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Chapter 451

It was not impossible for a mortal to train until they became a god, but it was normally a low-level god-like earth’s Kami . This Saiyan, however… his dimension was not lower than North Kai’s . What did that mean? Xiaya’s status was not lower than that of the Kai in charge of one-fourth of the universe .

Such a high-level god’s status… If you want to reach it by training, it is impossible to achieve without arduous experiences . Hence, North Kai was even more curious about this Saiyan, who claimed to be the leader of Planet Hongshan .

He knew that this Saiyan was very strong, strong enough to be equally matched with Frieza . If Xiaya was willing to help eliminate Frieza, then peace in the North Area would soon become reality .

Xiaya seemed to know what North Kai was thinking . He smiled indifferently and spoke a name that caused North Kai to tremble with fear . “God of Destruction Beerus . I once trained at his place . ”

Then, ignoring the stunned North Kai, he led children to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber .

“God… God of Destruction Beerus… So that’s how it is . No wonder he is so mysterious . It turns out that he stayed at Beerus-sama’s place… . . God of Destruction Beerus, sigh…”

North Kai suddenly became absent-minded, as goosebumps sprouted all over his body . Every time he heard of the God of Destruction, his heart would violently palpitate, and fear would overwhelm his heart .

No one related to God of Destruction was simple, and more importantly, he was uncertain of the other’s attitude .

His previous views ceased .

… . .

“Dad, where are you taking us?”

Meifei asked childishly, as they have been walking in the winding corridor for a long time . The numerous forks in the path dazzled them, as well as statues with strange shapes . She was already not able to tell the way they had come from .

Xiaya said, “I’m taking you to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber . One year inside is only one day outside . ”

“Is it so magical?”

“Of course . You can stay inside for as long as you want,” Xiaya said with a smile . However, when they knew the living conditions inside, if they managed to remain inside for one whole year, he would thank god .

Leading the excited children to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Xiaya pushed open the door, and the four of them went in . Because of the violation of the rules of the Time Chamber, it’s door completely sealed up after they entered .

“Hey, the door is gone . ” Looking at the vast empty white world, Xili suddenly discovered that the door from which they came had disappeared, and the inside was already another dimensional space . Even if someone else entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, it would not be this world .

Simply put, they had been exiled from space .

“Okay; begin training . The atmospheric pressure here is very low, and the air is hot and dry . Adjust your pace when training . Don’t let yourself dehydrate . Can you see that double-storey palace over there? That’s where you will eat and sleep . In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, normally food is clean water and dry flour, which is stored in the storage room . ”

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At the same time, Xiaya reminded them . Of course, he always had some exotic delicacies stored in his dimensional space, but he chose not to take them out at this time .

The children’s little faces collapsed when they heard that the conditions were so difficult . “Dad, the conditions here are very bad . Shall we change places?”

Xiaya said with a straight face, “Impossible . The exit has been sealed . You know, your mothers and I also trained here as children . If you can’t even handle this level of harsh environment, how will you become stronger in the future? If you behave well, I might give you some rewards . ”

After that, Xiaya took out a plate of roast duck from the dimensional space . The enticing aroma made the three children drool, and then they looked on helplessly as Xiaya put it back into the dimensional space .

“Train well, and when you reach my standard, I will let you out . ”

“Dad, you are bad . I will go back and tell mother,” Xiang said .

“Go ahead; Xiang’s reward opportunity will be reduced!” Xiaya said with a smile .


Xiang looked up at the sky and shouted, begging for mercy, causing Xili and Meifei to giggle .

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In the following days, the children began to train under Xiaya’s guidance .

The children had a good foundation . Training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber could be considered an opportunity for them to face their own limits . Xiaya did not require them to breakthrough a lot in their Battle Power . He just wanted them to understand that sometimes when facing harsh environments, the tempering of spirit is even more important .

Xiaya was teaching them the combination of Earth’s martial arts, Planet Hongshan’s martial arts, and Planet Metamor’s martial arts . There were great differences between various martial arts, but there were also places where they link up with each other .

During the training, Xiaya also created space compression for them according to his ability . After all, 10x gravity in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was not difficult for them to withstand . It must be known that the gravity of Planet Hongshan alone was 10x of earth’s gravity . The physique of Saiyans was very sturdy, but if they stayed in a low-gravity environment for too long, their physique’s endurance ability would gradually decline .

After Xiaya exerted space compression, the three children found it difficult to take a step . The kids gritted their teeth and withstood the pressure, little by little . Crystal-like beads of sweat dripped down and fell to the ground, turning into hot steam .

Xiaya nodded slightly and looked at the children seriously .

He knew that the growth of his children was still in its infancy . Right now, he was laying a solid foundation for them and giving them mature theories, so that they can go a long way in the future .

Based on Xiang, Xili and Meifei’s situation, Xiaya drew up training plans, and then taught them personally .

“Xiang, your attack speed is too slow . When defending against Xili, don’t just focus on defense; leave some strength to attack too . ”

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“Okay; let’s rebuild your bodies a little . Maintain your center of gravity . ”

Xiaya pointed out the flaws in the children’s bodies, but for Meifei, Xiaya used another method . After all, Legendary Super Saiyan is different from an ordinary Saiyan . The power of Legendary Super Saiyan grew too fast . It was impossible for her to clearly grasp every iota of her strength like Xili, so he planned to instruct Meifei how to fully exhibit her energy in attacking techniques, creating the most destructiveness .

There were two Super Saiyan forms of Legendary Super Saiyan . One was the ordinary Super Saiyan form when it is suppressed . In this form, the strength is incomplete, and the appearance is the same as an ordinary Super Saiyan; And the other is Legendary Super Saiyan form, where their hair is green, and the aura is also green, and this time destructiveness is strongest, and can lose reason very easily .

Xiaya is now starting to lay the foundation for Meifei’s Legendary Super Saiyan transformation .

After Xiang, Xili, and Meifei entered steady training, Xiaya also immersed in studying the method of breaking through Super Saiyan 3 . He has stayed in Super Saiyan 2 for too long .

Originally, he stayed in Super Saiyan 1 phase for eight years, and broke through to Super Saiyan 2 in one go, surpassing Goku and others, but now he has already stayed in Super Saiyan 2 stage for almost ten years, which is longer than in Super Saiyan 1 stage, and the strength he can exhibit is not weaker than Super Saiyan 3, the accumulation of energy has already reached the edge of a breakthrough .

Time passed .

Every day, Xiaya’s children grew, and Xiaya himself could feel that the breakthrough to Super Saiyan 3 was getting closer and closer . Soon a year had passed in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber .

One day, his children could no longer bear the loneliness in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and clamored to go out . Naturally, Xiaya would not insist anymore, so all of his strength converged to form a passage from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to the outside world .

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