespan is running out . It will be the last time making a wish . When the new Planet Namek is found and clansman are transferred, don’t care about me . I want to stay on Planet Namek, accompanying it in its final moments… ”

“Great Elder, there is no need for you…”

“Hehe… More than three hundred years ago, when the climate cataclysm hadn’t happened yet, Planet Namek was a beautiful planet full of happiness . Time flies; let it follow me into the darkness,” the Great Elder said calmly .

“Yes!” The newly-appointed Great Elder Moori said respectfully .

“Okay . Both of you go and summon Porunga; there isn’t much time . ” The Great Elder closed his eyes and peacefully went to sleep .

Moori and Nail looked at each other and sighed before going out . Outside, Bulma was still studying the Planet Namek’s dragon balls . Measurements showed that Planet Namek’s dragon balls have a diameter more than three times that of the earth’s dragon balls, and a volume twenty-seven times that of the earth’s dragon balls .

“Everyone, back away a little . I’m going to summon Porunga . ”

Having Goku and others retreat some distance, Nail began to summon in Planet Namek’s language . With a low chanting voice, layers of clouds floated over from the horizon, and the entire Planet Namek fell into darkness .

Then, amidst lightning flashes and resounding thunder, the divine dragon Porunga’s sturdy body appeared .

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It has two antennas on its forehead, glaring scarlet eyes, and there were black horns growing on the forehead, cheeks, and shoulders . Its arms were full of muscles — looking full of explosive power — and there was a fin-shaped object growing till the tail bone, along the center of its back .

“People who have gathered the dragon balls, say thy wishes,” Porunga’s deafening voice resounded .

Bulma watched in amazement, her light purple hair fluttering like soft silk threads . “So, this is the divine dragon of Planet Namek . It looks nothing like Shenron of earth . ”

“Dad, how does this divine dragon compare to Planet Hongshan’s divine dragon?” Meifei asked Xiaya in a low voice .

Rubbing his daughter’s small head, Xiaya said lightly, “It cannot be compared; their levels are different . ”

“Oh . ” Meifei nodded, but she did not quite understand .

Nail watched calmly, with both hands behind his back, as the scarf around his neck and the lower hem of his jacket swayed in the wind . He glanced at the excited Gohan and said, “Porunga, please revive Piccolo of earth!”

After that, he waited for Porunga’s response .

After a while, Porunga said . “Thy wish is very easy . ”

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Porunga’s eyes glowed with a blood-red light, and Piccolo was revived on the faraway Earth . At the same time, on Lookout, the old Kami reappeared while leaning on the scepter . Even the dragon balls that Mr . Popo had gathered and placed on a plate recovered their orange-red luster .

“What’s going on? I was clearly in the Underworld just now . How was I resurrected? ” Piccolo moved his arms, and the majestic power in his body surged out . Piccolo pondered for a moment before directly flying towards Lookout .

“Okay; thy first wish has been fulfilled . ”

“The second wish: please find a planet in the universe that is suitable for Namekians to live on . ” Nail made a wish using Planet Namek’s language .

After Porunga found the new Planet Namek, Nail said, “Please transfer all the Namekians on Planet Namek except me and the Great Elder to the new Planet Namek . ”

After Nail finished, Porunga began to use the divine dragon’s power . In an instant, all the Namekians were transferred to the new Planet Namek, and the only remaining Namekians were Nail and the Great Elder .

When Shenron turned into a beam and flew away, the Great Elder spoke in a hoarse voice, “Nail, why did you stay behind?”

Nail said with a resolute expression: “My duty is to protect the Great Elder . Right now, a powerful enemy is threatening Great Elder’s life . I have no reason to leave . ”

The Great Elder heaved a sigh and said, “Come here; let me increase your strength . ”

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